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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/29/2016 Lovebirds Verselove,
4/29/2016 A Woman's Worth Versewoman,
4/29/2016 Petal Quatrainlove,
4/29/2016 Never Say Day Verseadventure,
4/29/2016 Good And Evil Versefantasy,
4/28/2016 Vanity Versesensual,
4/28/2016 Love's Sweet Song Quatrainlove,
4/28/2016 The Dawning Of Love Versefriendship,
4/28/2016 Silver-Grey Versenature,
4/28/2016 The Smallest Calf Quatrainwriting,
4/27/2016 Glow Verselove,
4/27/2016 Flare Verseangst,
4/27/2016 Par Excellence Versethank you,
4/27/2016 Cape Fear Quatrainadventure,
4/27/2016 Treasure Quatrainfriendship,
4/26/2016 A Girl Like You Quatrainlove,
4/26/2016 Toys Quatrainwriting,
4/26/2016 Enlightenment Versewriting,
4/26/2016 Moonwane Versemoon,
4/26/2016 Willow Versenature,
4/25/2016 Kindliness Sonnetfriendship,
4/25/2016 Testament Verselove,
4/22/2016 Wally And The Angels Verseadventure,children,
4/22/2016 Comet Quatrainsky,
4/22/2016 Per Ardua Ad Astra Versewriting,
4/21/2016 The Miser And The Model Versehumor,
4/20/2016 By Degrees Versedepression,
4/19/2016 Rejuvenation Sonnetsensual,
4/19/2016 Heaven And Hell Versefantasy,
4/19/2016 Face to Face Versedeath,
4/19/2016 Obsession Part 4 Versewriting,
4/19/2016 Resolve Versework,
4/17/2016 BLAST OFF Versefantasy,
4/17/2016 Postscript Versewriting,
4/17/2016 Wally And The Angels Versechildhood,
4/17/2016 Expatriate Verseengland,
4/17/2016 Heartache Quatrainlost love,
4/17/2016 Veneration Quatrainsun,
4/16/2016 The Game Verselonely,
4/16/2016 Valerie Prosefriendship,
4/16/2016 Worship Versespiritual,
4/16/2016 Treasure Quatrainfriendship,
4/16/2016 Sea Wolves Quatrainadventure,
4/16/2016 The Fox Quatrainanimal,
4/15/2016 Luminescence Versefantasy,
4/15/2016 The Land Of Lip Service Versehumor,
4/15/2016 And Still The Troops Are Marching Versewar,
4/15/2016 Annie-nonymous Sonnetfriendship,
4/15/2016 Minster Lovell Versespiritual,
4/14/2016 On The Edge Quatrainaddiction,
4/14/2016 Going On Emotion Verseinspirational,
4/14/2016 Brevity Quatrainallegory,
4/13/2016 Ever After Versefantasy,
4/13/2016 Make Room For Angels Quatrainspiritual,
4/13/2016 Scruples Verseinspiration,
4/12/2016 Eglantine Quatrainlove,
4/12/2016 Congregation Versespiritual,
4/12/2016 The Hill Farmer Versecommunity,work,
4/12/2016 Ballad Of A Desperado Quatrainadventure,
4/10/2016 The Joy Of Love Sonnetlove,
4/10/2016 Nightscapes part 1 Versewriting,
4/10/2016 Nightscapes part 2 Versewriting,
4/9/2016 Love's Sweet Song Quatrainlove,
4/9/2016 Awakening Verseanxiety,
4/9/2016 The Grand Old Game Quatrainsports,
4/9/2016 The Star Quatrainchristmas,
4/9/2016 Wallflower Quatrainwriting,
4/8/2016 Simple Versesad,
4/8/2016 Territory Of Absolution Versesad,
4/8/2016 Confusion Verseparents,
4/8/2016 Ode To The Earthworm re-post Versenature,
4/8/2016 Nightscapes part 2 Versewriting,
4/8/2016 Nightscapes part 1 Versewriting,
4/7/2016 Elegy Versechild,eulogy,sad,
4/7/2016 Table Talk Quatrainwriting,
4/7/2016 Postscript Quatrainwriting,
4/7/2016 Forecasts Versewriting,
4/7/2016 My Kid Sister Versesister,
4/7/2016 'Tis The Season Versechristmas,
4/6/2016 King Of The Sticks Quatrainmusic,
4/6/2016 Letter To Stephanie Verseremember,
4/6/2016 Faith Quatrainsad,
4/6/2016 Manhattan Soliloquy Versewriting,
4/6/2016 Creator Quatrainspiritual,
4/6/2016 Tempest Versewind,
4/6/2016 Forsaken Versewriting,
3/30/2016 My Funny Valentine Prosemusic,
3/30/2016 An Old And Trusted Friend Prosefriendship,
3/28/2016 Improvisation Quatrainmusic,
3/28/2016 A Weathered Glass Versewriting,
3/28/2016 Ernest Quatrainhumor,
3/28/2016 Delicacies Sonnetlove,
3/26/2016 In The Moment Versephilosophy,
3/26/2016 Tea Quatrainwriting,
3/26/2016 Control Quatraingrowing up,
3/25/2016 The Dreaming Spires Versewriting,
3/25/2016 Ledger Quatrainspiritual,
3/25/2016 The Old Hand Saw Verseinspirational,
3/25/2016 Saxophone Quatrainmusic,
3/23/2016 The Devil's Will Verseevil,

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