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Member Contest
These are the poets that have "placed" high in the most member contests within the past 6 months. See also: Top Member Poets All-time. Remember, the more member contests you enter, the better chance you will have of being ranked high.
  1. Carrie Richards
  2. Andrea Dietrich
  3. nette onclaud
  4. Dr.Ram Mehta
  5. Jan Allison
  6. Casarah Nance
  7. craig cornish
  8. Brenda Meier-Hans
  9. Dr. Upma A. Sharma
  10. Faye Gibson
  11. Lyric Man
  12. John lawless
  13. Maurice Yvonne
  14. Carolyn Devonshire
  15. Sandra Haight
  16. Frederic Parker
  17. Barbara Gorelick
  18. Olive Eloisa Guillermo
  19. Regina Riddle
  20. Paul Callus
  21. Joyce Johnson
  22. Earl Schumacker
  23. Tim Ryerson
  24. Kelly Deschler
  25. Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
  26. Reason A. Poteet
  27. Debbie Guzzi
  28. Tim Smith
  29. Mystic Rose
  30. Sara Kendrick
  31. Abdul Malik
  32. Joseph May
  33. Verlena S. Walker
  34. Seren Roberts
  35. Charles Reese
  36. KAYOD5 Kayode
  37. Richard Lamoureux
  38. Roy Jerden
  39. Teddy Kimathi
  40. Robert Lindley
  41. david mohn
  42. Mohan Chutani
  43. Harold Hunt sr
  44. Eileen Manassian
  45. olusegun Arowolo
  46. Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
  47. Elly Wouterse
  48. hija de la luna
  49. Mohammad Abedin
  50. Mark J. Halliday
  51. Pandita Sanchez
  52. Giorgio A. V.
  53. Vicki Darcy
  54. Connie Marcum Wong
  55. Rick Parise
  56. Isaiah Zerbst
  57. Warner Baxter
  58. Sidney Beck
  59. jack horne
  60. Arlene Smith
  61. Jerry Stevenson
  62. Robert Stoner Jr
  63. Keith Trestrail
  64. Broken Wings
  65. Anne Lise Andresen
  66. Suzette Richards
  67. Gail Angel Doyle
  68. Jerry T Curtis
  69. James Fraser
  70. Robert L. Hinshaw
  71. Patricia Bernard
  72. Peter Duggan
  73. Anoucheka Gangabissoon
  74. harry horsman
  75. John Posey
  76. Ronald Zammit
  78. robin davis
  80. Mark Trichet
  81. Betty Bateson
  82. rob carmack
  83. Chelsea Chords
  84. cherl dunn
  85. Carol Eastman
  86. Leonora Galinta
  87. Eve Roper
  88. Sneha RV The literature lover
  89. Dave Will
  90. Bernard Barclay
  91. john beharry
  92. Andrew Crisci
  93. Margaret Foster
  94. julie heckman
  95. Daniel Human
  96. Carly Lalion
  97. Debra Squyres
  98. Mandy Tams The Golden Girl
  99. Alfred Vassallo
  100. Poet Destroyer A

Member Contest Winners

View winners for:
An American Beauty: Write Like Adelaide (Cinquains)
Contest Judged:  1/25/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Andrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal1 Clouded Lake, Visual 6 Isaiah Zerbst
Contest Winner Medal2 Sunshine Visual 7 Paul Callus
Contest Winner Medal2 Tree Tunnel-Visual One Casarah Nance
Contest Winner Medal2 Awakening -- Visual 7 Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal3 Tunneled Vision visual one david colquhoun
Contest Winner Medal3 Alone - Visual 7 Sandra Haight
Contest Winner Medal3 The Tunnel-Visual 1 Greg Hoffman
4 FLYING HIGH - VISUAL 5 Jan Allison
4 Lavender Sunset, Visual 6 Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
4 Open Field - Visual 7 Earl Schumacker
4 Hollywood Walk of Fame -Visual 4 Abdul Malik
4 This Night-Visual 5 olusegun Arowolo
4 LAMP POSTS--VISUAL 4 nette onclaud
5 VIVE LA FRANCE - visual 4 John lawless
5 My Path Visual No 1 Barbara Gorelick
5 White Peacock, Visual 2 Pandita Sanchez
5 The Gift: Visual Three rob carmack
5 Sunsets--Visual 7 Tim Smith
5 Floating balloons visual five Richard Lamoureux
6 Sunrise, Visual 7 Frank Polgar
6 The Tree, Absorbed Visual 7 Arlene Smith
6 Blissful Skies, Visual 6 Regina Riddle
6 GREEN GATE-----VISUAL 1 BL Devnath
7 First Kiss - Visual 4 david mohn
7 The glamour of peahen -Visual 2 KAYOD5 Kayode
7 White Peacock - Visual 2 Seren Roberts
Honorable Mention Purples Dr. Upma A. Sharma
Honorable Mention Wooded paths - Visual 1 Joseph May

