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Seeking a Fresh Crop of Clerihews - Poetry Contest


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Andrea Dietrich

Contest Name

Seeking a Fresh Crop of Clerihews

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10/24/2012 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description

What to Submit?

Write me ONE humorous and NEW Clerihew that follows the rules as stated both at my bog and here.(And I have been visiting all the clerihew on site here, so I will KNOW if you used an old one!!) Your TITLE should be the name of the famous person. NO NAMES on the poems (as I want to be surprised by my winners) Be sure to use the heading CLERIHEW for your poetry form heading. When I see any clerihews at Soup,I will avoid them so as not to be see any of the entries until I am ready to do my judging.

DEFINITION: The clerihew humorously describes a person, usually famous, showing him "from an unusual point of view." and Using rhyme AABB.The first line must contain the subject's name and can even be solely the name of that person.

IMPORTANT RULES about this form for my contest:

1.Use EXACT rhyme of AABB and make sure the NAME of the famous person occurs in the first line (preferably at the end of line one). Also the first line should be fairly short.

2. Do not use too-long lines, particularly for the first two lines, but you may use uneven line lengths. That is part of writing a good clerihew.

3. Refrain from using vulgar language, making dirty jokes with them or being very mean-spirited. You can poke fun at the celebrity you are writing about. But the Clerihew was meant to be whimsical or nonsensical and not a parody. Please see my blog for examples of what makes a good clerihew.

4. Again, Leave you name OFF the poem and be sure to choose the heading of Clerihew for it.

5. Finally, I have provided a list of the types of people I would like to see you write about. Choose one from this list. I suggest you pay attention to the categories that are most popular. If you choose a category that is not so popular with poets, you will have a better chance to score high in my contest because I hope to get a balanced number of winning entries from each category.


1. Religious leaders or philosophers

2. Musicians or Singers

3. Authors or Poets

4. Movie Stars (not so much television)

5. Famous Women Through HIstory

6. Scientists or Innovators

7. Movie Action Figures or even Cartoon Characters

8. Sports figures

Hope to see some GREAT STUFF!!!


Copy of my book Cheshire Chuckles to THE best one I see!!

Preparing Your Entry

Submit one copy of your poem online. Format your poem. Please make your entry easy to read — no illustrations or fancy fonts. 

English Language

Poems should be in English. Poems translated from other languages are not eligible, unless you wrote both the original poem and the translation.

A Note to Poetry Contestants

You are welcome to enter this contest, whether or not you won a prize in one of my previous contests.