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LEKKER! - A New Contest - Poetry Contest


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Suzette Richards

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LEKKER! - A New Contest

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3/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

What to submit:

1 original, poem on the theme of LEKKER! (RHYMES with "pecker") 
ANY form is acceptable.

The word LEKKER is used in various ways in South Africa. Here follow some of the most common uses of the word, LEKKER. All of the language groups (11 official languages in SA) use this word, even in their lingo: Ndi mandi (I am lekker)! The English word or phrase which it substitutes is in italics in the sentences.

It tastes/smells/feels/sounds nice/nice!
A LEKKER life: An easy life.
A LEKKER read: A good read.

Lekker? = Are you enjoying it?
Lekker!!! = Serves him well! 

Please visit my blog by the same name for further examples. Thank you.

You are required to use the word LEKKER in ONE of the stanzas of your poem. A max 20 lines per poem submitted and no names on the contest, please.



The world news has not changed since Biblical times
War, famine, malcontents …
Floods and fires of epic proportion had raked the earth
Leaders, in general, were often *not LEKKER
With the media blitz today, depression is now a global malady –
Not a hollow in the ground or weather forecast jargon
Switching the TV off is one way of avoiding reality!

With a click of the button on my laptop I bring the world into my home
I can access people around the globe
People I otherwise never would have met or got to know well
We share our trails and tribulations and love for all things beautiful
I learn about other cultures through their eyes
Appreciation of the diversity of our planet has taken hold
It is **LEKKER to be alive in this technical age!

*not LEKKER: Crazy, mad, unstable…
**LEKKER: Great!

I am looking forward to reading all the LEKKER entries. Enjoy!


First Prize, Glory
Second Prize, Glory
Third Prize, Glory

The usual T&C of PoetrySoup contests apply.