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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/29/2016 INDIFFERENT Monokugod,humanity,love,
7/29/2016 VANITY Monokuhumanity,life,nature,
7/28/2016 REVERENCE OF LIFE Monokuearth,humanity,life,
7/28/2016 MYSTERY SOLVED Monokugod,people,
7/27/2016 TOO LITTLE Monokuhumanity,introspection,pe
7/27/2016 HATE AND LOVE Ethereehate,love,world,
7/26/2016 TEMPLE OF GOD Monokugod,hate,love,
7/26/2016 BEWARE OF Monokuhate,heart,love,
7/25/2016 ACCESSIBILITY OF TRUTH Monokugod,men,truth,
7/25/2016 SEEKING THE TRUTH Monokumen,truth,
7/24/2016 TATTERED DREAMS Monokudream,faith,life,
7/24/2016 SOURCE OF YOUTH Monokuage,dream,life,
7/23/2016 INNUMERABLE Monokufaith,god,miracle,
7/23/2016 SPELLBOUND Dodoitsubeauty,magic,moon,
7/22/2016 DREAMLESS LIFE Monokudream,life,
7/22/2016 THE CHRYSALIS Dodoitsudestiny,dream,work,
7/21/2016 ROAD OF LIFE Monokulife,wisdom,
7/21/2016 THE KNOWN SECRET II Quatrainjoy,life,
7/20/2016 DELIGHTFUL IS Monokubirth,death,life,
7/20/2016 CIRCLE OF LIFE Tetractysgod,life,
7/19/2016 LAST STAND Monokuevil,love,world,
7/19/2016 DIVINE GOODNESS Monokulove,truth,world,
7/18/2016 PRESENCE OF MAN Monokuenvironment,life,men,
7/18/2016 MORTALITY AND EVIL Quatraindeath,evil,men,
7/17/2016 MAN AND LIFE Quatrainhumanity,life,nature,
7/16/2016 GOD IS GREAT Monokufear,hate,murder,
7/16/2016 A BETTER WORLD Quatraindark,fear,world,
7/15/2016 TEARS OF LOVE Monokugod,humanity,love,
7/15/2016 IN GODS ARMS Monokuanger,god,grief,
7/15/2016 FRENCH TRAGEDY Quatraindeath,hate,sorrow,
7/14/2016 GAZING AT INFINITY Monokutruth,wisdom,world,
7/14/2016 ALL LIFE LONG Monokudream,life,truth,
7/13/2016 IN SEARCH OF THEE Monokugod,life,prayer,
7/13/2016 GENESIS II Haikugod,life,world,
7/12/2016 DIVINE VOCABULARY Monokubeauty,flower,god,
7/12/2016 DOUBLE LOVE Dodoitsuheart,love,romance,
7/11/2016 TERRIFIED SOUL Dodoitsuearth,wisdom,
7/10/2016 ACTS OF LOVE Monokugod,heart,love,
7/9/2016 COMPASSION II Monokugod,heart,love,
7/9/2016 BOMBS OF LOVE Monokuhumanity,love,peace,
7/8/2016 FORMAL POETRY Monokugod,inspiration,poetry,
7/8/2016 THE LIAR Monokuconfusion,desire,people,
7/7/2016 AFRAID I AM NOT Monokuevil,god,life,
7/7/2016 NO MATTER Monokuevil,god,
7/6/2016 NOT MONOLITHIC Monokuhumanity,people,success,
7/6/2016 ONLY A HILL Monokulife,success,
7/5/2016 I HAVE MISSED Quatrainabsence,love,sad,
7/5/2016 BEFORE HIS EYES Haikudeath,health,life,
7/4/2016 ALIENATION Monokuhumanity,nature,
7/4/2016 IMPLORING TIME Epigramlove,romance,time,
7/3/2016 THE LABYRINTH Monokulife,men,truth,
7/3/2016 DREAMS Haikubirth,day,dream,
7/2/2016 TERRORISM Monokuanger,death,world,
7/2/2016 OPENED HEART Haikuhappiness,love,romance,
