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Cyndi MacMillan is a well-rounded writer who embraces many genres. Her poetry has been published in The Fieldstone Review, Issue 2015 and in Grain Magazine, issue 42.4, Summer 2015, Passed Signs/New Fields  During the fall of 2015, she participated in the 20 Poem Challenge at the Ekphrastic: Writing and Art on Art and Writing, an online journal, and twelve of her poems have been published by the journal.


Her fiction has appeared in local newspapers and has won contests. She enjoys reading literary journals, and she is actively pursuing further publication within their glossy covers.

Verse is both magnetic and kinetic. She attempts - madly- to give equal attention to her poetry, short stories, and a novel-in-progress, the Trim of Wicks.  Regardless of genre, she focuses on language. One word has the power to repel or pull. She never forgets the reader and does her best to make their ride interesting.

Poetry soup is a friendly forum which enables people from around the world to share their writing. It has some great resources and provides a nice space for people to connect.

Cyndi lives in a small town in Ontario with her husband, young daughter and far too many books.



Blog Posted:1/30/2014 10:04:00 PM






The first sonnet was penned by Giacomo da Lentini, an Italian, in the 12th Century, and he enjoyed the experience so much that he went on to write 300 of them. 100 years later Francesco Petrarcha reawakened the then dozing form, and his sonnets became quite popular in Europe. The Spanish fell in love with the form, and changed it. Then the French proclaimed their admiration for those 14 lines... and, yes, they changed it, too. 

During the15th Century, as Sir Thomas Wyatt was traveling through Europe, he encountered the form, and became fully smitten. He changed it, yet again, into the English form. The English form fell into the hands of Chaucer. Chaucer, a linguist, added meter to the form. See, for over 200 years poets wrote sonnets without meter. YUPPERS.

Bouncing poet to poet, the sonnet moved from Spencer and then to Shakespeare.

But the sonnet continued its journey... traveled through the centuries, continuing to evolve while keeping its main frame. Byron, Burns, Keats and Shelley played with Rhyme schemes, felt comfort-able to experiment with the form. I'd say something about balls and walls, but this blog is rated G.  

So, the sonnet moved around the world, invaded Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, Trinidad.. and on and on. Each country grew to love the little song, its talent to say so much with so few words. Many of these countries removed meter from the form, returned the sonnet to its roots.

Poets who fell hard for the sonnet? Elizabeth Barrette Browning, Christina Rossetti, Edna St Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath.

Decade after decade, the sonnet continues to woo scribes into its arms.  


 Let's take a closer look at the contemporary sonnets being published, lauded by readers and praised by literary critics. Please read the poet's biographies. These are poets in the know and with the times.     

The following poems are being posted for educational purposes only. This blog is for the study by the poets on this site.  


Vissi D'Art

By Lorna Knowles Blake 

Just as she'd have Cavaradossi change

 his painted Magdalen's eyes to smoldering brown

 from limpid blue, I mentally revise

 a scene or two. This Sunday matinee

 let orders not be given, let torture not  

 ensue, let lovers, secured by safe conduct

 make their escape on the old village road.

 And Scarpia! No merciful knife for him?


 Face it: no one's here for happy endings.

 Like citizens of Athens we're improved

 by tragedy: the hero's sacrifice,

 the dastard's end, the diva's harrowed pain.

 O deadly promises! O cruel forgotten fan!


 Act III: You clear your throat and squeeze my hand.



About Lorna Knowles Blake


Lorna Knowles Blake's poems have appeared in The Bellingham Review, Crab Orchard Review, The Hudson Review, and other journals. Her work also appears in Sonnets: 150 Contemporary Sonnets, edited by William Baer (University of Evansville Press, 2005). She lives and works in New York City.


November Morning, 1972

By Myrna Goodman

A blond boy with a bike in a hard rain,

sweating beneath the yellow poncho, 

struggles to tie a French horn

to his Schwinn two-wheeler.

He's late for school again. A tired, angry 

mother said pedal, rain or no rain.

The neighbor woman on her way


 packs the boy, the bike, books and horn

 into her car and drives two miles to school.

 Between them, few words are spoken?

 just the breathless breathing in and out of love.

 For one, it's a miracle to watch the waters part;

 for the other, a tonic that gently kneads the heart



About Myrna Goodman


Myrna Goodman, one of the publishers and editors of Toadlily Press, is an award-winning ceramic artist, has taught language and sculpture to disabled and gifted kids, senior citizens, and eager immigrants. She writes on and off the clay. Her poetry has appeared in many literary journals including Confrontation and Karamu. Her chapbook, Some Assembly Required, was included in Desire Path and published in 2005.




The Golden Years

By Billy Collins 

 All I do these drawn-out days

  is sit in my kitchen at Pheasant Ridge 

 where there are no pheasant to be seen

 and last time I looked, no ridge.

