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Past PoetrySoup Contest Winners

February, 2012 Contest Winners
1 Andrea DietrichSeptember$50 and Certificate
2 FABIYAS M VThe Anxieties of a Widow$50 and Certificate
3 Drake EszesMy Sudoku Life$50 and Certificate
4 Phyllis BabcockAutumn's Season$50 and Certificate
5 Tim BThe Loss of Wisdom$50 and Certificate
6 Robert L. HinshawInspector Tweede$25 and Certificate
7 Jim PembertonDid The Lord Build Your House$25 and Certificate
Rauwolfia van RaaijSeasons to wonderHonorable Mention/Certificate
Rick PariseEchoing ResolveHonorable Mention/Certificate
Paula SwansonSweet deathHonorable Mention/Certificate
Mickey WhitePoetry is PornographyHonorable Mention/Certificate
Rajlakshmi BNobody's ChildHonorable Mention/Certificate
Zach SarverThe FarmerHonorable Mention/Certificate
Moses OmbugeA cracked groundHonorable Mention/Certificate
Earle MasciantonioMemorial for CainHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jeff BreseeA STEP HALF MADEHonorable Mention/Certificate
tom mcmurrayVietnam QuatrainHonorable Mention/Certificate
August, 2011 Contest Winners
1 gautami phookanThrough the Winter Cold he Rode $50 and Certificate
2 Poet Destroyer A CAMPFIRE $50 and Certificate
3 Carrie RichardsA Thousand Years From Now$50 and Certificate
4 nette onclaudFLESH, RESURRECTED$50 and Certificate
5 binibining p.iNkA Thousand Paper Cranes: sen-zu-baru$50 and Certificate
6 Debbie GuzziWhen Madness Rides on Moonlight $25 and Certificate
7 Jeena ChackoThe Games We Played$25 and Certificate
Sarah MyersVacation to SchizophreniaHonorable Mention/Certificate
Rick PariseNovella My LoveHonorable Mention/Certificate
Matt CaliriCommunity Starts HereHonorable Mention/Certificate
James FraserInlets and IslandsHonorable Mention/Certificate
KJ HootenBite MeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Chris D. AechtnerPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
ernest nepomucenotiny wordsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Samir GeorgesBeauty in my PalmHonorable Mention/Certificate
Chance KophamerHow RareHonorable Mention/Certificate
Julia IngolfsdottirKjosHonorable Mention/Certificate
Prince AgbaPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Taylor GrahamFrom Kew Bridge, 1864Honorable Mention/Certificate
Leon StaceyNight OwlsHonorable Mention/Certificate
April, 2011 Contest Winners
1 Robert L. HinshawSoul Of An Angel, Life Of A Moonshiner$50 and Certificate
2 Dr.Ram MehtaOde to beauty$50 and Certificate
3 Akash Yadav'twas All Wild$50 and Certificate
4 Jim BrewerRiver Rising$50 and Certificate
5 Robert BallA Letter Home To Rome'$50 and Certificate
6 Julia Chengmucking$25 and Certificate
7 FABIYAS M VNimisha$25 and Certificate
tom mcmurrayAttentive Is The Tiller Of The LightHonorable Mention/Certificate
Reason A. PoteetSpider's PurseHonorable Mention/Certificate
Timothy BrumleyFrom My Window Lofty HighHonorable Mention/Certificate
James FraserMorning Sun Over the BenHonorable Mention/Certificate
Afroze AliThe bougainvillea treeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ellen FaheyI Have A Joseph, TooHonorable Mention/Certificate
Joseph OsitaPOETIC JUSTICEHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jessica ArteagaEvery DayHonorable Mention/Certificate
November, 2010 Contest Winners
1 Howard BullForgotten Heroes of the Somme$75 and Certificate
2 Canny AmahMother is Dove$60 and Certificate
3 iolanda ScripcaLost in Japan$45 and Certificate
4 Joyce JohnsonA True Love Story$30 and Certificate
5 SYLVIA CoulstockTHIS IS LIFE$30 and Certificate
6 John HeckEwe and Eye$30 and Certificate
7 Caribbean SeaWolf" In Maudlin Verse "$30 and Certificate
Syed Amaan AhmadPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Olajide AdelanaAgainst HumanityHonorable Mention/Certificate
Robert L. HinshawAshokan FarewellHonorable Mention/Certificate
Wayne SappWooden MarkersHonorable Mention/Certificate
Adeleke AdeitePraising the Prince OF PEACEHonorable Mention/Certificate
Gael AttalA ForestHonorable Mention/Certificate
Olusegun OjoI Sing AfricaHonorable Mention/Certificate
Wrulf Gunkl-VonGlashausMagnolia SongHonorable Mention/Certificate
