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Red Sun - Poetry Contest


Sponsor Name

Russell Sivey

Contest Name

Red Sun

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Contest Dealine

7/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

For this contest I would like to see a descriptive image based on how you think the rising red sun influences your thoughts and feelings. The sun is only red for a short time in the morning, and then it's only for some mornings at that! What do you feel when you see this sun's phase, what exactly do you see during this time...are their clouds around it to add extra color, or is it very clear and the sun is all that you see? What happens to the blue sky during this time, is it blue at all there? I think you get the idea now... for this contest I would like the form to be Dodoitsu, that is a 7/7/7/5 syllable count form, a maximum of 2 stanzas, but I really would prefer you to write just 1 stanza if possible, that is a great challenge. I love to try to describe a great scene in as few words as possible, that is a lot of fun to me and I hope you find it fun as well, oh yes, challenging, but fun. Here are a few rules that I would like you to follow:

1) No names on the poem

2) Contest name at the bottom of your poem

3) Date the poem was written (can be an old poem if you put it in the Dosoitsu form)

4) Title the poem "Red Sun"

5) Write your poem about the rising Red Sun, describe scene & feelings etc.

6) Use the Dodoitsu form for this contest, that is a 7/7/7/5 syllable count

7) Enjoy yourself while writing this poem


1st: multiple placements
2nd: multiple placements
3rd: multiple placements

Reserve right to place 4th through 5th places as necessary