 I could drive over to Quail Falls

  and spend the day there playing bridge, 

 but the lack of a falls and the absence of quail

 would just remind me of Pheasant Ridge.

I know a widow at Fox Run

  nd another with a condo at Smokey Ledge. 

 One of them smokes, and neither can run,

 so I'll stick to the pledge I made to Midge.

 Who frightened the fox and bulldozed the ledge?

 I ask in my kitchen at Pheasant Ridge.


About Billy Collins


Billy Collins has published nine collections of poetry, including Questions About Angels, The Art of Drowning, and  Picnic, Lightning. In May 2000, Picador in the UK published his collection of poems,  Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes. In September 2001, Random House published Sailing Alone Around the Room: New & Selected Poems. In the fall of 2002, Random House also published his latest collection of poems,Nine Horses, and, in spring 2003, published Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry, an anthology of poems selected and with an introduction by Billy Collins. The United States Poet Laureate 2001-2003, he was, in January 2004, named New York State Poet Laureate 2004-2006. He has just retired as Distinguished Professor of English at Lehman College of the City University of New York. He lives in Somers, New York



By Susan Gubernat


 The woman, wool-capped, filthy, knelt beside

 a man asleep at the curb, so tenderly?

 well, what can I say but that I envied

 them in my full belly. I've never wrapped

 my chest in newspaper or begged for change

 with a Styrofoam cup, or slept on the street.

 And I welled up with self-pity. I'm safe,

 I'm warm, I'm alone. My donor's card reads:

 Take the whole body, the body entire,

 leave nothing behind for burial. The stone couples

 lean against each other, and in the tomb

 a queen's dust merges with her king's the sweet,

 the bitter, an apothecary's mixture

to salve the horror of eternity.


About Susan Gubernat:

Susan Gubernat is the author of Flesh (Helicon Nine Press, 1999) which won the Marianne Moore Prize. Her book-length manuscript, Shaggy Parasol, was a finalist for the National Poetry Series and Oberlin's Field Prize, as well as runner-up for this year's Dorset Prize. Individual poems are in or forthcoming in Pleiades,McSweeney's, Texas Review, and The Michigan Quarterly Review. She is an associate professor of English at California State University, East Bay.




Sunday Night in Santa Rosa

By Dana Gioia


 The carnival is over. The high tents,

 the palaces of light, are folded flat

 and trucked away. A three-time loser yanks

 the Wheel of Fortune off the wall. Mice

 pick through the garbage by the popcorn stand.

 A drunken giant falls asleep beside

 the juggler, and the Dog-Faced Boy sneaks off

 to join the Serpent Lady for the night.

 Wind sweeps ticket stubs along the walk.

 The Dead Man loads his coffin on a truck.

 Off in a trailer by the parking lot

 the radio predicts tomorrow's weather

 while a clown stares in a dressing mirror,

   takes out a box, and peels away his face.    

About Dana Gioia


Dana Gioia is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning poet. Former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, Gioia is a native Californian of Italian and Mexican descent. He received a B.A. and a M.B.A. from Stanford University and an M.A. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University. (Gioia is pronounced JOY-uh.)


Gioia has published four full-length collections of poetry, as well as eight chapbooks. His poetry collection, Interrogations at Noon, won the 2002 American Book Award. An influential critic as well, Gioia's 1991 volume Can Poetry Matter?, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle award, is credited with helping to revive the role of poetry in American public culture?


Now, all these poets are recognized by their peers for outstanding work, unique voices ...   

And I like em. Yup, I like em a lot. And guess what? So do other readers!







The first poems I read as a young girl were sonnets...

Most contemporary sonneteers were/are passionate consumers of classic and modern sonnets.



 (I took the above picture tonight. I've had this book since I was 13. The gild and velvet long ago wore off; I've cherished this book for 30 years. I have many other books in the same sad, overly loved, condition. )

The freshest sonnets do not adhere to meter, and the syllable count is relaxed. Each line has (usually) between 9 -11 syllables, with some room for play.

An overly rigid adherence to 10 syllables can lead to stilted language which is seen in horrid syntax (I go market with money in pocket?NO!

You went to THE market with money in YOUR pocket) or just as awful, an overuse of modifiers. (the big,big brown dog showed his big big teeth)  

Contemporary sonnets do not sound wooden, limp or in any way artificial. They keep their tone and are fearless with imagery. The mood is in your face, unapologetic. It?s the right word, the perfect word being used, not the two syllable word you were forced to cram into a line.  

Enjambment seems to be the tool of choice. Flow, baby, go with the flow!

Contemporary sonnets often use variances of rhyme such as near rhyme, slant rhyme, internal rhyme, eye rhyme or semi-rhyme. Actually, they don't need to rhyme.

A soup-chum recently asked me, so then what is the difference between free verse and a sonnet if a sonnet doesn't even need to rhyme?

 And a contemporary sonnet is.... well.....