Chuck KeysSweet PassionHonorable Mention/Certificate
Neva FloresLandscapeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Madeleine McLaughlinConfessions Of A Wage SlaveHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sean Cosslett Moorea come down world view from on highHonorable Mention/Certificate
July, 2010 Contest Winners
1 Debbie GuzziThe Sowing $75 and Certificate
2 Amy GreenHaiku VS Senryu$60 and Certificate
3 Daniel CheesemanPeak District United Kingdom$45 and Certificate
4 Broken WingsPoemTitle$30 and Certificate
5 Alexander SchwartzWhat Was And What Will Be$30 and Certificate
6 Timothy BrumleyFour Sisters$30 and Certificate
7 Margaret FosterSinging a New SongHonorable Mention/Certificate
Andrea DietrichStar-Crossed (For Love of Day, For Love of Night)Honorable Mention/Certificate
John Heckthe kissing groundHonorable Mention/Certificate
Earle BrownSaved by SugarcaneHonorable Mention/Certificate
Deepanshi ChaudhryOde to SpringHonorable Mention/Certificate
binibining p.iNkThe Potency of WordsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Alvin Thomas EthingtonSolace in My QuillHonorable Mention/Certificate
Syed Amaan AhmadPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Rauwolfia van RaaijAutumn the wandererHonorable Mention/Certificate
Canny Amahlet me sing the weaver’s songs!Honorable Mention/Certificate
Adeleke AdeiteThe Nigerian dream (National Anthem Revised)Honorable Mention/Certificate
John TaylorPulseHonorable Mention/Certificate
Minavar abdPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Julia Chengthe teacherHonorable Mention/Certificate
James Marshall GoffLights Above Lake SuperiorHonorable Mention/Certificate
JOHN DECKERStone Mountain Must DieHonorable Mention/Certificate
Glen EnloeNo One Knows Where the Longhorn GoesHonorable Mention/Certificate
Kelly McDonaldThe OrchardHonorable Mention/Certificate
February, 2010 Contest Winners
1 Andrea DietrichCinder Girl$75 and Certificate
2 L'nass ShangoAdirondacks Ode$60 and Certificate
3 John HeckInto the Woods$45 and Certificate
4 Michele Nold-GodleskeCenote$30 and Certificate
5 Matt CaliriThe Conversation Between The Kicker And The Coach$30 and Certificate
6 Elaine GeorgeCausalities of War$30 and Certificate
7 Doris CulverhouseRepose$30 and Certificate
Jay Anderson-TaylorSolace in the ghettoHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jemmy FarmerArmisticeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sara KendrickThe HomeplaceHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ruben O.PoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Carrie RichardsWhere The Sycamore GrewHonorable Mention/Certificate
Krystal CochraneMy Pilot LightHonorable Mention/Certificate
James WattersHeathrow, in transitHonorable Mention/Certificate
 PoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
October, 2009 Contest Winners
1 Glen EnloeThe Waxed Coat Man$75 and Certificate
2 Sami Al-khaliliPoemTitle$60 and Certificate
3 William Ward(a peculiar christ)$45 and Certificate
4 Raul MorenoTree Prophecies$30 and Certificate
5 JW Fellers“CRACKED AN’ BLOWN”$30 and Certificate
6 Gael AttalThe Temptress Of The Cliff$30 and Certificate
7 orphani ..........owinter (do not forget among the loss of flowers) me$30 and Certificate
John HeckMercy Street is ClosedHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jim FishMackenzie TrailHonorable Mention/Certificate
James Marshall GoffHRH Yellow LadyslipperHonorable Mention/Certificate
Vesna ArsenichThoughts of Two DimensionsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Bernadette LangerChronicles of LifeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Kristin ReynoldsThe DarkroomHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tamra AmatoOn Grandma Thora's FarmHonorable Mention/Certificate
Gerard Keogh Jr.Stark Endings on an Autumn WindHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jeff GreenOnly you and meHonorable Mention/Certificate
chandru ganesh SPerfect winter nightHonorable Mention/Certificate
H BueckertLeaderHonorable Mention/Certificate
Andrew GallagherThe Cost of WaterHonorable Mention/Certificate
Caryl RamsdalePoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
