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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/26/2016 FIELDS OF LOVE Free verselove,relationship,trust,
5/26/2016 TRUST IV Monokulove,relationship,trust,
5/25/2016 THE RICHEST OF MEN Free versehappiness,love,romantic,
5/25/2016 DIVIDEND OF HAPPINESS Monokuhappiness,love,romantic,
5/24/2016 THE HEALING Haikugod,love,pain,
5/24/2016 THE UNMOVED MOVER Monokugod,truth,world,
5/23/2016 BOOK OF LIFE Haikudestiny,joy,life,
5/23/2016 HEAVENS VOICE Haikuheaven,life,light,
5/22/2016 MY TESTAMENT Monokulife,love,people,
5/22/2016 UNNOTICED Monokugod,life,men,
5/22/2016 FORGETTING TO BE Monokulife,men,
5/21/2016 THE FORGING Monokufaith,god,life,
5/21/2016 INCAPABLE I AM Monokufaith,god,
5/21/2016 ETERNAL RECURRENCE II Haikuallegory,death,life,
5/20/2016 LIFE I ASKED Personificationlife,men,
5/20/2016 LIFE WAS JUST TO PLAY Monorhymehumorous,
5/19/2016 POLITICS AND SELFISHNESS Monokuabuse,political,power,
5/19/2016 WHAT POLITICS SHOULD BE Free versemen,political,power,
5/18/2016 WHEN POLITICS Monokucorruption,political,
5/18/2016 POLITICIANS Acrosticabuse,political,power,
5/17/2016 BIRD SONGS Monokubird,song,world,
5/17/2016 DREAMED TO BE AN EAGLE Quatrainbeauty,bird,dream,
5/17/2016 BIRDS Acrosticbeauty,bird,
5/16/2016 ADVISABLE IT IS Monokuenvironment,life,men,
5/16/2016 COSMIC JUSTICE Monokuenvironment,life,nature,
5/15/2016 HUMAN WISDOM Monokumen,wisdom,
5/15/2016 DIVINE WISDOM Monokugod,wisdom,
5/14/2016 THE SOLID ROCK Monokucourage,life,strength,
5/14/2016 ALL I AM Monokucourage,life,strength,
5/13/2016 SOUL EYES Monokumen,truth,
5/13/2016 AT THE CORE OF THINGS Monokugod,men,truth,
5/12/2016 THE MAN FROM LIMERICK Limerickhumorous,
5/12/2016 PRAYERS Monokugod,men,prayer,
5/12/2016 SPRING SONG Monokugod,song,spring,
5/11/2016 FRIENDS Monokufriend,friendship,
5/11/2016 FRIENDSHIP Monokufriend,friendship,happine
5/10/2016 THY WAYS Monokufaith,god,truth,
5/10/2016 THE CHOSEN PATH Monokudevotion,god,men,
5/9/2016 THE HAZE Monokuabsence,faith,
5/9/2016 WALLS OF FAITH Monokufaith,god,people,
5/9/2016 DOUBLE ARMED Monokufaith,god,life,
5/8/2016 HOLY GROUND Monokumother,mothers day,spirit
5/8/2016 THE WISE AND HIS POSSESSIONS Sijospiritual,wisdom,
5/7/2016 HARBOR OF LOVE Monokumother,mothers day,
5/7/2016 MOTHER II Acrosticmother,mothers day,
5/7/2016 HAPPY MOTHER DAY Epigrammother,mothers day,
5/6/2016 ADDICTION Monokuabuse,addiction,passion,
5/6/2016 UNCHECKED PASSIONS Monokuabuse,addiction,passion,
5/5/2016 ENTHRONEMENT Haikuabuse,conflict,confusion,
5/5/2016 ECSTASY Haikuhappiness,heart,heaven,
5/3/2016 ADVANCING ON THE PATH Monokuevil,god,humanity,
5/3/2016 GOOD DEEDS Monokuhumanity,love,men,
5/2/2016 BLISS Monokugod,music,
5/2/2016 HAPPINESS Monokuhappiness,men,world,
4/30/2016 HUMAN TRUTH Monokugod,men,truth,
4/30/2016 DIVINE TRUTH Monokugod,truth,
4/29/2016 THE PANORAMA Monokuage,life,old,
4/29/2016 THE BOUQUET Monokuage,joy,life,
4/28/2016 HOPE Monokugod,hope,humanity,
4/28/2016 LIVING WITH HOPE Limerickhope,life,men,
4/27/2016 FAITHFULNESS Monokuheart,passion,
4/27/2016 UNFAITHFULNESS Monokuheart,passion,
4/26/2016 ALIENATION Monokugod,hate,love,
4/26/2016 BLASPHEMOUS ACT Monokugod,hate,love,
4/25/2016 PATH OF WISDOM Monokuwisdom,
4/25/2016 CROWN OF WISDOM Monokuwisdom,
4/24/2016 LOVE AND LIFE Monokujoy,life,love,
4/24/2016 ONLY WHEN Monokulife,love,people,
4/23/2016 FORGIVE ME MOTHER EARTH Free verseearth day,humanity,nature
4/22/2016 EARTH DAY Monokuearth day,men,
4/22/2016 OPINIONS II Monokumen,truth,
4/22/2016 THE UNIVERSE Monokumen,world,
4/21/2016 FREE WILL: ILLUSION OR REALITY II Free versedestiny,freedom,men,
4/20/2016 RIGHTEOUS HEART Monokucharacter,philosophy,
4/20/2016 MEANING OF WORDS Monokulanguage,meaningful,
4/19/2016 THE ATHEISTS Limerickfaith,humor,
4/19/2016 GAVE UP POETRY Limerickhumorous,
4/18/2016 DISRESPECT Monokulife,men,nature,
4/18/2016 UNWITTINGLY Monokumen,nature,
4/17/2016 KEEP LOVING Monokuhumanity,love,
4/17/2016 HUMAN BEINGS Monokuhumanity,men,
4/16/2016 THE LADDER Monokufriend,friendship,
4/16/2016 TRUE FRIENDS Monokufriend,friendship,
4/16/2016 IN THE CELLAR Monokufriend,friendship,
4/15/2016 THE MELODIOUS SONG Monokuheaven,life,men,
4/15/2016 THE RETURN Monokuheaven,spiritual,
4/15/2016 IN THE END Monokudestiny,men,
3/23/2016 LIGHTNING OF LOVE Monokugod,hate,love,
3/23/2016 NEVER IN PARADISE Monokubereavement,death,world,
3/23/2016 IGNORING THOU ART Monokugod,hate,love,
3/16/2016 THE TREE OF FAITH Monokufaith,garden,god,
3/16/2016 LOGIC AND FAITH Monokufaith,
3/16/2016 MISFORTUNES Monokucharacter,faith,god,
3/15/2016 PATHOS Free versedevotion,life,love,
3/15/2016 MAN AND GOD Monokugod,men,
3/15/2016 GOD AND MAN Monokugod,men,
3/14/2016 PRAYERS Monokugod,men,prayer,
3/14/2016 MATERIAL TREASURES Monokuheaven,wisdom,
3/14/2016 NOT IN HEAVENS Monokuheaven,paradise,
3/13/2016 MIGHTY NIGHT Free versedeath,life,night,

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