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Dreams - Poetry Contest


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Russell Sivey

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6/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

I would like for you to write about dreams for this contest. Write about the dream world, like when you sleep at night and dream, or dreams about aspirations for the future. Dreams in the dream world can be negative as well as positive, they can be dark and can be filled with light. Dreams can be hopeful for what comes ahead. I would like this poem to be written in some sort of rhyme, that mean you can write a Rhyme form poem or you could write a form that has rhyming there within it, like a Rispetto, or a Terzanelle for example. You can title this poem whatever you like. I would like for you to put the contest name at the bottom of the form as well as the date. You can submit an old poem for this contest if you like but please write the date you created the poem at the bottom of the write. Please no names on the poem.

Please Follow the following rules:

1) Write your poem about dreams, nighttime dreams or aspirations of the future, either is okay

2) The poem is to be in the Rhyme form, or any form that rhymes, i.e. Rispetto

3) You can title the poem however you want

4) Put the contest name on the bottom of the poem

5) Put the date on the bottom of the poem

6) Poem may be an old poem, just make sure the date written is on the bottom of the poem

7) Do NOT put your name on the poem