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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/26/2016 My own proverb Haikuwar,
5/23/2016 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
5/18/2016 my own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
5/12/2016 Gone with the wind Light Poetrylost love,
5/4/2016 Jesus Christ, you are my superstar Light Poetryspiritual,
4/28/2016 My thoughts on you Light Poetryi miss you,
4/20/2016 My own proverbs Haikuphilosophy,
4/14/2016 My paper love Light Poetryi love you,
4/6/2016 God's gift - Nature Light Poetrynature,
3/29/2016 Marriage Light Poetrymarriage,
3/23/2016 Tobacco is a silent killer Light Poetrycancer,health,
3/16/2016 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
3/10/2016 Lord, tells you on your wedding day Light Poetrywedding,
3/6/2016 Little boy called Johnny Light Poetryfor children,
3/1/2016 My Lord, when you sit on my throne Light Poetrygod,
2/22/2016 Will my wish come true Light Poetrylove,
12/16/2015 My own proverb Haikusad love,
12/13/2015 Merry Christmas for you and me Light Poetrychristmas,
12/3/2015 Forever my darling Light Poetrylove,
11/29/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
11/17/2015 Twinkle, twinkle all the nights Light Poetrystars,
11/11/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
10/28/2015 Let my love clutches with you Light Poetrybest friend,love,
10/21/2015 I want you to be mine forever Light Poetrylove,
10/14/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
10/7/2015 Lord Jesus Christ is there for us Light Poetrygod,
9/29/2015 Because, you love me so much Light Poetrylove,
9/18/2015 My own proverbs Haikuphilosophy,
9/8/2015 My love, I am sorry to hurt you Light Poetryhurt,
8/30/2015 My own proverb Haikuinspirational,
8/20/2015 Loss of life Light Poetrylife,
8/10/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
8/2/2015 Lord, I am longing for you Light Poetrygod,
7/23/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
7/16/2015 Always, My feelings are there for you Light Poetrylove,
7/5/2015 Elephant is a majestic animal Light Poetryanimal,
6/21/2015 My own proverbs Haikuphilosophy,
6/11/2015 Again, left alone Light Poetrylove,
6/2/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
5/21/2015 Ohoo, little butterfly Light Poetrybutterfly,
5/7/2015 Dreaming of you Light Poetrylove,
4/29/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
4/16/2015 God is great Light Poetrygod,
4/8/2015 My proverb Haikulove,lust,
3/31/2015 Tears of broken heart Light Poetrysad love,
3/23/2015 Because, its all of you Light Poetrylove,
3/17/2015 Save our children from slavery Light Poetryslavery,
3/8/2015 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
3/2/2015 Dont cry for me Light Poetrysad,
2/25/2015 My own proverb Haikuinspiration,
2/22/2015 I loved the way you loved me Light Poetrylove,
2/14/2015 My little pussy cat Light Poetrycat,
2/7/2015 Life without God's love Light Poetrygod,
2/3/2015 My loving daughter Light Poetrydaughter,
1/8/2015 My own proverb Haikutruth,
12/11/2014 It's a Christmas Night Light Poetrychristmas,
12/7/2014 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
11/30/2014 Love, your happiness is my happiness Light Poetrylove,
11/18/2014 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
11/12/2014 My love and my dreams Light Poetrylove,
10/27/2014 Let my love clutches with you Light Poetrylove,
10/20/2014 Ding dong church bells Light Poetryfaith,
10/14/2014 Good morning my love Light Poetrylove,
10/9/2014 Lord, when you sit on my throne Light Poetrygod,
9/28/2014 My playful dog Lassie Light Poetrypets,
9/22/2014 My imaginary love Light Poetryimagination,
9/13/2014 Tears of New York city Light Poetryheartbroken,
9/8/2014 I have stolen your heart Light Poetrylove,
9/1/2014 God is great Light Poetrygod,
8/25/2014 My own proverb Haikuphilosophy,
8/20/2014 At this moment Light Poetrylove,
8/14/2014 The beautiful birds Light Poetrybird,
8/11/2014 That's wonderful love Light Poetrylove,
8/4/2014 Because, I am only belonging to you Light Poetrylove,
7/27/2014 Until you become my wife Light Poetrylove,
7/20/2014 Welcome into my world Light Poetrylove,
7/8/2014 When will it be begin again Light Poetrylife,
7/3/2014 They are refugees in their own country Light Poetrysad,
6/24/2014 My gift of wedding anniversary Light Poetrychild,
6/22/2014 Take a journey to the mountains Light Poetrynature,
6/15/2014 My darling thank you for this love Light Poetrysad,sad love,
6/9/2014 Because, tomorrow never be mine Light Poetryfaith,
5/27/2014 If I were Light Poetrylove,
5/21/2014 All I want, is to love you forever Light Poetrylove,romance,
5/18/2014 My own proverb Haikupeace,
12/22/2013 It's a Christmas Night Light Poetrychristmas,
12/8/2013 My success is my wife Light Poetrywife,
12/1/2013 My frienshp with you forever Light Poetryfriendship,
11/24/2013 God's love Light Poetrygod,
11/17/2013 Do not drink alcohol and drive Light Poetrydeath,
11/12/2013 Happy Birthday Light Poetrybirthday,
11/10/2013 Home, Sweet home Light Poetryhome,
11/3/2013 As long as I am alive Light Poetrylove,
10/24/2013 A garden of flowers Light Poetrynature,
10/13/2013 My love story Light Poetrysad love,
10/2/2013 Living in the green mountains Light Poetrynature,
9/29/2013 My own proverb Haikupeace,
9/22/2013 A poem for you Light Poetrylove,
9/15/2013 Oh my God, please stop war in this world Light Poetrywar,
9/7/2013 Jesus Christ, I thank you for loving me Light Poetryfaith,

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