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Member Contest
These are the poets that have "placed" high in the most member contests within the past 6 months. See also: Top Member Poets All-time. Remember, the more member contests you enter, the better chance you will have of being ranked high.
  1. Andrea Dietrich
  2. Carrie Richards
  3. Broken Wings
  4. nette onclaud
  6. Sandra Haight
  7. John lawless
  8. Eve Roper
  9. Abdul Malik
  10. Emile Pinet
  11. Olive Eloisa Guillermo
  12. Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
  13. Dr. Upma A. Sharma
  14. Casarah Nance
  15. Tim Ryerson
  16. Paul Callus
  17. Kim Patrice Nunez
  18. Keith Trestrail
  19. Lyric Man
  20. Frederic Parker
  21. Richard Lamoureux
  22. Julia Ward
  23. Joseph May
  24. Mystic Rose
  25. Laura Leiser
  26. Robert Stoner Jr
  27. Ian Guyler
  29. george seal
  30. Sara Kendrick
  31. Barbara Gorelick
  32. Teddy Kimathi
  33. peter holmes
  34. Mark J. Halliday
  35. Bev Smith
  36. FJ Thomas
  37. Viv Wigley
  38. Kelly Deschler
  39. Tim Smith
  40. Connie Marcum Wong
  41. david mohn
  42. poesy relish
  43. Robert L. Hinshaw
  44. Rick Parise
  45. Maurice Yvonne
  46. Carolyn Devonshire
  47. Anoucheka Gangabissoon
  48. Kim Merryman
  49. Reason A. Poteet
  51. Debbie Guzzi
  52. Shadow Hamilton
  53. Judy Konos
  54. Sneha RV The literature lover
  55. Deb Wilson
  56. Thabang Ngoma
  58. John Squires
  59. Carol Eastman
  60. David Fisher
  61. James Fraser
  62. Pandita Sanchez
  63. Lei Strauss
  64. Poet Destroyer A
  65. Faye Gibson
  66. Adam Hunter
  67. Roy Jerden
  68. The Grahamburglar
  69. Lycia Harding
  70. Joyce Johnson
  71. Isaiah Zerbst
  72. olusegun Arowolo
  73. Mohan Chutani
  74. Jerry T Curtis
  75. harry horsman
  76. Robert Lindley
  77. amolkumar udarwar
  78. len carber
  79. Aiyah de Torres
  80. Edwin Hofert
  81. Earl Schumacker
  82. SKAT A
  83. Janice Canerdy
  84. Lee Carter
  85. Ed Ebbs
  86. Darlene Gifford
  87. Nehpets Gnik
  88. Eileen Manassian
  89. Ralph Sergi
  90. Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
  91. Daisy Marie Yant
  92. Mohamed Adel
  93. Warner Baxter
  94. Andrew Crisci
  95. Leonora Galinta
  96. Thomas Martin
  97. Ruben O.
  99. Verlena S. Walker
  100. john beharry

Member Contest Winners

View winners for:
Contest Judged:  8/2/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Silent One

Contest Judged:  8/2/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Frank Herrera

Contest Judged:  8/1/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Thomas Martin
Contest Winner Medal1 Stoned Debbie Guzzi
Contest Winner Medal1 Relapse Amrita Jha
Contest Winner Medal1 ''Not That Long Ago'' Broken Wings
Contest Winner Medal1 A Husband's Love FJ Thomas
Contest Winner Medal1 DIXIELAND Lyric Man
Contest Winner Medal1 CONQUERING THE BLIND SCALES OF PATRIARCHY Olive Eloisa Guillermo
Contest Winner Medal1 Bone Idle Cat nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex
Contest Winner Medal1 Painting the Patriarchy julie heckman
Contest Winner Medal1 PATRIARCHY-hear me roar Shivanee Tinkerbelle
Contest Winner Medal1 Because I Am a Girl Olivia Taylor
Contest Winner Medal2 I Remember Emile Pinet
Contest Winner Medal2 Patriarchal Prisoners Richard Lamoureux
Contest Winner Medal2 DV Julie Grenness
Contest Winner Medal2 Wedding Ballet Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal2 Kashmir-The woman Sandip Goswami
Contest Winner Medal3 Patriarchy Julia Ward
Contest Winner Medal3 IN DEFENSE OF THE GUARDIAN nette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal3 Their Precious Jewels Andrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal3 Equality Noel Onat
Contest Winner Medal3 Patriarchy peter holmes
Contest Winner Medal3 Patriarchy- for contest Viv Wigley
4 striving for better life Xihluke mlangeni
4 Father to Son Abdul Malik
4 I wonder Keorie McMillan
5 A Moment Of Truth tamica thompson
5 HAUNTED Verliza Gajeles
5 PATRIARCHY njeri hunjeri
5 How We Build Our Country Reynaldo Mast
6 Historical Reflections Gawaine Ross
6 America 101 curtis johnson
6 A leap forthwith Daniel Davis
7 Job Charles Reese
7 Patriarchy Shadow Hamilton
7 TEA::T Rashmi Pawar

Music to my ears poetry contest
Contest Judged:  7/31/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Silent One

Contest Judged:  7/31/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Catie Lindsey

