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Iolanda Scripca is a published poet, photographer, journalist,  and translator who lived in Eastern Europe for the first twenty four years of her life, in a loving family. Her mom was a teacher, a high school principal, and a cultural promoter. Her dad was a published novelist, poet and TV producer. An unforgettable moment was her collaboration with her Dad in the translation and adaptation of a children's book by the Bulgarian author Leda Mileva. She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucuresti/Romania. Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential from Chapman University. Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English. "Lava Of My Soul" is her recently released collection of poems and essays which is available on her site:


Metaphores, I want to See Metaphores... Now!!!

Blog Posted:9/23/2012 2:04:00 AM
Put on your poetical wings and dazzle me with you first impression of this painting...

Photo: johnny palacios hidalgo::open Art___________@

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  1. Date: 9/25/2012 1:49:00 PM
    Fanciful creatures of blended dreams/ gallop through the mist/ pounding etheral rhythms of sacred drums/ calling to the slumbering one.

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  1. Date: 9/24/2012 8:04:00 PM
    Run from a disaster to be/ Keep up your speed as tigers do/ do not get caught in lightening and rain/ on the other side of the Earth/ everything is pristine and calm/ God waits for Lucifer in His golden chariot/ to hurl him back into Hell. Thanks Iolanda for all the inspirational poems. This is the hell of a marathon! Hugs, Andrew.

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  1. Date: 9/24/2012 5:07:00 AM
    Creatures of all kinds flee/ Are they tossed away/ as debris in a storm? / It must be a biblical-predicted event!/ Armageddon without angels and demons? / Perhaps our Earth is burning!

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 1:29:00 PM
    Joann Grisetti... that was a brilliant write.

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 12:32:00 PM
    Turn you face to the heavens/ thereto romp among the clouds/ sing a chior of purity/ ye creatures mortal bound/

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 12:20:00 PM
    Winged horses, floating, flying...with fishes, mollusks, and birds????? A metaphor? ....Let's say: "IS the sour taste of a blurred carpet soaked in vomit and vodka escaping through my eyes" : ) Hiccup!

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    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 9/23/2012 7:48:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    hmmmmmm! : ) I love you, Deborah!
    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 9/23/2012 2:12:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    The one and only Rubenski----Ruben, do you party hearty last night?
  1. Date: 9/23/2012 11:00:00 AM
    As swift as PD's pen As beautiful as Gail's verses. As hypnotic as Cyndi and Caties phrases As imaginative as Iolanda's metaphores. Joyce

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 10:03:00 AM
    Sorry, I can't do better than that. I am always rushing and need hours to come up with the kind of stuff some of the poets here are saying!! I sure love this picture though. It should be the centerpiece of a contest here!

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 10:01:00 AM
    When horses fly, mankind is beneath the creatures of the sky! (got a kick out of seeing a man's face on that fish at the bottom left)

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 9:19:00 AM
    I love all these writes! Debbie, and Catie's are deep, Cyndi's is immaculately worded, Craig and PD's give me an ultimate collabo vibe, and Linda's is a shot of wisdom! @ Iolanda, inspirational blog lady!

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 9:14:00 AM
    @ Craig thanks! The picture is larger than life!

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 8:50:00 AM
    Purgatory Zoo, where the creatures are keepers of themselves/ seagulls, seahorses, and seashells/ swimming amid the clouds, in the depths of the sea/and rain expands the sea to roam freely...

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    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 9/23/2012 8:52:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I can see it Scribe!
  1. Date: 9/23/2012 8:34:00 AM
    To a strong heart, freedom always calls/and it answers, freeing the soul to fly

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 7:23:00 AM
    oops post it on wrong box... pd

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    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 9/23/2012 8:50:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    PD's Gotta love it! No one has more spirit than the feisty one at the Kentucky Derby that won't go into the gate! Love your tie-in with Pegasus!
    A   Avatar Poet Destroyer A Date: 9/23/2012 7:28:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Pegasus <--- typo
    A   Avatar Poet Destroyer A Date: 9/23/2012 7:27:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    well reading all the thoughts on the bottom me... I must have had crazy thoughts compared to all the normal one and more fit for this picture... LOL.. I guess my mind ran wild with the Pegusus who left their post on mars, and in do so, they all became an amusement picture for Zeus himself, who let his imagination run insane with him... All to please the new arrival on Mount Olympus.. love the picture.. xox~pd
  1. Date: 9/23/2012 6:39:00 AM
    We rose from the sea to the land to the skies. Our spirits took flight and in our freedom we came into the light. Our faces were warm and we were one.

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    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 9/23/2012 8:42:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Sooo clever as always, and I love the twist from the frantic stampede to the cantering gentleness---also that tender nickers!!
    A   Avatar Poet Destroyer A Date: 9/23/2012 7:22:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Then on a grayish shore Pegasus ride against the wind….. Wings became birds, birds became fish, and fish became shells….. Horses rode stronger than ever~ a Pegasus no more….. These altars toward his favorite Gods:…. They departure of mars, to be on the right side of Zeus…… To the warriors of all virgin, of a milkfish feast…… A shrine awaiting this new arrival…….. To his wife, he did not offer a cow…….. To the winged god who steers all creatures…….. Mount so high to reach, no mention of a future dowry……. The fires were lit, one we can’t foresee alone…… Strawberry incense filled the air, of cocoa mo’ view and time exceed…… Lost in a world where he no longer wears a crowns a horn or wings;….. Behind each tail and beam melodies echoed to the channel of joy…… Where golden rooms showed paradise to all who feats creatures alike…
  1. Date: 9/23/2012 6:22:00 AM
    The ocean broke its barrier, foamed its white steeds and set free a dark stallion, but in the mist cantered a gentleness of sand's song, of daylight softly encrouching on our time. Let's walk the shoreline, love. The dunes will do what they will. Erosion can be sweet and tides are honest. Let us hear the hooves of tomorrow churning and meet its measures without regret, tears orthe tender nickers of yearning. Don't you know? Look closer, past the damp skin and haunted eyes, under under life's thin disguise. I am sea.

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    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 9/23/2012 9:19:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    So clever as always Cyndi, and I love the twist from the frantic stampede to the cantering gentleness---also the tender nickers!!
    Lindsey Avatar Catie Lindsey Date: 9/23/2012 8:29:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Whoa! Love it, Cyndi!
  1. Date: 9/23/2012 4:03:00 AM
    My thoughts are wild steeds / in deep caverns of my mind / running free, where thoughts take wing / along the peripheral shores of time .

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  1. Date: 9/23/2012 3:03:00 AM
    THOUGHTS:My thoughts gallop// In a sea of confusion// Reality swims at the// Ocean’s edge of consciousness// [Poetry form: Naani] Please see my poem "Unconditional Love" for notes re this poety form. I love this challenge :-) Suzette

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