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Long Talk, Short Walk
Date Posted: 3/31/2016 9:55:00 AM

My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/20/2016 Loving the Fruit Salad Coupletabuse,addiction,adventure
6/20/2016 Beginning from the Wedding Night Coupletadventure,longing,love,ma
6/20/2016 Shopping With My Wife Coupletadventure,wife,woman,
6/20/2016 Finer Skin by all Means Coupletadventure,africa,epic,lif
6/20/2016 Barrels of a Cracked Habit Coupletanger,character,home,wife
5/30/2016 Live and Lets Live Sonnetanti bullying,character,c
5/30/2016 Beauty in the Towns Cinema Sonnetbeautiful,beauty,romance,
5/30/2016 Condemned but not condemned Sonnetadventure,blessing,charac
5/30/2016 Basking on the Acceptance Sonnetboyfriend,girlfriend,i lo
5/30/2016 Rocky Road to Success Sonnetadventure,growth,happines
5/30/2016 Cuts and Blisters Sonnetbetrayal,bullying,emotion
5/30/2016 We have fought the Fight Sonnetlife,success,sunshine,
5/30/2016 The Seasons Transition Sonnetenvironment,epic,life,sea
5/30/2016 A Good Meal Sonnetbeautiful,beauty,blessing
5/30/2016 No need for a Marshal Sonnetepic,life,together,
5/26/2016 Unwanted Violent Visitors Coupletbullying,fire,horror,pove
5/26/2016 Commercial Stomach Hospitality Coupletbusiness,care,career,food
5/26/2016 The Stadium Experience Coupletepic,fear,football,sports
5/26/2016 Beeps, Buttons and Voice Coupletart,cool,creation,travel,
5/26/2016 Whiskers of Mild Instincts Coupletanimal,cat,nature,
5/23/2016 Life of Lies Sonnetaddiction,adventure,chara
5/23/2016 Life of Lies II Sonnetaddiction,adventure,chara
5/23/2016 Below the Working Class Sonnetadventure,epic,life,peopl
5/23/2016 The Accident Scene Sonnetdeath,epic,grief,heartbro
5/23/2016 Danger in Bikini Sonnetabuse,adventure,epic,grow
5/23/2016 Forever Young Sonnetadventure,age,life,old,ti
5/23/2016 Venture of the False Prophet Sonnetadventure,bible,christian
5/23/2016 Life of Luck Sonnetadventure,epic,life,succe
5/23/2016 Harvest Time Sonnetbeautiful,beauty,celebrat
5/23/2016 Master TV Channel Sonnetabuse,addiction,epic,life
5/20/2016 Tell it in Prose Free versecharacter,drink,health,he
5/20/2016 Seeing Through the Innocent Eyes Free versechild,childhood,children,
5/20/2016 A Blessed Night Free versenature,night,rain,sleep,s
5/20/2016 Personal Attraction with Ghana Free verseafrica,beautiful,beauty,b
5/20/2016 The Sub-Saharan Prophecy Free verseabuse,africa,anger,betray
5/16/2016 Class of Ordinary People Sonnetepic,life,people,philosop
5/16/2016 The Professional Sonnetadventure,appreciation,ca
5/16/2016 Beautiful Animal Kingdom Sonnetadventure,animal,epic,fan
5/16/2016 Two Entangling Unequals Sonnetadventure,emotions,epic,l
5/16/2016 Natures periodic Angry Whips Sonnetepic,life,natural disaste
5/16/2016 Cobweb full of Desires Sonnetepic,life,lust,sensual,se
5/16/2016 Trembling Hands, Coveting Mind Sonnetcharacter,corruption,epic
5/16/2016 Palace of Romance Sonnetepic,life,love,romance,ro
5/16/2016 Killer Blade of Stress Sonnetepic,life,stress,
5/16/2016 Yet another Loss Sonnetepic,life,loss,sad,
5/11/2016 The Kitchens Sweet Aroma Coupletemotions,epic,food,sweet,
5/11/2016 A Divided Nation Coupletafrica,patriotic,peace,pe
5/11/2016 Detached Similar Appearances Coupletadventure,emotions,epic,l
5/11/2016 Multiple Replication of my Strength Coupletbeautiful,beauty,life,my
5/11/2016 Smiling Daughter Everlasting Coupletbeautiful,daughter,life,m
5/9/2016 Sexagenarian Acrosticage,encouraging,grandfath