Railway Journeys
Contest Judged:  1/25/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton

Love Justice
Contest Judged:  1/24/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Justin Bordner
Contest Winner Medal1 My Heart and Soul Cry Justice Eileen Manassian
Contest Winner Medal2 Justice in the Quest For Love Laura Breidenthal
Contest Winner Medal3 Love And Justice Mystic Rose
Honorable Mention You Will Make Her Whole Natalie Roberts
Honorable Mention Court of Love's Dominion Richard Lamoureux
Honorable Mention Love Justice Nadiya AR
Honorable Mention Love Justice Dr. Upma A. Sharma
Honorable Mention There's No Escaping LOVE Abdul Malik
Honorable Mention Closure Jessica VH
Honorable Mention There is No Justice in Love John lawless
Honorable Mention Loves Justice Bernard Barclay
Honorable Mention TRUE LOVE SAILED OVER SEAS Olive Eloisa Guillermo
Honorable Mention Love's strong Justice Anoucheka Gangabissoon
Honorable Mention How Do You Know She Loves You Christopher Reilley
Honorable Mention NO JUSTICE IN UNO Muhammad Safa Thajudeen
Honorable Mention Molly Bryn Roberts
Honorable Mention WHAT IS LOVE Natasha Horton
Honorable Mention Love Justice Born From Nothing Earl Schumacker
Honorable Mention Unrequited Love Emile Pinet
Honorable Mention Should Have Known Better Casarah Nance
Honorable Mention I Forgive You craig cornish
Honorable Mention Burned Kelly Deschler
Honorable Mention An analysis of love Mohammad Abedin
Honorable Mention She left him Lajorne Ferguson
Honorable Mention His Soul's Inner Stable Sharon Gulley
Honorable Mention care Genevieve Polanco
Honorable Mention Baby It's Ours Lei Strauss
Honorable Mention Two Doves Mr. Konplexxx
Honorable Mention Clarity in Chaos of You and I Fariq Yusoff
Honorable Mention love song in five movements millard lowe
Honorable Mention Dog Days peter holmes
Honorable Mention Sense Perception Christopher DeLorenzo
Honorable Mention Sister Please Forgive Me TAMMY REAMS
Honorable Mention Simplicity Greg Evans
Honorable Mention The Blue Butterfly Emma Peercy
Honorable Mention Ode to Moremi KAYOD5 Kayode
Honorable Mention I Knew You Were Gone Paakhi Bhatnagar
Honorable Mention Hectic Ulaaz Robertzen
Honorable Mention LOVE JUSTICE of LIFE Verlena S. Walker
Honorable Mention Stay Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Honorable Mention Love Never Known Tom Canfield
Honorable Mention Give and Take Sandra Haight

Stand By Me
Contest Judged:  1/24/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Kelly Deschler

Gods and Devils
Contest Judged:  1/22/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Anthony Slausen

Contest Judged:  1/20/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: nette onclaud