June, 2009 Contest Winners
1 Kristin ReynoldsRecording/Re-playing/Recording/Re-playing$75 and Certificate
2 Yoni DvorkisRebuild Anew$60 and Certificate
3 Jim FishWindowpanes$45 and Certificate
4 Michele Nold-GodleskeIn Fickle Flames$30 and Certificate
5 John HeckBeyond The Lantern Light$30 and Certificate
6 Caryl MuzzeySpring Fever$30 and Certificate
7 Debbie GuzziPoemTitle$30 and Certificate
Nadia ShahwanPour LoveHonorable Mention/Certificate
Lena PateCathedral SpiritualHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tony BushCobalt SummerHonorable Mention/Certificate
Gerard Keogh Jr.U: Unquestioning Patriots and Q:( Those Who Do.)Honorable Mention/Certificate
David DowlingThe Worm and the AppleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ann RichDestiny's PerchHonorable Mention/Certificate
angela sutherlandShutlingsloe in the SnowHonorable Mention/Certificate
Melissa Wadkins PattersonAt least I twinkle, tonightHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ginna TaylorDarling DearHonorable Mention/Certificate
Danielle WhiteWhen the Fog Rolls in AgainHonorable Mention/Certificate
barbara cameronthe treeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Brian Strandsequence EBB & FLOWHonorable Mention/Certificate
Paul KennedyNormandyHonorable Mention/Certificate
January, 2009 Contest Winners
1 sharon WinterPoemTitle$75 and Certificate
2 Tracy Deckeranother fall$60 and Certificate
3 Bernadette LangerNaked Dissent$45 and Certificate
4 Sami Al-khaliliPoemTitle$30 and Certificate
5 Ernesto P. SantiagoI Am What I Am$30 and Certificate
6 jai GargFried Egg$30 and Certificate
7 Leo Angelo Tiin IIWind$30 and Certificate
John HeckWindSongHonorable Mention/Certificate
Gerard Keogh Jr.Dark Nostalgia.Honorable Mention/Certificate
Syed Amaan AhmadPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Caryl RamsdalePoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Celeste Butler-MendezBlack Magic HeartsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Keith BickerstaffePer Ardua Ad AstraHonorable Mention/Certificate
kaley burkeBoxedHonorable Mention/Certificate
Adeleke AdeiteThe tales of throngHonorable Mention/Certificate
Orma SullivanLa Belle et La Bête (Beauty and the Beast)Honorable Mention/Certificate
Joseph Spence SrGreater Art Thou!Honorable Mention/Certificate
karen feistHonorable MentionHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jemmy FarmerEver Turning CircleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Fide ErkenSnowHonorable Mention/Certificate
September, 2008 Contest Winners
1 Deborah SimpsonBlankness$75 and Certificate
2 John Heckand Woody Herman played$60 and Certificate
3 joshua ten eyckFor Things Once Counted$45 and Certificate
4 Adeleke Adeitethis is why i woo words$30 and Certificate
5 Bob shankYou Can't Hurt Me$30 and Certificate
6 ahellas AlixopulosMoving Lightly$30 and Certificate
7 Tom ClarkWhy The Willow Weeps$30 and Certificate
Kristin ReynoldsAll Things BeautifulHonorable Mention/Certificate
Javed AkterErosion 1 and 2Honorable Mention/Certificate
Caryl RamsdalePoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
 PoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
daver austinTHE SUNKEN CATHEDRALHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jemmy FarmerThe King of GothHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ingrid CollinsMaking A Meal Of ItHonorable Mention/Certificate
HYZ RMLPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Karena BrownUntitled IVHonorable Mention/Certificate
Jude ChukwuemekaLagosHonorable Mention/Certificate
Juliet MaruruGold-diggerHonorable Mention/Certificate
Natalie BrooksPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Robin MaughanUntamed TongueHonorable Mention/Certificate
March, 2008 Contest Winners
1 Ernesto P. SantiagoSpring Bud$75 and Certificate
2 Ryan CaidicSenility$60 and Certificate
3  PoemTitle$45 and Certificate
4 Deborah SimpsonThe Empty Basket$30 and Certificate
5 Rebecca BrownFind My Place$30 and Certificate
6 Jan ThieThe servant$30 and Certificate
7 Caryl RamsdalePoemTitle$30 and Certificate