5/9/2016 Senescence Acrosticage,death,epic,life,old,
5/9/2016 Bureaucracy Acrosticangst,business,career,epi
5/9/2016 Gauche Acrosticcharacter,environment,epi
5/9/2016 Theocracy Acrosticepic,life,political,power
5/9/2016 Slovenly Acrosticcharacter,epic,horror,hum
5/9/2016 Tantrum Acrosticcharacter,child,childhood
5/9/2016 Tight Arse Acrosticcharacter,epic,life,self,
5/9/2016 Rapacious Acrosticabuse,addiction,epic,life
5/5/2016 The Outside Door Visitor Coupletdeath,emotions,epic,lost
5/5/2016 In the Belly of Big Wings Coupletadventure,epic,life,trave
5/5/2016 Disdain from a Bull to a Cow Coupletdiscrimination,epic,evil,
5/5/2016 Through the Bridge of Gases Coupletabuse,adventure,allusion,
5/5/2016 Liberty Insanity Coupletaddiction,adventure,commu
5/2/2016 Heart Broken Acrosticepic,heartbreak,heartbrok
5/2/2016 Cold Blooded Acrosticepic,hate,life,violence,w
5/2/2016 Independence Acrosticepic,freedom,inspiration,
5/2/2016 Siege Mentality Acrosticadventure,allusion,angst,
5/2/2016 Vendetta Acrosticemotions,epic,life,violen
5/2/2016 Travesty Acrosticadventure,allegory,allusi
5/2/2016 Temperament Acrosticanger,angst,anxiety,natur
5/2/2016 Ramification Acrosticallusion,bangla,epic,life
5/2/2016 Boy Toy Acrosticadventure,age,epic,life,l
4/30/2016 Uninvited Artery to the Heart Coupletadventure,emotions,epic,l
4/30/2016 Monster in-law Coupletabuse,adventure,family,ma
4/30/2016 Private Nectar for Public Facing Lips Coupletcelebrity,epic,kiss,life,
4/30/2016 For Instance Coupletadventure,epic,life,spoke
4/30/2016 That Period of Life Coupletadventure,epic,life,youth
3/18/2016 Mathematics Acrosticeducation,epic,life,math,
3/18/2016 Lion Acrosticafrica,animal,epic,
3/11/2016 His Girlfriends Envious Friend Sonnetepic,feelings,life,longin
3/11/2016 True Brotherhood Sonnetcommunity,life,together,
3/11/2016 The Blind Date Sonnetboyfriend,girlfriend,life
3/11/2016 Edges of Life Sonnetadventure,epic,life,
3/5/2016 Stabbing Such Innocence Sonnetchild abuse,corruption,si
3/5/2016 Distance of a Celebrity Sonnetcelebrity,lust,
3/5/2016 Executive Scandal Sonnetabuse,business,corruption
3/5/2016 Band of Unity Sonnetcommunity,together,wisdom
3/5/2016 Ladder to the Dream Sonnetdream,future,life,success
3/5/2016 The Eye of a Child Sonnetchange,child,childhood,ch
3/5/2016 The One who Loves the Most Sonnetabuse,adventure,epic,life
3/2/2016 Hang Over Sonnetabuse,addiction,adventure
3/2/2016 Newly Married Sonnetadventure,journey,love,ma
3/2/2016 Retirement- A Time to Rest Sonnetholiday,life,retirement,
3/2/2016 Confusion in the Dark Sonnetdark,death,deep,destiny,e
3/2/2016 The Road to Destiny Sonnetart,destiny,epic,life,
3/2/2016 An Obedient Child Sonnetcharacter,child,childhood
3/2/2016 The Latest Taboo Culture Sonnetepic,life,spoken word,
3/2/2016 Mad Love Triangle Sonnetlonging,lost,lost love,lo
3/2/2016 The Refresh Button Sonnetepic,life,success,

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Why Baby Why Rhymebreak up,heartbroken,lost
Allow yourself to grow Chant Royalafrica,age,betrayal,chang
Am Ende - the end I do not know?memory,time,
one race Odebrother,freedom,giving,ha
LONGING FOR FATHER'S LOVE Balladabsence,care,child,dad,de
Nothing to write about Rhymehistory,philosophy,silly,
The Teacher of Islam Verseafrica,allah,angst,bereav
only excellence commends excellence Didacticanti bullying,
If life was perfect Free verseworld,
Your Sweet Dessert Coupletlove,sensual,
Funom Makama Clerihewbirthday,

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