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5 Minute Challenge - Poetry Contest


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Russell Sivey

Contest Name

5 Minute Challenge

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Contest Dealine

6/30/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

For this contest I would like to try something a little different. I would like for you to write for me a poem but to limit yourself to 5 minutes in writing it. So if you only have two lines, that is alright, I just want to see what you would come up with within 5 minutes. I would like for this poem to be a maximum of 12 lines. So that means that poems like Sonnets and Quaterns would be out. But you can write in Free Verse or Quatrains if you like...however you may write with any form you desire as long as it's 12 lines or less. You may write on any subject you wish to write on. I will accept incomplete poems for this contest because I know that 5 minutes is very short amount of time and normally you don’t finish a poem in 5 minutes. At least I don’t. Please time yourself and make sure you write it within the 5 minute time period. I know that this might not be your best work because your proofing will not be there. Make sure you put the contest name at the bottom of your poem so people will know why your poem isn’t complete. And after the contest is over you can complete your write, finish and polish it. Please no names on the poem. But do put the date on the bottom of the write.

Please follow these rules:

1) Write a poem in 5 minutes

2) Write on any subject you wish

3) Maximum of 12 lines, no minimum

4) Please no names

5) Write name of contest on the bottom of your poem

6) Write date on the bottom of your poem