Alyssa FinleyBraille ScreamsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Lakisha WilliamsHeart Of A PoetHonorable Mention/Certificate
John HeckLast WishHonorable Mention/Certificate
C. E. McMullinPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Michael GruganBelieve Not TomorrowHonorable Mention/Certificate
 PoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Marina AFools and MulesHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sue MasonRiver PrayerHonorable Mention/Certificate
Mark CottermanPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
Glen EnloeFrail Paper Etched With WordsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tracy DeckerRequiemHonorable Mention/Certificate
Elaine HoLove of a RoseHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sean Cosslett MooresighHonorable Mention/Certificate
Crystal BourretPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
farah chammaTwilightHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ovidiu BocsaPhilokalia (Love of Beauty)Honorable Mention/Certificate
Rickie Elpusanliquid little stonesHonorable Mention/Certificate
November, 2007 Contest Winners
1 John HeckPurple Heart$75 and Certificate
2 Mohammad YaminThe Frost Bitten Leaf$60 and Certificate
4 Claire de la GrangeHeartthrob$30 and Certificate
5 Edward BabatundeBeauty$30 and Certificate
6 H MANTELTHE PEN!$30 and Certificate
7 Albert PriceBALLADE OF ETERNAL BLISS$30 and Certificate
Johnny SumlerFervent FeelingsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Deborah SimpsonPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
My Gull Wheels OnThe Dragon and the RoseHonorable Mention/Certificate
Douglas LawderThe Couple(s)Honorable Mention/Certificate
F VazTHE FRUIT OF DESTITUTIONHonorable Mention/Certificate
Effie BlakeLike YouHonorable Mention/Certificate
Nola PerezAt the Beach with ElizabethHonorable Mention/Certificate
Miguel MendozaA KISS ON VJ DAYHonorable Mention/Certificate
Elaine GeorgeIn the Autumn of my LifeHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ernesto P. SantiagoDecember SkyHonorable Mention/Certificate
Frankie Gaynor-ArcherBusyHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tianna AnhornActivity #28Honorable Mention/Certificate
R CStrands of Dried LeavesHonorable Mention/Certificate
July, 2007 Contest Winners
1 Brian StrandELEVEN;ELEVEN;ELEVEN$62.50 and Certificate
2 Elaine GeorgeViolin$50 and Certificate
3 Anthony DonnellyRoundhouse Runs$37.50 and Certificate
4 Colin MarschallAnother Night$25 and Certificate
5 Rev. Rebecca Guile HudsonCrescent Waltz$25 and Certificate
6 sylvanwillow leafFLOTSAM AND JETSAM$25 and Certificate
7 Mike SamfordMy Driftwood Fire$25 and Certificate
farah chammaBeautifyHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tony BushWill ShepardHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tracy DeckerLevitateHonorable Mention/Certificate
Michele Nold-GodleskeIf Wrists Could SpeakHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sue MasonAfghan JourneyHonorable Mention/Certificate
M. Teresa BlaylockKiss Me in the ShadowsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Shelly BerkeleyInkwellHonorable Mention/Certificate
Joseph Granda-PadronSo BrokenHonorable Mention/Certificate
Charles FullerThe Promise’s BeginningHonorable Mention/Certificate
Joseph Spence SrAmazing GraceHonorable Mention/Certificate
Ashley LoweryThe Colour Of SpringHonorable Mention/Certificate
Brooke WolfeAvacado, AmorettoHonorable Mention/Certificate
Deborah SimpsonPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
March, 2007 Contest Winners
1 Bernadette LangerLest We Forget$62.50 and Certificate
2  PoemTitle$50 and Certificate
3 Jo JoOur glance$37.50 and Certificate
4 HYZ RMLPoemTitle$25 and Certificate
5 stephie pendletonHot Day$25 and Certificate
6 Bella CardenasThis scar of mine$25 and Certificate
7 Jeff BurrisA Flower$25 and Certificate
Margaret OkuboOh Daughter MineHonorable Mention/Certificate
Lynda AnayaPoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
William MasonisMy Little BulldogHonorable Mention/Certificate
Sue MasonAdult Child of an AlcoholicHonorable Mention/Certificate
Beverly BriaticoThe thawHonorable Mention/Certificate
Angie SharpFadingHonorable Mention/Certificate
