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Iolanda Scripca is a published poet, photographer, journalist,  and translator who lived in Eastern Europe for the first twenty four years of her life, in a loving family. Her mom was a teacher, a high school principal, and a cultural promoter. Her dad was a published novelist, poet and TV producer. An unforgettable moment was her collaboration with her Dad in the translation and adaptation of a children's book by the Bulgarian author Leda Mileva. She is a graduate of Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bucuresti/Romania. Nowadays she enjoys Southern California and possesses a CA Teaching Credential from Chapman University. Ms. Scripca publishes in several Romanian-American Newspapers both in Romanian and English. "Lava Of My Soul" is her recently released collection of poems and essays which is available on her site:



Blog Posted:5/31/2012 11:25:00 AM

Are you a hugger and a kisser or you keep your distance and do not like this way of expression...

July 6th is National Kissing
in the
United Kingdom.
This holiday has recently been adopted worldwide making July the 6th the
International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day.

The idea behind the International Kissing Day is
that many people may have forgotten the simple pleasures associated with
kissing for
kissing's sake, as opposed to kissing as mere
social formality or prelude to other activities. Kissing can be an enjoyable
experience in and of itself. It is an expression and experience of
International Kissing Day is not as commercialized as
Valentine's Day.

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  1. Date: 6/4/2012 4:47:00 PM
    ooh I like this one!!!!! kiss

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  1. Date: 6/2/2012 12:28:00 AM
    Kissing can be interpreted in various ways: a sign of affection or intimacy. In USA a girl can kiss a girl, but God forbid if a man kisses a man!!! In other countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia and many other others, men are allowed to exchange kisses on the cheek when greeting family and friends! Ruben mentioned that men kiss in's a custom, a sign of affection. Thank you Iolanda for reminding us of the National Kissing should be kind of Valentine's Day, since it involves lovers, too. And unlikely Valentine's Day, not too many of us will think about flowers and chocolates! Let's celebrate it and explore the thrill and beauty of it!

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  1. Date: 6/1/2012 1:07:00 AM
    Mwah to you too, Ruben O.!!! :) Mwah to Cyndi, Joann, Andrea, Jack, Wilma, Nette, and Catie!!! :0)

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 11:15:00 PM
    In Argentina we kiss and kiss and kiss......and (to Cyndi) men kiss men too! Have a MWAH day, Iolanda! Ruben.

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 7:48:00 PM
    Back in Romania people kiss on the cheeks 3 times: left, right, left. When I came to California people who kiss they kiss only twice so, in the begining, I would kiss the air the third time as people were not used to 3 time kiss. :) Ha, ha!!!

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 7:38:00 PM
    Quebecers kiss. Men kiss women, women kiss men, men kiss men, women kiss women, women kiss women who are kissing men... lol... I am a huggy, kissy girl and had a hard time adjusting to Ontario, which is friendly, but more in a back pat, hand shake kinda way. My girl, because she's exposed to my level of affection, is also a huggy kissy girl. I receive about 25 kisses a day, on my cheeks, hands, sometimes even on my knees... and I give her about 50. My hubby when home gets kisses from both me and my girl. While I can, for as long as I can, I will kiss. Hugs and KISSES to all.

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 6:43:00 PM
    never been a hugger or kisser, except for my babies bare stomach. Love to kiss them.

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 6:19:00 PM
    Me, too, dear siste-in-sunglasses :0) - Andie! kisses and puppy love :0)

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 3:50:00 PM
    When I was young and dating, I never went beyond kissing and I guess I miss that lingering but innocent intimacy that conjures such romance for me!

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 3:06:00 PM
    xoxoxoxoxoxox!!! for everyone here :0)

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 1:43:00 PM
    I think I need to find out about a local event in Cape Town and get my lips in working order for this day ;-) hehe thanks for the reminder Iolanda

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 1:30:00 PM
    kissing raises the oxytocin levels, iols.. happy hormones!..more kisses and huggs!...

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  1. Date: 5/31/2012 12:28:00 PM
    well, it may not be as commercialized as valentine's Day, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun! Hugs, Catie :)

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