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Charles Haigh Wood - Poetry Contest


Sponsor Name

Isaiah Zerbst

Contest Name

Charles Haigh Wood

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Contest Dealine

9/23/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description


        Base your poem on the picture below. It is titled, "Love Will Triumph," by

Charles Haigh Wood. I want you to delve into the painting and milk all you can

out of it. It does not matter how long your poem is or what form, so long as it

is good poetry. Note the expressions of the various people which hint at the

feelings and thoughts of each individual. It appears to me that all the

characters know each other and are expecting something of another

person. Keep going with that. I want a lot of feeling and emotion in the poems,

as well as some mention of the fine surroundings if that is convenient.

        I expect your entry to be entered under the correct form and to have

correct spelling, etc. Please ask a knowledgeable soup member if you have

questions regarding poetry forms, editing, perfecting, etc. I don't mean this to

be nitpicky or discouraging, but many who entered previous contests could turn

out much higher quality poetry if they put more effort into it.


        Top placing entries will be awarded cash prizes or soup memberships. The

number of top entries will be decided based on the quality of the entries. Entries

will be judged not only by my personal preference, but by a ten point scale, with

points for adhering to the guidelines and rules, and for being creative, realistic,

visual, etc.


1. Base poem on "Love Will Triumph."

2. If you choose not to use the title of the painting as your own title, put

"Charles Wood" at the end of title.

3. Write the best poem you can.

4. Ask another soup member if you desire assistance with editing.

5. Keep your poems clean and suitable for all ages.

6. No names on entries.