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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 8:44:00 AM
    The Soup's definition of Tanka (and Haiku, Senryu...) instead of helping just confuse us. We need an update, TPS! ............(Us and We are metaphors! LOL!)

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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 7:50:00 AM
    Alright you three!...See me way up here on top looking down at you?...That makes me the mediator and ref and I officially declare this Soup-brawl a draw and a stalemate...I gotta' admit PD... when I first ran across your poems I thought you, Irma Hole and Skat were one and the same but you have since enlightened me...I believe your sister joined a little later? (Ouch! didn't have to HIT me did you?)

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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 6:38:00 AM
    Im sorry, Im late! : ) Let me re-re-read all the comments and sub-comments to understand who's against who...or is all the same "I know You don't know" Vs "I know that I don't know but don't tell me" ...and I just have to change the word Haiku for Tanka? : )

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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 5:38:00 AM
    One more thing, That's why I stood up for one of the haiku contest judges, because like some of the tanka judges here it was all with good intention and totally innocent and supposed to be for fun as well as learning---got to go to work....Like Debbie said below if the specific rules of the contest are followed--no harm, no foul.

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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 5:30:00 AM
    Continued----I only referred to the past haiku thing because that was a similar event when there were many "haiku" contests going on and someone brought up that they weren't really in the proper form, but all of that happened innocently. Like I said, I have every respect for all and absolutely no intention, as God is my witness to start the turmoil that has ensued so I am very sorry about that----really, really, really, have a great day and I'm sorry if I have offended anyone!!

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  1. Date: 10/11/2012 5:24:00 AM
    Holy Cow!! Just got up here and look what happened!! I did not intend to incite anything!! I will not use his name but what I said was sincere like I wrote and If someone feels otherwise they have insecurity issues, I have nothing but respect for that person both intellectually and poetically. I have every respect 100% for anyone's judging, after all, there but for the grace of God go I. I also have every respect for every form because I am a rule guy. Like I once reiterated to another poet here Coach Bear Bryant once said "If it's not whether you win or lose that counts then why do they keep score".

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 10:25:00 PM
    well, since my sister can not log on right now, cause she's asleep.... she is going to love this in the morning, ... gosh, i feel like that anxious person waiting for daybreak,,I honestly think you 3 poets owe me an apology. For even thinking I had something to do with the comment, coming from my sisters account. My sister & I are nothing alike. I would never call someone here caca. OI! that is not even a word I like using. Charles, you have no right blaming me, just cause you think I have the SKAT account,, that really pisses me off. I barely have time on my own account. I have done nothing to you.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 10:23:00 PM
    Really people Is it so hard to have a sister on the soup... gee's peeps get a freaking life... You guys are lucky I do not have all my 7 sisters on here,, ((well 2 are resting in peace)) anwyas~ caca c''.. was a funny thing to read... lol.... I do not think she was aiming that at Charles.... lol.... come on Chris, maybe the Caca was for Craig himself for posting this blog,,,, you and Charles and Cindy, must have something in your bone, I can not believe how it tickled you DB-poets... oh,,my I'm laughing at you 3 right now... ha ha.. Craig's name starts with a C,,tttttooooooooooooo..... we.... who's next...

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 10:00:00 PM
    Uh? Charles and Chris, am I reading you both right? Are you saying that SKAT "IS" PD? I think they are sisters. I am nervous to even ask since any hands going up with questions seem to be getting sliced off with machetes around here. Guys? What say you? PS--Chris I thought you too had buried the hachet? All that nice bandering about with politics? So, the chummy chummy was an act on your part as well? Is anyone here really themselves, messy, fault-filled? Yah Yah shut up, Pollyanna and go sing yahooodooray in whoville. Who will hit me with the first stone?

