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Secrets from my kitchen #1 Grilled Cheese

Blog Posted:7/15/2012 1:41:00 PM
         Prologue- Start out by buying a big jar of pickles. Secure an onion, some chopped garlic and a few fresh jalapenos. Also locate an empty jar. Take your new bought pickles and slice them the way you like to put them on sandwiches. Fill the empty jar with these slices leaving about an eighth of the jar empty, now add some of the garlic also. Slice your pepper in quarters add it and then a few slices of the onion. Lastly, pour juice from the big jar into the new pickle jar. Let this sit for at least twenty four hours before using. Now it should be noted that you can also be more creative by adding whatever more spices you like.

MY Favorite Way To Make Grilled Cheese-(Turn your iron skillet on medium before attempting this awesome recipe) Any type of bread will work, but I prefer dark rye or Pumpernickel. Start out by buttering both sides(again I like using "I can't believe it's not butter light"). Do not use too much butter, just enough to leave a thin coating across the bread. That's why I use the latter mentioned product. It is very easy to spread. Slightly sprinkle Oregeno and Basil on the buttered sides. Lay buttered sides facing each other on your plate for easier making. Now, when it comes to the cheese I love to experiment with different kinds. Just, recently I used Munster and Colby, but my all time favorite is Swiss and/or Pepper Jack. I place the cheese slices on first and last to keep any juices from sogging the bread. Next I add spicy mustard(Sweet baby ray's dipping sauces are also delicious), my marinated pickles(sometimes tomato or onion) and two slices of favorite lunch meat; mine being Pastrami or roasted chicken. Now ad your last slice of cheese. I put a different type on each side. Thus far your sandwich should be built all on one slice of the sandwich with one other bread slice underneath.
        Your skillet should now be ready. Find a lid and use it to keep the heat in as you cook it, this will melt the cheese more evenly. Let it be noted that the skillet will need to be cooled and reheated as you make your sandwichin order to get good consitency without burning, so it easier and faster to cool the skillet by removing it from heat rather that just turning the temperture down. Pull your buttered breads apart and lay the single piece in first and then quickly place the remainder of the rest flipped over on top to complete the sandwich. With in seconds, your sandwich shall need to be flipped over onto the other side as not to be burned and then place the lid over it. Periodically, check the cooking surfaced piece and flip when golden brown and slightly crispy. Here is where instincts kick in to determine if the heat is too high. If so slide the pan off and then turn the temperture down accordingly. You should have to turn it up again as teh pan will soon bstart becoming too cool. When I feel I'm closing in on my last side being finished I turn the stove off and let my sandwich complete.

         Epilogue- I've shared this recipe with many a guest in my house and everytime I see them on the street they mention how they have taught others this easy and delicious way of making grilled cheese. Actually, this recipe has made it all the way to the shores of South Korea thanks to my exchange student Sung Hu. So I hope you enjoy and one more little secret. Pour out some spagetti sauce on your plate and dip the sandwich in and you will be amazed if this doesn't taste like a piece of heaven.
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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 9:27:00 PM
    Just one problem.I don't care for pickles, but this sure is a good blog idea, Michael. What will you discuss next?

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 6:21:00 PM
    Thanks Michael-I will try that will Halverti. Sounds fantastic.

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 5:03:00 PM
    Michael...tip-o-the-hat to you for understanding the qualities of a well made Pop was such a person...few have this talent! Sounds like you do! Good on yer! As my boomerang friends down under like to say! Jimbo

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 2:44:00 PM
    Michael I could live on cheese alone, it would be last meal on this earth, I will try this and let you know how I get on, thanks...David

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 2:23:00 PM
    A lot of people eat frozen prossed food because of time and convenience. I am going to posted some easy delicious healthy meals that take around an hour at least once a month. This is my goal anyway. Homade soups for instance. I make a mean tomatoe and bacon soup.

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 2:22:00 PM
    my son's favorite meal.

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 2:20:00 PM
    Thanks James. I was raised up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin a fellow cheese head myself. I'm not a big fan of vinegar and use it to the miniumum. I lucked into a job where I chefed when I was in my twenties for a year or two. I love to use the kitchen as a palate and the heat as my canvas. I was a good cook before I married the love of my life, but she taught me how to be a great cook. We rarely ever go out for dinner because we love to eat and cook healthy and delicious dinners. We have not yet found the restuarant to match our skills.

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  1. Date: 7/15/2012 2:12:00 PM
    Michael...sounds tasty! Only things I have done different....I only put 1/2 the original pickle juice back in...I fill 1/2 with white vinegar...comes thru w/nice flavor...for grilled cheese...I like good unsalted butter...higher smoke-point...and the old reliable process-cheese from across my border in Wisconsin (invented in Madtown) (UW Madison) at a dairy in Ellsworth....(incidentally...fresh, (never chilled) curds every day 11 am) it tastes different than "kraft plastic" food blogs! Michael! Thanks!... goin ta Ma's house tonite to grill sirloins....made farmers market potato salad yest. ..kept the new potatoes whole! I use Indian Yogurt for dressing and preserved lemons for a tangy treat! Jimbo

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