Diminished Hexaverse
Contest Judged:  1/19/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Dr.Ram Mehta
Contest Winner Medal1 Gold On The Horizon Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal1 A MILESTONE Verlena S. Walker
Contest Winner Medal1 Body Language Reason A. Poteet
Contest Winner Medal2 HOPE john beharry
Contest Winner Medal2 Hope Seren Roberts
Contest Winner Medal2 Hope Gone Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Contest Winner Medal3 Hope Sandra Haight
Contest Winner Medal3 Hope Is A Beautifully Feathered Bird Deb Wilson
Contest Winner Medal3 Living Hopefully Abdul Malik
Contest Winner Medal3 MOVE IN THE LIGHT OF HOPE Olive Eloisa Guillermo
4 TO REAP HOPE nette onclaud
4 Living in Hope Ronald Zammit
4 Hope Lei Strauss
5 Hope Alfred Vassallo
6 Forever Hope M. L. Kiser
7 Hope Nudershada Cabanes
7 Hope Paul Callus
7 Give me Hope James Fraser
8 Hope KAYOD5 Kayode
8 I'LL NEVER GIVE UP Jan Allison
9 Hope Adam Hunter
9 The Secret Of Hope David Fisher
9 Hope Mohan Chutani
10 Hope's Freedom Debra Mundine
10 sunlight david colquhoun
Honorable Mention Hope Sara Kendrick

Contest Judged:  1/19/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: gautami phookan
Contest Winner Medal1 The Stork - Iambic pentameter - Giorgio A. V.
Contest Winner Medal2 Blame The Moon Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Contest Winner Medal3 When Jesus Christ was Born Brenda Meier-Hans
4 Lilah of the Lilacs Andrea Dietrich
4 In Your Dreams Kelly Deschler
4 If My Love For You Was Greater Maurice Yvonne
4 The Flow Willy Munyoki
5 The Mistress Betty Bateson
5 Transient Carrie Richards
7 Around the Corner Carol Eastman
7 Dawn II Marc-Enzo Alexander
7 Eternity within Me Touches Dr.Ram Mehta
7 QUEEN Verlena S. Walker
8 Attendants Earl Schumacker
10 A Lonely Christmas Joyce Johnson
10 My Heart Skips a Beat My Love Gary Bateman
Honorable Mention SILENCE IS GOLDEN,NOT A SAYING Muhammad Safa Thajudeen
Honorable Mention The Wanted Lady Joseph May
Honorable Mention The Coming of Night Frederic Parker
Honorable Mention Save me Save life Rachit Bansal

A Winter Poem #1
Contest Judged:  1/17/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Winner Medal1 Alabaster Night Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal1 Winter Rose Kate Ginsberg
Contest Winner Medal1 A cool winter time fernando vergara
Contest Winner Medal1 FOOTPRINTS Jan Allison
Contest Winner Medal1 A Winter Day Maurice Yvonne
Contest Winner Medal2 Loneliest Winter Day Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
Contest Winner Medal2 A Winter Haiku Brenda Meier-Hans
Contest Winner Medal2 Song of the Wind Evan Griffin
Contest Winner Medal2 Winter craig cornish
Contest Winner Medal3 Summer Ends Winter Starts Alfred Vassallo
Contest Winner Medal3 A Walk In Winter Kelly Deschler
Contest Winner Medal3 Occasional Snow Tim Ryerson
Contest Winner Medal3 Jasmine Memories Mystic Rose
4 FROST Miroslaw Eric Sulkowski
5 I AM WINTER John lawless
5 Frozen hopes Joseph May
6 Winter Divinity Connie Marcum Wong
6 A Winter Night's Dream Vandana Sharma
7 WINTER SOLSTICE Carmen Sunshine
7 Winters Delight Robert Stoner Jr
8 On A Cold Winter Night Dr.Ram Mehta
9 Winter memories David McSorley
9 Overwintering John Beam
10 A Veterans Christmas Kassandra Castillo Rioux
10 In my head natalia williams
Honorable Mention Another LOVELY Winter Day Arlene Smith
Honorable Mention Winter Wonders Casarah Nance
Honorable Mention Snowfall in Toronto Mohammad Abedin
Honorable Mention Winter Harold Hunt sr
Honorable Mention Snow Dance Sandra Haight
Honorable Mention The Winter of My Tears Andrea Dietrich
Honorable Mention WINTER olusegun Arowolo
Honorable Mention A Winter Blanket Barbara Gorelick

Faith Is A Powerful Thing
Contest Judged:  1/17/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Mystic Rose