My view: Free verse can be anything. It can wander at will.. It can walk away from where it began, run for the hills, strip naked, jump bones and then have an after-sex nap. (oops blog moved into PG territory... lol) It can leave you wanting more, uncertain if the poem is really finished, even angry because there were too many questions left unanswered. I'd go so far as to say that if I read a free verse poem written as above it would be awesome free verse. 

See, I believe I gravitate towards sonnets because I am a storyteller.    

Here, let me show you something.


How to write a story (explained in less than 20 words)


Start with a bang

expand on theme

add conflict

Build towards a climax

Finish with denouement


How to write a contemporary sonnet (explained in less than 20 words)


Start with a bang

expand on theme

add conflict

Build towards a climax

Finish with denouement




Simple as pie


Between lines 1 -2 (or later)  introduce your theme or subject.

Between lines 2 (or 3) to lines 9 elaborate on your theme or subject.

Between lines 9 to 12 insert a volta

Lines 13 and 14 - Summarize. This should be powerful, the most significant lines in your sonnet. They should resound.

A volta is a turn, a shift in the poems direction, usually unexpected.

You ever think to yourself... I am going to eat salad; I will make a nice salad. You envision crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes. You make a dressing for the salad, even take out the croutons. You are thinking to yourself, yum, healthy food. Then you open the fridge door to start to make your salad. OH SWEET MERCY, CHEESECAKE! To hell with salad.  Come to my hips, oh decadent one, I surrender. Screw salad.  


That is the volta. A 180! If you write about sitting in a hot bath, your thoughts grow cold. If you write about daydreaming about Provence, you mention suddenly that you're stuck in a traffic jam in New York....

In contemporary sonnets a volta can be dramatic, melodramatic or so very subtle it may take four readings to even sense the turn.  

Finally, you may come to the closing couplet which usually takes everything you just said and summarizes it in some kind of profound way.

Contemporary sonnets are popping up everywhere, creating a whirl, leaving us breathless for more more more!





Its voice is as natural as if you were talking to your best friend. Yes, figurative, of course. And with all the intonations which sets poetry apart from everyday language. When we speak to others, our friends, our family, we do not speak in poetry. If we did, they'd slap us upside the head and say something like, now cut that out! I've tried. I know. 

Poets have been trying to pinpoint the perimeters of poetry (oh Heck, did I just write that? LOL) since the first poem was drawn in sand. A thousand quotes I could post on what poetry is or should be. Pointless. Poetry is felt more than read or interpreted.

And those who read sonnets UNDERSTAND that a contemporary sonnet is still a sonnet. 

No, it isn't a Hybronnet pretending to be a sonnet ( Seriously?!)

No, It is not free verse putting on airs.

And no, those who write it are not desecrating the form; They are singing their little songs their way!

And today's sonneteers do not need to be re-educated. They are neither know-nothings nor fools.  

What IS foolish? Pretending to be Keats and posturing in pantaloons while wearing blinders.  

If you have never written a sonnet then the contemporary sonnet is THE place to START. They are fun. They are real. And They are HERE TO STAY, FOLKS.  

Write a sonnet about that sexy poker game, your embarrassment at being strapped for cash, something from the news. Or start a sonnet with Dear Mister President and see where it goes.

But warning, the contemporary sonnet can be addictive.YAH BABY!   

TRY ONE TODAY! Here, take a small sample, on the house! 

Signed, Cyndi the unapologetic mod-sonnet-pusher



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  1. Date: 6/6/2014 7:43:00 AM
    How did I miss this blog (was driving back from Florida!) Because I have issues with this and will have to blog to express them--Love ya!

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  1. Date: 1/31/2014 7:49:00 PM
    Just a wonderful romp through the sonnet country side the love one I sent you in email was an Italian sonnet disguised as free verse with 12 syllables more or less a line.. just wondering if you saw the sonnet?

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    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 1/31/2014 9:39:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    ??? Now will go check... Today???
  1. Date: 1/31/2014 2:28:00 PM
    Excellent Cyndi...Excellent blog

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  1. Date: 1/31/2014 9:11:00 AM
    oh, just read Sunday Night and Golden Years. Those two were fun to read. But no rhyming couplet at the end of the Sunday night sonnet?? Good grief!! I think they should call this modernized form for what it is: the Free verse sonnet

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  1. Date: 1/31/2014 9:07:00 AM
    Of the three modern ones I read here, I really only liked the one about the mother and her son. Having written sonnets for so long (the old fashioned way) I guess I just feel like they are trying to go away from Iambic pentameter and more into free verse style and that saddens me a little bit. I love what makes the classic sonnet unique: the 14 lines all one length and meter, the alternating rhymes. I find it ok to vary the meter and rhyme a little bit now and then, but to so completely veer from it just makes it almost a different form entirely for me. Anyway, I just love the November sonnet that is shown here.

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  1. Date: 1/31/2014 6:30:00 AM
    Good blog Cyndi, check out my Men of Nantucket sonnet....I like what you say...David

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