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Briton Riviere - Poetry Contest

SponsorIsaiah Zerbst
Contest Name Briton Riviere
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Deadline7/18/2013 12:00:00 AM
Note From SponsorIf possible, please include a copy and paste link to the painting you have chosen. Both for ease in judging the contest, and so that others can see the painting too. Thanks :)
Contest Description
OK folks, here is another opportunity to write poems based on the paintings of another phenomenal artist-- Briton Riviere!
Do you like lions, dragons, dogs, or outstanding portraits? Then this is the contest for you! These things and more can be found in the impressive works of this brilliant Victorian artist! Simply write an irresistable poem based on any of Briton Riviere's paintings and submit it to this contest free of charge! Winning poems will be featured in the "Member Contest Winners" section of Poetry Soup-- The #1 poetry website! Now is your chance to earn glory and recognition for your poetry!

Enough of that phluph, and let's get down to the nitty gritty.
Here is a list of Briton Riviere paintings to get you started in your search for something inspiring:

Una and the Lion
The Most Devoted of Her Slaves
Hope Deferred
Play Fellows
St. George and the Dragon
The King Drinks
War Time
Daniel's Answer to the King
Beyond Man's Footsteps
Naughty Boy

Feel free to use your web browser to find other paintings by Briton Riviere.

Contest Rules:
 1. Poem must be based on a Briton Riviere painting. All other entries will be excluded from the winner's circle.
 2. Poem must include the name of the painting you have derived your inspiration from, or Briton Riviere in the title.
 3. No names on poems.
 4. Insert the name of contest somewhere in the text of your poem. (So I don't comment prematurely on poems unknown by name to myself.)

Helpful Tips:
 1. I am judging this contest blind, so it does not matter whether you did well or poorly in previous contests sponsored by me, your poem will be evaluated based on the quality and appeal of the work.
 2. I don't care whether your poem is long or short, what I want you to do is delve into the painting and bring it to life. Imagine what the people and animals are doing, and then portray it in a realistic and descriptive way.
 3. Check your spelling, capitalization, etc., including the title. All caps, no caps, and excessive spelling errors show that you have not put much thought or effort into your poetry.
 4. These paintings are likely from Victorian times, so use of older words, phrases, ideas, and poetry forms is preferred.