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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/29/2016 My Dead Dad Coupletanalogy,appreciation,
5/29/2016 Be Considerate Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,humorous
5/27/2016 Champaigne Down the Drain Coupletallegory,analogy,best fri
5/27/2016 Pollution Control Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,
5/27/2016 Cremate Not Hesitate I do not know?allegory,analogy,
5/27/2016 Lemon Meringue Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,
5/26/2016 My Mother In Law Just Did Die Coupletbereavement,
5/24/2016 Father, Son and Holy Ghost Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/23/2016 Hillary Has Patience Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/23/2016 My Message To You Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/22/2016 Started To Sing A Serenade Coupletallegory,analogy,love,
5/22/2016 Me and My Mom Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,
5/22/2016 Did Depict As Dismorphic Coupletaddiction,allegory,analog
5/22/2016 Horn Haiku Prayer Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/22/2016 Become Wise Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,apprecia
5/22/2016 Prejudice and Bigotry Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,anxiety,
5/22/2016 Has Beeen Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,apprecia
5/21/2016 Laud Land in America Coupletallegory,analogy,blessing
5/21/2016 Horn Love Every Bird Poem Coupletallegory,analogy,bird,
5/21/2016 Annoyed and Destroyed Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/21/2016 Hope Trump the Great Leaves Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/20/2016 Trump Tumultious Turmoil Coupletallegory,allusion,analogy
5/20/2016 Trump Barker In Sideshow Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/15/2016 Illegal and Not Bona Fide Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/15/2016 Trump By Mom Was Raised Coupletallegory,allusion,analogy
5/15/2016 Rinse Like Prince I do not know?allegory,analogy,angst,sa
5/15/2016 How About Hillary or Bernie Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/15/2016 Wonder About Trump I do not know?abuse,allegory,analogy,
5/13/2016 Trump Do You Really Desire Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/12/2016 Trump's Voice and Its Tone Coupletabuse,allegory,analogy,
5/12/2016 Another Trump Sighting Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/11/2016 Women Are Starting To Think Coupletabuse,allegory,analogy,
5/9/2016 Hillary and Her Kitchen Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/9/2016 Nudity Horn Haiku I do not know?allegory,analogy,
5/9/2016 Maintain Dignity Horn Haiku I do not know?appreciation,encouraging,
5/9/2016 Beside Me in Heaven Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/8/2016 When He Will Wiggle His Toes Coupletallegory,analogy,sad,
5/8/2016 Came To Me In Church Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/8/2016 Horn Mother's Day Haiku I do not know?mothers day,
5/8/2016 Sterile Isis with Flint Water Coupletallegory,analogy,anger,an
5/8/2016 About God and His Presence I do not know?god,mothers day,
5/7/2016 HRC and You and Me Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/7/2016 Trump Female Voters Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/6/2016 From My Poems Be Freed I do not know?allegory,analogy,humorous
5/6/2016 Trump Economy Is Sure To Wreck Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/6/2016 Trump Flipping His Lid Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/5/2016 Trump To God Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
5/5/2016 Gave Them To Trump Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/5/2016 Horn Haiku Saying for the Day I do not know?philosophy,
5/4/2016 Terrible Trump or Trump the Crook Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/4/2016 God In Heaven Is Waiting Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
5/3/2016 When We Are Willing Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
5/2/2016 When Hillary Wore A Pantsuit Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/2/2016 Bawled Then Scrawled Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/2/2016 Don't Be Late Coupletappreciation,encouraging,
5/1/2016 Now You See It and Now You Don't Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
5/1/2016 An American Tradition Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/30/2016 Me and You Merge the Two Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/30/2016 Quatrain and Eve Roper Contest Coupletallegory,analogy,anxiety,
4/28/2016 Affects on Property Values Coupletallegory,analogy,anger,
4/28/2016 About Story Book Stimulated by Andrea Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/28/2016 Hillary Has It In the Bag Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/27/2016 Life For a Short Spell Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
4/27/2016 Distaste for Waste Coupletallegory,analogy,god,
4/27/2016 Gorgious Great Guy I do not know?allegory,analogy,angst,
4/27/2016 God Give Me A Hint I do not know?allegory,analogy,anxiety,
4/26/2016 Three Heads Are Better Than One Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/26/2016 With Good Ones Coupletallegory,analogy,
4/24/2016 Heaven Are Willing To Share Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/24/2016 Lord Is Here and Near with Andrea I do not know?allegory,analogy,
4/24/2016 Our Astounding President Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/24/2016 That Are Transgender Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/24/2016 Heavenly Music Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/23/2016 Prince and Purple Rain I do not know?allegory,analogy,black af
4/23/2016 If MLK I do not know?allegory,analogy,destiny,
4/22/2016 With Angels Music Will Share Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
4/22/2016 Tongue of Media Coupletallegory,analogy,philosop
4/22/2016 Tighten the Tongue I do not know?allegory,analogy,humorous
4/21/2016 God Will Open Gate Coupletallegory,analogy,
4/21/2016 Give God Credit Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
4/20/2016 Vital for Verve of Jack Ellison I do not know?analogy,humorous,
4/20/2016 More Then Can Chew I do not know?allegory,analogy,
4/20/2016 Dissappointment Am I do not know?analogy,
4/20/2016 Present to Future I do not know?analogy,
4/20/2016 Worried and Worried I do not know?allegory,analogy,apprecia
4/20/2016 Back To Heaven Coupletallegory,analogy,apprecia
4/19/2016 Handcuff Wrists Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/19/2016 Should Store the Silverware Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/18/2016 One More Chance for Romance Coupletallegory,analogy,romance,
4/18/2016 Book About Bill Clinton Coupletallegory,analogy,happines
4/18/2016 Enemy Inside of Me Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/17/2016 Wherever the Banshee Coupletallegory,analogy,
4/17/2016 A Separate Gate Coupletallegory,analogy,
4/17/2016 Day By Day As Daily Planner Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/17/2016 Suffering and Misery Have Gone Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/17/2016 At Church Next Sunday Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/16/2016 A Finger Coupletallegory,analogy,humorous
4/16/2016 Always Righteous for Seren Roberts Contest Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/15/2016 An Elusive Dream Coupletallegory,analogy,religiou
4/14/2016 Absorption and Abortion I do not know?abuse,angst,

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A Better Putter Coupletgolf,
Bull Moose Rhymeanimal,humor,nature,
Try To Appease Coupletnature,
Poor Peter Pumpkin Coupletfantasy,funny,holiday,
Tenacity and Audacity Coupletchristmas,humor,
I Think of You Sonnetappreciation,love,romance

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