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Member Contest
These are the poets that have "placed" high in the most member contests within the past 6 months. See also: Top Member Poets All-time. Remember, the more member contests you enter, the better chance you will have of being ranked high.
  1. Andrea Dietrich
  2. Carrie Richards
  3. nette onclaud
  4. Faye Gibson
  5. Casarah Nance
  6. Lyric Man
  7. craig cornish
  8. Dr.Ram Mehta
  9. Dr. Upma A. Sharma
  10. Carolyn Devonshire
  11. Jan Allison
  12. Joyce Johnson
  13. Olive Eloisa Guillermo
  14. Barbara Gorelick
  15. John lawless
  16. Frederic Parker
  17. Verlena S. Walker
  18. Kelly Deschler
  19. Robert Lindley
  20. Paul Callus
  21. Tim Ryerson
  22. Tim Smith
  23. Earl Schumacker
  24. Debbie Guzzi
  25. Seren Roberts
  26. Elly Wouterse
  27. Mohan Chutani
  28. Regina Riddle
  29. Joseph May
  30. Mystic Rose
  31. Brenda Meier-Hans
  32. robin davis
  33. Richard Lamoureux
  34. Sara Kendrick
  35. Roy Jerden
  36. david mohn
  37. Reason A. Poteet
  38. Arlene Smith
  39. Jerry Stevenson
  40. Teddy Kimathi
  41. Mark Halliday
  42. Pandita Sanchez
  43. Charles Reese
  44. Maurice Yvonne
  45. Peter Duggan
  46. Sidney Beck
  47. Broken Wings
  48. James Fraser
  49. Robert L. Hinshaw
  50. jack horne
  51. Eileen Manassian
  52. Mohammad Abedin
  53. olusegun Arowolo
  54. Jerry T Curtis
  55. Harold Hunt sr
  56. Abdul Malik
  57. Betty Bateson
  58. julie heckman
  59. hija de la luna
  60. Leonora Galinta
  61. cherl dunn
  62. Shadow Hamilton
  63. Poet Destroyer A
  64. Kim Bond
  65. Andrew Crisci
  66. Connie Marcum Wong
  67. Keith Trestrail
  68. Anne Lise Andresen
  69. Aiyah de Torres
  70. Mel Merrill
  71. S.Jagathsimhan Nair
  72. Giorgio A. V.
  73. Warner Baxter
  74. Patricia Bernard
  75. Anoucheka Gangabissoon
  76. Abdulhafeez Oyewole
  78. Isaiah Zerbst
  79. John Posey
  80. john beharry
  81. Chelsea Chords
  82. Aberfoyle Dave
  83. Carol Eastman
  84. Joe Flach
  85. Elaine George
  86. Sandra Haight
  87. Greg Hoffman
  88. KAYOD5 Kayode
  89. Judy Konos
  90. Ronald Zammit
  91. Rachit Bansal
  92. Suzanne Delaney
  93. Margaret Foster
  94. Amy Green
  95. Daniel Human
  96. Brian Johnston
  97. Liz Labadie-Reilly
  98. Carly Lalion
  99. Charlotte Puddifoot
  100. Suzette Richards

Member Contest Winners

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Poems or new magazine please
Contest Judged:  10/21/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: little known nothing

