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7/22/2013 12:00:00 AM

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What to Submit?

A Free Verse poem which was inspired by ANYTHING in the verses below. Please NOTE your reference!! 

Closer By Chris Aechtner 

 The sky resembles the robin's eggshells
                                                      scattered across the ground,

a blue so seemingly infinite                     yet fragile,
cracks running between understanding and madness

       complementing each other

as divine truths in their own right
to conquer my mind,
to unhinge the doors,
making it unnecessary to pick rusted locks

      letting thoughts fly free,
                                       releasing love out into the horizon.

If frozen within caged snapshots of mildewed expectations,
      it will surely die,
                 but even so,
  I was willing to strangle it by holding on too tightly.

    Until I saw the sky and eggshells today

      Peppered clouds reflected on the water,
                                            paralleling speckles on the eggshells,
                                    remind me of the freckles on your face.

  We need to be wide-open-free,
                                                we need to fly,
         without focusing too hard on shells of yesterdays.

We need to unclench our fists,
unclench our tongues,
explore the vast blue peppered sky
                                                      on wings of letting go....

so that we can once again feel with purity,      
so that we can hold each other ever closer.

LACK AND TRUE By Jeffery Cohen

It’s that ache
That odious old ache
The ache that breaks my stride
And derides me with immediacy implied
An ache that holds me subjected to surrender
To recollect the tender touch of timidity

And finesse finely focused upon fluidity

With all the magic enticement can so miraculously make
That is what an apathetic truth is apt to take
And oh that ache
It’s an ache that tastes of the forsaken

And what,
by torturous tactics,
is too untimely taken
exile executed by the exodus of extreme enticement and the luster of lilac liquidity
with the intrusive end to ambiguity
When life and loneliness seem synonymous
An ache which makes one ache to be annihilated or anonymous
And subjectivity seems not so subtly strenuous
The steadfast ache that throbs with tremulous devotion
Effecting every intrepid inference within emotion
An ache for which there is no repentance
Nor is there,
By cessation,
Any sort or sign of near acceptance

But then I remember the place in which you placed me
When fear finally face to faced me
The last land wherein I would ere belong
And yes state I
These memories of mine are mournfully and ever strong
And everything is now so errantly and urgently wrong
As I languishingly linger aside languid Loneliness Lake

Damn that god forsaken ache
That blatantly brutish and bruising ache
Curse it for a demon’s sake 

Cotton Pickin' Paradise By Tim Ryerson

Down south of a dirty delta town
After double-winged dusters sweep low
White hats, bent backs and bloody hands
Sway to the rhythm of summer snow fields
Backed by a choir of ten thousand crickets
Reaching up to touch heaven with a song 

1-10 Glory & Honorable mentions