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Pill of Life - Poetry Contest

SponsorRussell Sivey
Contest Name Pill of Life
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Deadline2/28/2013 12:00:00 AM
Note From SponsorNo updates yet...
Contest Description

This next contest I would like you to write on the subject of, “The Pill of Life.” We all take pills to help us with our ailments or to keep us healthy. Write a poem about what a Pill of Life would do for you, how will it cure you? This is one powerful Pill; think deeply for this contest, you will be rewarded for deep thought within your poem. I will allow you to write in any form you want to, as long as it’s 14 lines or less…so that means you can write a Sonnet if you would like to. Also I want to judge Blind again, that was a great experience for me last time so I want to do it again…No Names on your poem! Also I want a new poem written just for this contest! Follow these simple rules:

1) No names on the poem

2) Put name of contest on the bottom of your poem

3) Put the date on the bottom of the poem

4) Write in any form you want, must be 14 lines or less (Sonnets ok)

5) Write on the subject: taking the Pill of Life, what would it do for you

6) And Have fun!