BIO poems
Contest Judged:  10/19/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Regina Riddle
Contest Winner Medal1PERSONALLY SPEAKINGnette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal1BIO - LyricManLyric Man
Contest Winner Medal1In A NutshellCarrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal1THIS IS MECasarah Nance
Contest Winner Medal1Bio 10-11-14Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Contest Winner Medal1Meet BGBarbara Gorelick
Contest Winner Medal1Welcome to my BioBrenda Meier-Hans
Contest Winner Medal1NO ONE ELSE BUT OLIVEOlive Eloisa Guillermo
Contest Winner Medal1Meet Eccentric Eileen- Limerick LevityEileen Manassian
Contest Winner Medal1THIS IS MEJan Allison
Contest Winner Medal1My Contest BioMaurice Yvonne
Contest Winner Medal1Richard LamoureuxRichard Lamoureux
Contest Winner Medal1Paul Callus: Ego SumPaul Callus
Contest Winner Medal1My BioPeter Duggan
Contest Winner Medal1moi-memeMark Halliday
Contest Winner Medal1Simply MeVicki Darcy
Contest Winner Medal1Outline of MeSandra Haight
Contest Winner Medal1Me, Myself, and IRALPH TAYLOR
Contest Winner Medal1Fearless or FoolishCarolyn Devonshire
Contest Winner Medal1All about MeSneha RV The literature lover
Contest Winner Medal2OBJECTIVELY MEVerlena S. Walker
Contest Winner Medal2A Bio PoemMystic Rose
Contest Winner Medal2BIOMalyun Ahmed
Contest Winner Medal2Bio - Bob HinshawRobert L. Hinshaw
Contest Winner Medal2Short Bio PoemAndrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal2Life-Long LessonsReason A. Poteet
Contest Winner Medal2Tea With MilkHSK AlKendi
Contest Winner Medal2Bio Poemilene bauer
Contest Winner Medal2The best is yet to comeBritney Brooker
Contest Winner Medal2BIO Of A Simple Man Called MeEarl Schumacker
Contest Winner Medal3Bio poemElizabeth-Dea Shanta
Contest Winner Medal3BIOAbdessamad Armando Aadoui
Contest Winner Medal3Meeting Expectations of a realistDr.Ram Mehta
Contest Winner Medal3All About Me - True Or Not TrueAnne Lise Andresen
Contest Winner Medal3BioOlivia Struthers
Contest Winner Medal3I am Made of ThisSuzanne Delaney
Contest Winner Medal3RossaTony Kirk
Contest Winner Medal3That's just MeAbdul Malik
Contest Winner Medal3GrowthPatricia L Graham
4To Be VirgilShoshana Batson
4Life n a bodybarry ponneck

The Scent of Your Soul
Contest Judged:  10/18/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Anthony Slausen

Challenge Title 'God's Kind Of Poetry'
Contest Judged:  10/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Johnston

Contest Judged:  10/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: nette onclaud

The Lazy Contest
Contest Judged:  10/15/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Judy Konos
Contest Winner Medal1Moonshine WomanA K Das Mridul
Contest Winner Medal1are we cowardsJohn lawless
Contest Winner Medal1Winter AcrosticBrenda Meier-Hans
Contest Winner Medal1EBOLA 1olusegun Arowolo
Contest Winner Medal1MORELyric Man
Contest Winner Medal1The Sea Hag And The Funky MonkeyBarbara Gorelick
Contest Winner Medal1Beingcraig cornish
Contest Winner Medal1elegant giraffesGiorgio A. V.
Contest Winner Medal1Shades of your smileJoseph May
Contest Winner Medal1Tiger JetEarl Schumacker
Contest Winner Medal1Runaway ChildDoris Jamoner
Contest Winner Medal1THE CRYING CANDLEJan Allison
Contest Winner Medal1Beyond The DistanceCT Duet
Contest Winner Medal1Prickly Lovedavid mohn
Contest Winner Medal1Faith's ShieldCharles Reese
Contest Winner Medal1I want what I can not have Dr.Ram Mehta
Contest Winner Medal1Halloween's Headless HorsemanCarolyn Devonshire
Contest Winner Medal1Hope ChestKelly Deschler
Contest Winner Medal1My Unborn ChildKeith Trestrail
Contest Winner Medal1Rainbow ChildKika Ayala
Contest Winner Medal1True LoveRegina Riddle
Contest Winner Medal1'Carefree Me'Wilma Neels
Contest Winner Medal1The burn of peaceKAYOD5 Kayode
Contest Winner Medal1 they Flew Their FlagsHarold Hunt sr
Contest Winner Medal1Lucyrob carmack
Contest Winner Medal1 If My Love For You Was GreaterMaurice Yvonne
Contest Winner Medal1My Lazy PoemJerry T Curtis
Contest Winner Medal1DisintegratingTeddy Kimathi
Contest Winner Medal1WistfullyRick Parise
Contest Winner Medal1Love SpeaksSandra Haight
Contest Winner Medal1We Danced in the KitchenTim Ryerson
Contest Winner Medal1ENSHRINEDVerlena S. Walker
Contest Winner Medal1No Halloween CandyMark Halliday
Contest Winner Medal1The smell that bought back memoriesSneha RV The literature lover
Contest Winner Medal1HELPTim Smith