7/1/2016 MY DREAMS Epigramdream,flower,love,
7/1/2016 FLOWERS Acrosticbeauty,environment,flower
6/30/2016 HAVING FAITH Monokufaith,god,life,
6/30/2016 GHOST OF FEAR Monokufaith,fear,life,
6/29/2016 WHY THAT WAY Monokufaith,god,wisdom,
6/29/2016 RELISHING LIFE Monokuappreciation,joy,life,
6/29/2016 THE WORLD TO CHANGE Limerickabuse,love,peace,
6/28/2016 AS FRAGRANCE Monokucharacter,flower,men,
6/28/2016 WORRY NOT Monokugod,men,
6/27/2016 WASTING TIME Monokulife,success,
6/27/2016 THE ALTAR Free verselove,romance,
6/26/2016 THE PASSING OF TIME Free verselife,love,wife,
6/26/2016 INTROSPECTION Acrosticgrowing up,truth,wisdom,
6/25/2016 THE RISK Monokuhappiness,life,money,
6/25/2016 IRONY Dodoitsuirony,life,money,
6/24/2016 LESSONS OF HISTORY Monokubereavement,england,world
6/24/2016 GOODBYE BRITAIN Coupletbereavement,england,world
6/23/2016 UNLESS Monokudevotion,god,heaven,
6/23/2016 AS LIGHT AS Monokuangel,heaven,men,
6/23/2016 DESPISE NOT Monokugod,life,men,
6/22/2016 FINALLY Free verselove,romance,
6/21/2016 SURPRISED Haikuage,heaven,life,
6/21/2016 THE VIRTUOUS Monokuheaven,humanity,strength,
6/21/2016 LIFE Haikulife,mystery,
6/20/2016 IN THE LIGHT Monokugod,heaven,light,
6/20/2016 SERVING LOVE Monokugod,love,people,
6/20/2016 THE ONLY THING Monokudeath,life,love,
6/19/2016 SUMMER CROWN Haikusummer,sun,
6/19/2016 SEASONS MAGIC Epigrammagic,seasons,
6/19/2016 SUMMER TIME Acrosticsummer,time,
6/16/2016 JUST FOR A WHILE Quatrainfriendship,muse,poetry,
6/15/2016 WILLING I AM Monokudevotion,god,
6/15/2016 ONLY MY KISSES Quatrainlove,romance,
6/14/2016 TO THE RESCUE Free versefriendship,love,sympathy,
6/14/2016 THE LOGOS Haikugod,men,world,
6/13/2016 THE SEED OF DISCORD Monokuabuse,grief,hate,
6/13/2016 WHY DO THEY DO IT Limerickgrief,hate,men,
6/12/2016 AGE Epigramage,god,life,
6/12/2016 OLD AGE Acrosticage,life,
6/11/2016 INVINCIBLE FAITH Monokuconfidence,dream,life,
6/11/2016 HUMANITY'S DREAM Monokudream,peace,world,
6/10/2016 APOLLO'S MAXIMS Quatraingod,men,truth,
6/9/2016 RUMOR HAS IT II Quatrainenvironment,men,nature,
6/8/2016 HE WHO OUR SOUL FEEDS Monokugod,inspiration,life,
6/8/2016 TERRORISM Monokuhate,violence,world,
6/7/2016 IMMEASURABLE LOVE Monokudevotion,emotions,love,

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Fav Poems

The WITCH- collaboration with Liam Mc Daid Free versegothic,scary,
MAGICAL MOONLIT GARDEN Rhymefairy,fantasy,fun,garden,
A fathers fear Coupletfather daughter,
Love's Alchemy is Eternal Sonnetdream,emotions,god,heaven
The Bewitching Call of the Siren Canzonedark,death,evil,god,heave
Illicit sin Free verseangst,lust,

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