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Bloggers PhotoAuthor, playwright, and poet, Trisha Sugarek has been writing for four decades.
She has enjoyed a thirty year career in theatre as an actor and director. Originally from Seattle, she has worked in theatres from coast to coast and her plays have been produced across this country and abroad.

She expanded her body of work, as a playwright, to include seven novels, two books of poetry, a group of children’s books and forty five stage plays. Her newest project is a murder mystery series: The World of Murder.
Available in paperback, e-Books and Audio books.

A few years ago Trisha traveled to Argentina to teach master classes on writing at a University outside of Cordoba. Her host professors are writing a book on learning English through action, using parts of Trisha’s writing.

Her web site is dedicated to the art of writing. Her blog appears two or three times a week and offers advice, encouragement and support to other writers.
Trisha’s plays and books can be found on her web site at: Trisha lives in Savannah, Georgia with her two golden retrievers, Rocky and Gus and her cat, Fiona.

Points of interest:

In March 2014 her stage play “Emma and the Lost Unicorn” was produced at the Villagers Playhouse in Somerset, NJ.

In June 2014, Moezart Productions in Phoenix, AZ will produce her children’s play, “Stanley, the Stalwart Dragon”.

Charlie and I are back...with our Poetry (Charles Bukowski)

Blog Posted:8/10/2014 8:51:00 AM

It's Charles Bukowski month!!! No secret.  I am obsessed with the guy's raw, tell it like it is, writing.  So here's a work of his and a work of mine.  I'm fully aware that my scribbles should not be on the same page or in the same room as this great writer.......(so please don't write me) I am just sharing a frame of mind.  I believe that if you lay down with dogs you get fleas.  If you read great writers, just maybe some of their brilliance will rub off or teach you something.

Try your hand;  there are no fast and hard rules to poetry least none that I pay attention to.  (and I'm in good company with this sentiment)  It's far more important that you write your thoughts down.  Bukowski believed that too.  He couldn't have cared less what his critics pentameter?  no rhyme?    So What!!??


Apocalypse ©

The whale sings
and I weep,

The world groans
and I ache,

The wind gusts
and I bend,

The surf sighs
and I rage,

The babe cries
and I mourn,

The mountains shift
and I flinch,

The ebony sun melts
and I rail,

The earth dies
and I wear black.  T.Sugarek

Dinosauria, we  ©  (excerpt) Charles Bukowski

born like this
into this
as the chalk faces smile
as Mrs. Death laughs
as the elevators break
as political landscapes dissolve
as the supermarket bag boy holds a college degree
as the oily fish spit out their oily prey
as the sun is masked

we are
born like this…


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