Monsters and Marvels
Contest Judged:  10/14/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Debbie Guzzi
Contest Winner Medal1The Stagecraig cornish
Contest Winner Medal2MarvelsDr.Ram Mehta
Contest Winner Medal2Monsters EverywhereDr. Upma A. Sharma
Contest Winner Medal2Lynx EyesCarrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal2Terror from New Jersey's DevilCarolyn Devonshire
Contest Winner Medal3Beware of these Monstersolusegun Arowolo
Contest Winner Medal3MonsterCasarah Nance
Contest Winner Medal3GigaflopsHeather Buxton
4I Hate Aunt FloeAnthony Thomas
4UnderdogBrenda Meier-Hans
4WillyBarbara Gorelick
5MonstersAndrea Dietrich
5Monsters Fear MeRobert Lindley
5A Halloween TaleTim Ryerson
5The PrometheusTony Kirk
6The Real FearSandra Haight
7HydeJessica VH
7On A Dark, Dark Halloween NightCarol Eastman
8Little BrotherAlyssa Waters
8WEB SPINNERnette onclaud
9Monsters and MarvelsDane Ann Smith-Johnsen
9It's No monsterHarold Hunt sr
10Seaweed monsterliam mcdaid
Honorable MentionPennywiseMelani Udaeta
Honorable MentionMONSTER OR MARVELMaurice Yvonne
Honorable MentionElectric FantasyMatthew Anish
Honorable MentionMonsters and MarvelsTeddy Kimathi
Honorable MentionMonsters Move OverJerry T Curtis
Honorable MentionMinistry Of MonstersEarl Schumacker
Honorable MentionGodzillaDorian Petersen Potter
Honorable MentionThe purgeBritney Brooker
Honorable MentionMonsters of oldJoseph May

The Heart Of Seduction
Contest Judged:  10/13/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Justin Bordner
Contest Winner Medal1I Practice the Art of SeductionEileen Manassian
Contest Winner Medal2COME GENTLYnette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal3I Dare SayMystic Rose
Honorable MentionSeducing BeautyRichard Lamoureux
Honorable MentionHeart of SeductionDr. Upma A. Sharma
Honorable MentionAurora craig cornish
Honorable MentionLessons Lectures in LoveFate Dictates
Honorable Mention Smitten kittenJoseph May
Honorable MentionWHEN SOFTNESS MEETS HARDNESSOlive Eloisa Guillermo
Honorable MentionSEDUCECasarah Nance
Honorable MentionHeart of SeductionFrederic Parker
Honorable Mentionseduce your heartAlex Duffy
Honorable MentionEmotional ImbalanceAlyssa Waters
Honorable MentionAthenaJessica VH
Honorable MentionAn Ode to the Necessity of SeductionJohn lawless
Honorable MentionHer SustenanceAndrea Dietrich
Honorable MentionThe Heart of SeductionDane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Honorable MentionEchoes Of The HeartRick Parise
Honorable MentionWild RoseTim Ryerson
Honorable MentionMY ESSENCE MY MAN COMPLETEVerlena S. Walker
Honorable Mention- The Glory Of Love -Anne Lise Andresen
Honorable MentionHeaven Sent - Tim Smith and SerenSeren Roberts
Honorable MentionThe Heart of SeductionTeddy Kimathi
Honorable MentionSway Your HearstringsSizwe Hlabisa
Honorable MentionJust a BitCarolyn Devonshire
Honorable MentionI Need YouPatricia Bernard

The Raven
Contest Judged:  10/13/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Kelly Deschler

The Sweetest Touches of Verse
Contest Judged:  10/13/2014 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: gautami phookan