Earl GrahamKissHonorable Mention/Certificate
Safi YaniDual RelationHonorable Mention/Certificate
November, 2006 Contest Winners
1 Michelle Mac DonaldPoemTitle$62.50 and Certificate
2 Tammy ArmstrongThe Mightiest of Poet’s Still$50 and Certificate
3 Charles FullerA Rose In The Heather.$37.50 and Certificate
4 Angie MaeA Bitter Brew$25 and Certificate
5 William WardWhat constitutes a shoe? $25 and Certificate
6 Gerard KeoghOctober Brings No Rest For These$25 and Certificate
7 William RobinsonWHEN I STOP AND PRAY$25 and Certificate
Glen EnloeFlinging Poems Into WindHonorable Mention/Certificate
Paula LarsonGRIEFHonorable Mention/Certificate
Annie AlvarezTheir limbs were not enoughHonorable Mention/Certificate
Trevor McLeodThe SoupHonorable Mention/Certificate
Taryn MelvilleI Am From...Honorable Mention/Certificate
Beverly BriaticoThe AnteroomHonorable Mention/Certificate
Tracy DeckerCompelledHonorable Mention/Certificate
 PoemTitleHonorable Mention/Certificate
July, 2006 Contest Winners
1 Johnette LoefgrenWhere Poetry Lives$62.50 and Certificate
2 Keith BickerstaffePetal$50 and Certificate
3 Erin MossDate Night (and the day after)$37.50 and Certificate
4 Larry SmithTO SHE: DRAWN TO THY BEAUTY {quatrain}$25 and Certificate
5 Jill MartinDebts Paid$25 and Certificate
6 Mary NagyOur Bed$25 and Certificate
7 Merv WebsterHARD HAT HEROES$25 and Certificate
William Wardsmitten with raincoatsHonorable Mention/Certificate
Bob shankThe Ole' Ballfield Honorable Mention/Certificate
Tony BushDodge CityHonorable Mention/Certificate
Dr.Ram MehtaFrom Illusion To RealityHonorable Mention/Certificate
Oluwaseun OgunbiyiThe Lost OnesHonorable Mention/Certificate
March, 2006 Contest Winners
  1. Victor Kwansa: The Black Boomerang ($62.50 and Certificate)
  2. Tatyana Carney: Brush Stroke to Uniqueness ($50 and Certificate)
  3. JeanMarie Marchese: disappear ($37.50 and Certificate)
  4. William Ward: Autumnal Grace ($25 and Certificate)
  5. Alayande Stephen: Beyond Beauty ($25 and Certificate)
  6. Anthony Slauson: Ice Forest ($25 and Certificate)
  7. Bridget Aubrey: Where my flowers are ($25 and Certificate)
  8. Nicholas Hazelwood: Reviving The Senses Through Punctured Eardrums (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  9. Michele Nold: Heaven's Branches (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  10. Joe Incatasciato: A Word (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  11. Joseph Giordano: Sweet Lady (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  12. Deborah Simpson: A Lonely Traveler (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  13. Mary Nagy:The Dandelions Were Listening (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  14. Tammy Armstrong: A Mathematical Uncertainty (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  15. Johnette Loefgren: Skin Deep (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
November, 2005 Contest Winners
  1. Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson: Like a Rock ($125 and Certificate)
  2. Michele Nold: Cycle ($100 and Certificate)
  3. Tony Bush: Rust Sleeps ($75 and Certificate)
  4. Jim Fish: Hard Times ($50 and Certificate)
  5. John Allen: Pith and Tar ($50 and Certificate)
  6. Rickie Elpusan: knee deep in N'awlins ($50 and Certificate)
  7. Paula Larson: BAST ($50 and Certificate)
  8. Shannon Hilson: Breathe (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  9. Nykki Houtkooper: Acceptance (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  10. Tatyana Carney: Violinist Composition (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  11. Paul Sylvester: T.V. (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  12. Laura Meese: The Elimination Method (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  13. Melissa Schwartz: In Forbearance (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  14. Greta Robinson: Shine (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  15. Merv Webster: BERT’S WILL (Honorable Mention/Certificate)
  16. Zach Berne: Pine, Sage, Dust, and Juniper (Honorable Mention/Certificate)

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