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 9:40:00 PM
    PD, everyone knows how many accounts you have on the soup. After you wrote me two soup mails in the last week, asking for help in understanding how to write haiku, how could you call me caca C. Especially after I responded in a positive way without even so much as a hint of a snide remark. Believe me I will remember this blog for a long time.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 9:29:00 PM
    **Cont'd** -- Craig, if you meant a different Chris, in this blog, could you possibly clarify this by adding a surname. I can't stop you from using my name in blogs(it's your right to), I am asking for you to stop using my name in blogs. Thank you. Over and over again, you have proven yourself to be very manipulative. I hope this blog was worth it for you. Oh, while I am at it, I don't want your publicly polite comments. You can appear insincerely civil in public; I don't buy into it. You've been gunning for me since April. Remember? You actually think I am that naive? As I said, I hope this blog was worth it. The irony of it all is, I am more loyal than all of your cheerleaders put together....and possibly even more compatible. But you keep drawing lines -- so I am closing this door, keeping others open; and opening even newer doors.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 9:10:00 PM
    *Cont'd* -- "caca C" - that's a good one SKAT. Both you and Craig had your beef with me to begin with. Craig attacked and attacked before I eventually began defending myself against him. And you, SKAT? I defended you against how many people? I've lost count. I used to enter both PD's and your contests(it all gets a bit confusing after time -- wot with all the accounts; who was who, when!?). I entered for fun. If it was haiku, I wrote 'fun' haiku. I had fun writing those krazy 'ku. Contests here are for fun. I get it! I understand! I don't think that just because someone follows tons of rules, this makes for good poetry. I have never thought that. I don't have expectations of people liking my amateur poetry. Regardless, I will continue writing, even if only 2 people end-up enjoying my work.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 9:07:00 PM
    My spidey-sense went off; figured my name was involved in some sort of drama again. Well, this is deja vu. Craig, intriguing how you included the names of: Charles, PD and myself, coupled with the subjects of tanka and haiku....but you attempted to mask your true intentions with an under-handed, polite remark about my formless free ways. The crafty way this blog was set up(and you can deny it a thousand times. It takes one to know one lol!)was meant to incite certain individuals. I might be dumb, but I am not THAT dumb. Your point is moot. 5 sponsors asked for 5-7-5-7-7 Soup-style verse, which you delivered. So wot's the problem? Is there even a problem for you?

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 8:42:00 PM
    Craig, Translating any language is difficult, so write your tanka and enjoy.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 6:48:00 PM
    It's a sad world you wanna be poets live in. Just for once losen up or ignore the fact that your righteous poems are not our taste. Omg' all of this because some idiot did not place with his haiku in an old contest. So what'! If your ture form of haiku or tanka did not place. Maybe it suXed. You think cuz you followed every single rule to tanka. You will get placed. People people this is only a contest. Nothing wrong in having tanka fun. You are taking it overboard.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 6:26:00 PM
    Debbie g. You talk 2 much crap. We have not even graded a contest. And here you are insulting those who stand behind your pathetic ways. For your freaking information pd has been studying the form through suzettes blog. And you know nothing of Nathan And I. or that chick Sandy... Nathan for one is a strict judge. With morals and rules. Like I said shut your pie ho' let us grade than you and that caca boy C. Can talk all the crap you want. SIDDY freaking M.

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 6:00:00 PM
    As always such a smart man, I had not know about that pivot point thing in tanka, in haiku the similiar vehicle which achieves this shift is called a "kireji" or cutting word, which cuts the poem into two parts. I am not sure what you think you did 'wrong' Craig [I probably did it wrong too!]

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  1. Date: 10/10/2012 4:22:00 PM
    I say, allow the poet to create what they wish. If it is only for themselves or a few that it may touch, then it is enough. But I admire and respect those who choose to stretch themselves, master a form, & live and breath its nuances. Poetry is roomy enough for everyone, Classy. I still swoon over the dead poets, the craft and adherence to the 'box.' But I also adore the ones who tipped the box, the beat poets and such who said, "I'm ready to poke holes through the sheet" I am not certain whether I have found my true poetic voice yet, oh, but I feel most 'myself' when I write mod sonnets. I can stretch, but subtly trace old blueprints. Words - language- mean everything to me. xox hugs Sassy

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12/18/2015 Stardust Blanket Rhymechildren,love,
12/17/2015 Sweet Remembrance of You Rhymesong,
12/15/2015 Veronique Free verselost love,
12/14/2015 Should I Free verselove,
12/12/2015 Snow Globe Magic Rhymechristmas,
12/12/2015 Toy Tree Shapechristmas,
12/10/2015 Do Echoes Hide Free verseinspirational,
12/9/2015 Forever Free verselove,marriage,
12/9/2015 Yoda, An Ode to the Force Free versefaith,love,
12/8/2015 Snowflakes Sonnetsnow,
12/6/2015 Nighttime Musings Free versesensual,