(Make Me Chuckle) Haiku #1
Contest Judged:  7/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Winner Medal1 Haiku Humor Bev Smith
Contest Winner Medal2 NUT FELL ON ELEPHANT'S HEAD BL Devnath
Contest Winner Medal2 my cat Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal3 Into the Grass Aiyah de Torres
Contest Winner Medal3 geese honk Sara Kendrick
4 Snickers Senryu 1 Andrea Dietrich
4 Leaping For Love David Fisher
5 Good Clean Fun Greg Hoffman
6 Frog Out Witted Eve Roper
6 Nature's First Law Mark J. Halliday
7 Hailstorm Dr. Upma A. Sharma
7 Spoiled Squirrels Sandra Haight
8 a fluffy squirrel Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
8 YIKES Lyric Man
9 Tomorrow will do george seal
9 Funny Haiku Teddy Kimathi
10 As you please Uwe Stroh
10 Delight Tonytocaa Camacho
10 Cheeky Falcon Kimberly Shaw
11 A Time To Laugh Laura Leiser
11 Concerning the Achievement of Life Goals - Keep it Simple Tim Ryerson
11 Brunch david mohn
Honorable Mention A Nightmare Blind Date Keith Trestrail
Honorable Mention Maybe Someday gary dye

Contest Judged:  7/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Laura Leiser
Contest Winner Medal1 I'm Tellin' Ya True Young Feller - For Contest Robert Stoner Jr
Contest Winner Medal1 Tourist Guide to Balmer Mary Oliver Rotman
Contest Winner Medal2 Ain't An Ornery Yahoo - Colloquialisms Eve Roper
Contest Winner Medal2 Jeeeeez Andrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal3 Born Again for contest Ralph Sergi
Contest Winner Medal3 NOT ON THE SAME PAGE--FOR CONTEST nette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal3 Groovy for contest Mystic Rose
4 Soliloquy Colloquial Jerry T Curtis
4 Paradoxical Cliche - for contest Paul Gray
4 PYJAMAS - For Colloquialism Contest Julia Ward
4 talk to the hand - for contest Broken Wings
5 Win- Lose or Place--Colloquialisms Carrie Richards
5 Ride to a Nuthouse -For Contest Abdul Malik
5 My Two-Faced Auntie May: For Contest Darlene Gifford
5 Traitorous Ann Hannington Mumo
6 Colloquialisms peter holmes
6 Someone Like Me - For Contest Marc Kruger

Time to "B"
Contest Judged:  7/30/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Casarah Nance

Contest Judged:  7/29/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Andrea Dietrich
Contest Winner Medal1 Idaho Sunset Mary Oliver Rotman
Contest Winner Medal2 So it shall be written Abdul Malik
Contest Winner Medal2 In Bed, Side by Side Ruben O.
Contest Winner Medal3 Love Like Sugar Cane - Shweet Pandita Sanchez
Contest Winner Medal3 My Sweet, Summer Place Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal3 An Early Wind - Shweet Contest Lycia Harding
Contest Winner Medal3 TEMPO OF RAINDANCE nette onclaud
Contest Winner Medal3 dripping sweetness Broken Wings
4 Sweet Privilege Julia Ward
4 A Tribute To Hyades Balveen Cheema
4 Love's Storm Frederic Parker
4 I Built A Box Robert Stoner Jr
5 Float Lee Carter
5 Ever So Sweet- Emile Pinet
6 Roses Casarah Nance
6 A SHWEETSHOP for Contest Ian Guyler
6 Sweet Love Laura Leiser
7 Simplicity Jean OMalley Polatnick
7 Pleasures Of Tender Love Eve Roper
7 Shweet Heart Adam Hunter
7 Savin' sunshine Dave Will
7 Star Fairy Suzanne Delaney
8 Sweet Paramour peter holmes
8 Yes, I do KAYOD5 Kayode
9 Make my day - SHWEET Contest Hemvardhan Shah
9 The Dance, The Lady And Longing Thoughts Robert Lindley
10 wishful dreams george seal

Any Poem #31
Contest Judged:  7/28/2015 12:00:00 AM
Information About the Contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Winner Medal1 Slamming The Super-Duper-Soupers Nathan D.
Contest Winner Medal2 Guardian Angels Tim Ryerson
Contest Winner Medal2 Texas or Bust Carol Eastman
Contest Winner Medal2 Forgotten By Tomorrow Kelly Deschler
Contest Winner Medal3 Broken tears Joseph May
Contest Winner Medal3 Hush Shadow Hamilton
Contest Winner Medal3 Traded wings for life a dream Lewis Michael
4 Snowman-iac David Fisher
4 Breath Of Life Chondale Smith
4 Daisy's Dream Terrence Cyphers
5 Excuse Me Olivia Struthers
5 My Father's Car Keith Trestrail
5 Seasons george seal
6 Stay Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
6 Shades Of Memories Casarah Nance
6 Naked Beneath the Robe John lawless
6 ONLY EVER WITH YOU Olive Eloisa Guillermo
7 Sheltered Brittney DeLucia
7 friend to the end Jason Barth
7 On a Soldier's Death Jovana Pokrajac
7 Defined Sarah Hall-Matson
8 Thinking of you Harold Hunt sr
8 Intoxication Honestly J.T.
8 on a mossy stone Broken Wings
8 The Poetess Tim Smith
9 Hallucination olusegun Arowolo
9 Dear Diary Anoucheka Gangabissoon
9 Hello, My Name Is Brittany Larson
9 Love for Love Sandip Goswami
10 Waiting For a Sweep Lauri Lunzinkski
10 Waiting for Superman Teddy Kimathi
10 the feeling of feeling nothing at all Bella Victoria Stone
10 My Best Friend Hannah Natzke
11 Jump don't trip jessie conner
11 Unique Individual Rose Faber
11 We Need More Young Artists Mamelodi Marakalala
11 Life Reloaded Suraj Jumani