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10/30/2012 9:40:53 PM
My body craved a bit of yoy The first thing I teethed was failure,

Pain with no success.

Mistakes I've made have seen the light.

They shatter upon contact.

My wicked ways increase in number,

I cradle them with ease.

To my surprise and others too,

My behavior will never change.

I was born into existence,

This life of taunting games.

The faults I've made are plenty,

A hobby it is to me.

This talent that consumed me,

This gift was not in free will.

My body craved a bit of you,

So this is what I got.

A natural attraction to failure,

Mistakes and fault and sin.

My body craved a bit of you,

An instinct I regret.

A bond that can't be broken,

Fixed or cleaned or cured.

We share a solemn constant,

A constant to this day.

My body craved a bit of you,

And this is what I got.

A living form of disaster,

I'm a disaster just like you.
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