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Fav Poems

Violin Personificationdeath,love,rose,
Evening Walk Free verseintrospection,life,nature
The Sowing Free versedevotion,
Why I Weep Italian Sonnetnatureme,
An Invitation to Dance Sonnetmusic,nature,
Secrets of the Stream Free verseintrospection,nature
Grandpa Coupletchildhood,loss,sadold,chi
Double Phantasy Free versebaby,loss,mystery,sad,
Something of a Dreamer Free verselife,
Silver Strands Biolove,mother,me,silver,
Montage Poetry Lyrichappiness,history,uplifti
A Mutual passion Blank verseromance,longing,longing,l
Spring Returned Rondeauhappiness,love,people,sou
Her Name Is January Personificationimagination,nature,new ye
Wind Power Rhymenature,
Gold Star Narrativechildhood,war,war,star,bl
Circle of Life Rhymedeath,introspection,life,
If Ever Sonnetfaith,hope,inspirational,
EULOGY FOR THE ELDON GALLERY, WATERLOO Free verseart,grandmother,life,plac
Conquering Rainbows Free versefantasy,for children,me,r
The Missing Sonnetdeath,loss,
AT THE BUS DEPOT Verseallegory,
Immersion Free verseintrospection,life,me,
The Jaded Eye Sonnetdeath,love,heart,heart,
Amongst the Dross Sonnetdepression,introspection,
Closer Free versehope,life,love,peace,blue
A Solstice Free versedeath,faith,religion,
Sunlit Ambrosia Free versedaughter,father,happiness
Tanglaw -- Light Free versededication,life,love,moth
One More Time Curtal Sonnetfamily,
Black Diamond Night Free verseintrospection,life,nature
Haste Quintain (Sicilian)faith,fear,introspection,
Cornflower Blue Free versehope,life,love,mystery,dr
Bastard Sun Personificationnature,parody,
Ballet is Poetry Free verseart,music,
SHADOWLANDS Free versedeath,faith,grief,history
SO Many Questions Quatrainromance,moon,
KINETIC VISUALS Free verseadventure,art,
FIRST CHERUBIC CHANCE Lyricmystery,uplifting
POETRY IS AN ECHO Rispettoon writing and words,me,
Poe and I Rispettolonely,lost love,
LONELY Free verselife,lonely,me,people,swe
Cinder Girl Rhyme 
In Strangler's Wood Rhymedeath,
THE OLD OAK TREE Free verseautumn,life,spring,summer
Bewitched Villanellelove,passion
Wait Raven,I am coming Free versedeath
Grandpa's Study Free versefamily,life,loss,peace,
Love Poem - 29 Free verselife,love,passion,peace,w
Passing Trains in Winter Rain Rhymedepression,
A Tale of Fire and Ice Rhymedream,fire,love,lust,
Spring's Sweet Reality Free versedream,nature,spring,dream
The Angel Inside Rhymeallegory,angel,art,beauti
Back to Lost Rhymehistory,
Kiss the Rain Quatraingirl,people,rain,romantic
Sepia Recollections Free versefamily,grandfather,
The Old Wooden Bench Sonnetimagination,old,old,
Every now and then Lyriclove,miss you,
SYLVIA Crown of Sonnetslife,poets,writing,
Her Requiem Rhymedeath,faith,mother,
O' Middle Child Free versei love you,love,son,
And Luke Williams Has Gone Celibate Free verselove,
BOTH ACHE AND JOY Free versefarewell,how i feel,life,
Verses for Vivian Lyricdepression,
The Pooka Sonnetanimal,horror,mythology,
The Swan Free versebeautiful,romantic,wife,
Una and the Lion Monorhymeanimal,girl,happiness,inn
Sleepless Night Dramatic Verseanger,death,farewell,memo
AS FATHER IS TO HIS DAUGHTER Free versefather,introspection,word
Midsummer dance on parchment paper Free verseabsence,allegory,
The Soup Reich Free versesatire,slam,
Into the Gloaming Sonnetpeace,
THE OTHER-WISE Free verseart,introspection,
-----night train------ -reverse poem- Rhymegoodbye,lost love,sad lov
Doorways to Yesterday Free versememory,
Mother and Child Narrativeangel,baby,beautiful,birt
Mending life Free verseanalogy,
You Caught The Wind Free versedeath of a friend,nostalg
Sheol Dramatic Verseabuse,dark,evil,fantasy,f
Aftermath Free versebaby,loss,winter,
Waterloo Bridge ekphrasisart,beauty,
Facets Of Loneliness Free verseloneliness,
Love never fades Rhymelonging,love,
Recalling Her Free versegrandmother,memory,
Small Gifts Quilted with Love Ghazal 
just like juliet Free verselove,
Christmas Magic Rhymeangel,child,christmas,god
Somber Days Free verseday,november,tree,
IN THE MOOD Light Poetryadventure,woman,
Footfalls Versechildhood,farewell,
M Free versecelebration,hope,life,lov
Edinburgh Free versededication,hope,life,love
As the dust settles Free verselife,people,
In the Snowy Brightness of that Moonless Night Quintain (English)moon,new year,snow,
Queen Eileen Remembers Rhymefriendship,remember,thank
Hands Across Time Narrativeintrospection,
shades of life Free versecolor,life,
Like Zephyr Breeze Free verseabsence,
Color of Sun Free versechildhood,children,nostal

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