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“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”
~ Maya Angelou ~


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Super Natural... Believe it or Not...
Blog Posted:10/31/2012 5:30:00 AM


We all have a spooky or eerie even boarding on creepy story to tell.. 

So here's mine..

When I was five years old, I remember playing at my Grandma house at the bottom of the stairs with my dolls, I remember the crying coming from upstairs as if it happened yesterday, I warily climbed each stair till I reached the top where I found a little boy no bigger than myself, I even remember what he was wearing, tan shorts and collared shirt and blue braces, socks to his knees and brown shoes, he was funny shaped but I didn't care at fivr all I wanted to do was play with him.

I asked him why he was crying and he told me he was sad because he wanted to come down stairs to play but couldn't..
We sat together our legs dangling through the banister on the landing, I told him my name and he told me his name was Peter.

I asked him why he couldn't come down stairs and he told me he just couldn't make the stairs anymore because they hurt his back, I remember holding his hand , his tears dried smiled at me. 

We sat for a while I don't remember what we spoke about, probably just five year old chit chat..
Then I got called down stairs by my Mum for dinner, I said goodbye to Peter and skipped down the stairs without a care in the world..

Once I reach the kitchen my Grandma asked what I had being up to and I replied playing with Peter upstairs, My Grandma and my Mum both looked at each other and my Grandma burst into tears I thought id done some thing wrong so I started to cry. 

It wasn't till sometime later I learned that my Mum had a younger brother called Peter, he was born with Scoliosis and hated coming down stair unless he was carried, he passed away at the age of five..

I never met my Uncle on the stairs again after that but it will stay with me always...

Do you have a spooky Story...?

~Happy Halloween ~
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  1. Date: 11/19/2013 8:56:00 AM
    When I readied myself for bed and went to grab my 'cell' and asthma puffer, my puffer was gone. I am the only one in the caravan and had turned my back on the bench for maybe 5 minutes. I looked everywhere, floor, bag, sink....I grabbed a spare from my car glovebox and placed it under my pillow. (I have always put my puffer under my pillow, ever since I was a boy and still do) I put my cell beside the pillow. When I woke up the missing puffer was on top of my cell and my spare puffer still under my pillow. You cannot reach the bed at all without climbing up to it and the door was locked. mmmm......

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    Simunsen Avatar Thomas Simunsen Date: 11/19/2013 8:57:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    PLEASE read from my lowest entry up...sorry....damned word limits
  1. Date: 11/19/2013 8:46:00 AM
    The uncle told me it was his grandfather and if I asked my 'muse' to tell him it was ok as I was here with the family. Now I am a sceptic and laughed, I jokingly asked my muse to come into the old kitchen to tell her great grandfather it was ok. So she did..... I laughed and just mockingly pointed my camera into the room and worked...I took about 10 shots and all are fine. mmmmmm..that wasn't the end of his pranks on me though. I slept in the caravan alone out the back as the small house was full. It has a annexe and I locked the screen door. I put all my stuff on the counter. Asthma puffer, wallet, keys and mobile (cell). It is a pop up caravan which means the bed sections fold out

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    Simunsen Avatar Thomas Simunsen Date: 11/19/2013 8:51:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I had to climb over the table and seating area to get into bed.
  1. Date: 11/19/2013 8:40:00 AM
    I stayed at my muses families holiday house on the coast. (Sorrento, Victoria) I am an avid photographer. The house is over 100 years old and has been in the family since it was built. It is partly modernised with the old 'out building' now part of the house but closed off as a storeroom. It was open when I went inside, so I set my camera up to take a photo (Canon DSLR with flash). It didn't work, I tried many different ways including manual flash (meaning I set it off) but it wouldn't work. I stepped into the house pointed the camera and it worked. I tried for about 15 mins but it wouldn't work. I went outside cursing my camera when her uncle asked what was up. I explained it to him

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    Simunsen Avatar Thomas Simunsen Date: 11/19/2013 8:41:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    the out building was the old kitchen which has no electricity connected to it and still has the old cast iron woodfire stove.
  1. Date: 11/2/2012 11:51:00 AM
    wish I could share my Halloween story,.. xox~pd

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  1. Date: 11/1/2012 1:20:00 PM
    No spookies for me, I'll have to live vicariously! :) Tanya

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  1. Date: 11/1/2012 12:22:00 PM
    sometimes, i hear voices at night when i was a kid,, truly, tray!..:) huuggs

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 8:12:00 PM
    In my sleep...i leave my body and travel to many places....completely aware of my journey...often...I tire and slip back into my body...waken...and record my travels in poetry...these poems are here on the soup...always with the pre-fix "Dreamtime:" this series has reached over 10 your story, Tracie! Jimbo

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    Edwards Avatar Tracie Edwards Date: 11/1/2012 5:40:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Astro travel Jimbo..I luv it!! xx
  1. Date: 10/31/2012 6:58:00 PM
    My what an interesting story, Tracie! It reminds me the movie "The Others"...I have one of these experiences but it's very personal... Thanks for sharing it. Ruben.

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 5:06:00 PM
    I've met 3 ghosts in my life. All within 6 months around my 17th year. I hated to study alone and the one ghost kept me company several times. The other two were just passing thru my house to some where else. My neighbors and my brother saw the last two... The neighbors said he just passed in one end of their house and out the other side, like he had done to our house. He passed down a hall that lined up in a straight line with ours.

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 2:33:00 PM
    wow, this is amazing, Tracy. wish something like that would happen to me!

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 12:46:00 PM
    Nothing that compares to any of these stories.

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 12:10:00 PM
    Hi Tracie, Happy Halloween. I've had many encounters with the paranormal too much for the blog. Luv, Gail

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 11:13:00 AM
    Hi Trace:) Happy Halloween!xx

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 9:32:00 AM
    I remember one morning I went into the school Library. I passed a girl in the corner of the room wearing a bright pink coat. It then dawned on me that she wouldn't be allowed to wear a pink coat (school was rather strict with it's uniform) and I turned back, but she'd vanished. If she'd left through the only door, she'd have to have passed right by me, but she didn't!

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 8:50:00 AM
    Happy Halloween to all the soupers. love phyl

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  1. Date: 10/31/2012 6:21:00 AM
    I wrote a poem about my cousins house and the ghost called Fred once , I am not kidding it was so scary at there house because he would come and sit on the bed and open all the doors and cupboard doors , he was supposed to be buried or had died in the civil war(not sure which now) where there barn was. He turned all the gas on one night and nearly gassed them, the house had to be knocked down and they built a new one adjacent to it xx

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