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Women who Paint Contest Series: FRIDA KAHLO in FREE VERSE - Poetry Contest


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Cyndi MacMillan

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Women who Paint Contest Series: FRIDA KAHLO in FREE VERSE

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9/18/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

This will be the first in a three part series on Women Painters who paint women as strong, emotive and powerful, some are women of colour and some are women who were colourful.

Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954, was an extraordinary surrealistic painter. Her work is like ... a visual journal, open and often disturbing... and many of her most well-known paintings are self-portraits. The bright colours and symbolic images used in her pieces are indicative of her rich culture.


The Broken Column

Women struggled long to obtain recognition in the arts, once a boy’s club and often STILL a boy’s club, sadly.

Women are frequently portrayed by male painters unrealistically, permanently locked into roles: the virgin, the mother or the temptress. Coy poses, blushing cheeks, obedient gazes... forever kept in gardens and kitchens and milking cows or stretched out on a bed with a come-hither smile. They are as insipid and dull as the dishwater that they are up to their elbows in... BAW!

Now, I KNOW the many of the men on soup can keep up with the gals and CAN paint me a verse full of both the mystique and directness that REAL women possess. AND I am one who believes that feminism and femininity do exist side by side, contently. So, let it all hang out, so to speak... be honest, be loving, be ... YOURSELF  ;-)

Self Portrait Dedicated to Leon Trotsky

C’mon, gimme a free verse poem using one of Frida Kahlo paintings as inspiration.

Run wild, run free, but keep it POETRY. It should contain metaphor, imagery, a device or two, something that sparks the readers imagination, makes them think, wonder.

Poetry does not QUITE read as prose. I may explore this in a future blog. Stay tuned ;-)

Please, let the emotions and words go wherever the image takes you. Anger, pain, love, regret, hurt, longing, passion, lust... or compassion, forgiveness, absolution, introspection, self-worth...

SO... THE RULES (;-) this time)

1) Write a poem inspired by ANY of Frida Kahlo’s paintings.
2) Include the painting’s title in a notation below your poem.
3) Must be Free Verse. I do judge a poem by its merit, but a fantastic sonnet will only get a HM for this contest. Only Free Verse will garnish top spots.
4) Your free verse poem must contain poetic elements ... wow me, KAPOW me, blow my mind, make me say, “I’m NOT WORTHY!”
5) Have fun, check out Frida’s work, let yourself fall into one of her frames...

For a great reference ... here you go... on the house... MWWWAAA...

Can’t wait to read your words...