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Bloggers PhotoTime means nothing when you don't have it or remember when you did or don't know if you will ever have it again.

My memory was taken suddenly in the space of an hour seven years ago and for five years I was lost, not knowing who I was or where I belonged.

I was placed in an institution and heard stories of who I had become.  Some were funny, some were sad but all were about someone I never knew.

It finally ended and I started to live again much to the amazement of the doctors.  I have been well now for two years and started writing after the haze cleared. 

It feels so good to be here at Soup; each one of you that have reached out to me with your comments and friendship have been part of the healing that has brought me back to life.  This place has been a haven and I am grateful for the friendship and encouragement you have given.  

Bless each one of you and know you are part of what makes life wonderful.        

the unroyal family

Blog Posted:2/10/2013 4:26:00 PM
Hi everybody,  I've been getting educated online and find that so much of what I held dear and thought was true has no meaning.  I wonder if any of you are feeling uncertain about the way things are going and if the people you respected deserve that respect.  One of my friends here on Soup suggested I post what I find now and then.  Most of what I post is a documentary and you may not have time to watch when you see it but you can copy the link and paste it in a safe place till you have time.
I hope these things have meaning for you and enlighten yourunderstanding.  Elizabeth

This documentary is about the royal family and their sordid history.  It has everything except the pedophilia they indulged in.  I will post that at another time but this one is an eye opener and I think you will be fascinated.
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  1. Date: 2/11/2013 7:41:00 PM
    Now I understand the words filthy rich! You have to get your hands dirty, not at all, more like continuous mud bathing while dunking your head! SHE'S the biggest gangster on the planet...WOW! GOOD STUFF LIZ!

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12/27/2011A New YearRhymeholiday,peace,peace,
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12/16/2011Samson and DelilahRhymepassion,strength,
12/15/2011SplendorRhymelost love,love,
12/13/2011Evening DewRhymenature,
12/10/2011Lost MemoriesRhymelost love,sweet,lost,autu
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11/30/2011Dance of the SeasonsRhymelost love,me,me,
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10/2/2011A New DayRhymelife,day,
10/1/2011When He CameRhymelove,me,me,
9/30/2011Clouds PassingRhymelost love,
9/30/2011Lover's KnotRhymelove,fear,love,me,
9/29/2011I'll Need TimeRhymelost love,heart,heart,me,
9/28/2011Time to GoRhymeloss,time,love,sad,time,
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9/26/2011Reason To BeRhymelife,
9/23/2011Lives to LiveRhymelife,sweet,autumn,love,so
9/21/2011Love's TribulationRhymelove,longing,love,
9/19/2011Love Me MoreRhymelove,me,hope,love,me,
9/19/2011Side By SideRhymefunny,
9/19/2011The FeastSonnetlove,drink,

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Poem TitleFormCategories
Love Never LostRhymelife,lovetime,time,
Dead EndVersesad
State of undressFree versepassion,romance
Hillbilly FrankensteinRhymefunnyme,
visions in REMRhymelovedream,time,body,dream
The Passing Of A DayRhymenature
THE ITCHRhymefunny
The Salsa DancerRhymefantasy
If We Are All Just Dreaming and Life Has No Meaning Rhymeintrospection,life,life,
The Fairy of MotherhoodRhymecaregiving,love,mother,fa
Every Twist and TurnLyriclife,sad,sweet,love,sad,s
Sonnet 26Sonnetfriendship,
The Knight's Tale of the Night's TailLight Poetryfunny,happy,night,happy,n
A Letter to ElizabethFree versefriendship,words,me,
The Ides of MarchLight Poetryfunny,
Dullahan RidesBalladadventure,death,imaginati
What Am I Personificationme,nature,
Eulogy for a PoetLight Poetryon writing and words,word
Singing in the Shower Light Poetryfunny,sweet,home,sound,vo
The Birds and the Bees PG13Light Poetryfunny,dad,dad,me,
Beer Keg LegsLimerickgirlfriend-boyfriend,
To Her, With LoveDizaindedication,friendship,hap
DEAR ELIZABETHSonneton writing and words,peop
Grand Canyon is WaitingFree verseimagination,love,
EVERMORE, EVEN MORE --- A REPLY TO ELIZABETH WESLEYRhymeimagination,love,passion,
sunrise: multi coloured bandsHaikunature,
My good nameRhymevisionary,me,name,betraya
She O'the MorrowRhymeadventure,mystery,words,r
NephilimFree versefantasy,
THE AUTHORITYQuatrainangst,confusion,life,on w
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the CurtainRhymepolitical,people,people,
Clip JointsRhymeloss,people,social,house,
If And WhenLyricintrospection,
Tribute to a Polished StoneRhymelife,love,on writing and
A Gentle DeathSonnetabsence,death,faith,love,
MeasuresVerseon writing and words,me,o
MYTHSDramatic monologuefantasy,life,people,home,
Elizabeth's WordsSonnetdedication,poetess,
Who let the Dogs OutLimerickgrowing up,religion,god,e
Between You and MeRhymeintrospection,
The Magic of September WindRhymeinspirational,nature,magi
Back Home BluesRhymeintrospection,lost love,m
Cry of the CityRhymelife,prayer,time,
Scars Left BehindRhymenostalgia,school,life,sch
Ewmer Fudd the Easter Gwinch and Dis WEALLY Buggs Me -Narrativefunny,holiday,me,
The ABCs of Being HumanCoupletintrospection,
The Meaning Of LifeBioinspirational,life,philos

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