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  1. Date: 1/26/2014 9:22:00 AM
    Hello My dear, how are you doing today my name is Miss Cynthia, i come across your profile today which looks nice to me and i pick interested in you and to have a good relationship with you. I will tell you more about me and send my pictures to you as soon as you reply my letter to my private email. ( i will be waiting for your mail because I have something very important to tell you,lots love

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  1. Date: 5/9/2013 7:15:00 AM
    I think it was all a sham to get him to resign...of which they succeeded.....shame sham

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/27/2015 When Judy Comes Marching Home Blank versepolitical,veterans day,wa
11/27/2015 The Caves of Jupiter Part 3 Finale Free verseadventure,fantasy,
11/27/2015 The Caves of Jupiter Part 2 Free verseadventure,fantasy,
11/27/2015 The Caves of Jupiter Part 1 Free verseadventure,fantasy,
11/27/2015 SAY GOODNIGHT, GEORGE Sonnetabsence,age,beauty,death,
11/27/2015 Death In A Paris Pissoire Lyricage,lost love,old,self,
11/26/2015 Monsieur L'Vampyre and the Black Lady of Paris Iambic Pentameterbeautiful,
11/25/2015 GIRL IN PARISIENNE FOG Iambic Pentameterabsence,french,loneliness
11/24/2015 FLY Burlesqueart,
11/24/2015 Peein' In The Mississippi Blues Lyricblue,lyric,
11/23/2015 Sunday Dinner On the Farm Sonnetart,farm,grandparents,
11/23/2015 CENTRAL PARK VAMPYRE Lyrichorror,new york,valentine
11/23/2015 CRY Lyriccry,
11/22/2015 Parisienne Night Rhymeabsence,lost love,
11/21/2015 LA RIVE GAUCHE ARTIST Lyricart,french,imagery,imagin
11/20/2015 BORN AGAIN Sonnetdeath,dream,faith,
11/20/2015 Whores of La Rive Gauche Sonnetart,beauty,desire,french,
11/20/2015 EVERYTHING Lyricblack african american,ha
11/18/2015 My Parisienne Girl Lyricabsence,french,wisdom,
11/17/2015 FOR LOVE OF MARIE ANTOINETTE Mssr L'Vampyre Iambic Pentameterallusion,beauty,lost love
11/17/2015 How To Write A Love Song Lyricabsence,music,
11/16/2015 Girl of Paris at Champ de Mars Lyriclife,true love,youth,
11/15/2015 Girl of Saigon Free versechildren,mother,parents,w
11/15/2015 Young Love In Paris Sonnetlost love,paris,
11/15/2015 The Last Friend Lyricadventure,anxiety,change,
11/13/2015 You Call Me Love Sonnetbeauty,hope,identity,love
11/5/2015 Black Candle Sonnetabuse,addiction,evil,hate
11/5/2015 Betrayal Iambic Pentameterabsence,betrayal,soulmate
11/2/2015 Megan's Hit Sonnetbaseball,girl,sports,
10/23/2015 Looking For Ligeia Sonnetabsence,death of a friend
10/20/2015 The Coming of Black Jesus Lyricabuse,allah,black african
10/8/2015 Raks al-Asaya Sonnetarabic,beautiful,dance,
10/6/2015 Mutiny On The Spanish Main Sonnetadventure,ocean,sea,
10/5/2015 CUSPIDOR Elegygrandparents,
10/5/2015 String of Pearls Lyricpassion,
9/29/2015 Death of Socrates Sonnetwisdom,
9/29/2015 Jealousy Kyrielleabuse,jealousy,
9/28/2015 Where the Flowers Die Epitaphabuse,hope,jewish,
9/28/2015 Ulysses Wake Iambic Pentameterart,bereavement,strength,
9/28/2015 Kansas City I-70 West Iambic Pentameterage,fantasy,innocence,
9/27/2015 Search Lyricabsence,lost,
9/27/2015 No Silver Tip Sonnetdark,death,
9/26/2015 Homecoming Rhymeabsence,
9/25/2015 Death in the Catacombs Lyricparis,
9/25/2015 Call of the Werewolf Iambic Pentameterdeath,horror,innocence,
9/24/2015 FAIR WEATHER FRIEND Sonnetabsence,abuse,anxiety,bul
9/24/2015 The Birth Of God 1 Sonnetanxiety,blessing,emotions
9/23/2015 Sheltered In Alone Sonnetbeauty,imagery,
9/23/2015 Pleasus Lyricjesus,
9/23/2015 Yogi Berra Song Lyricabsence,anxiety,baseball,
9/23/2015 Buried In Woods On A Snowy Evening Lyricabsence,death,depression,
9/20/2015 The Witche's Breath and Brew Sonnetabuse,addiction,anger,vio
9/19/2015 So It Goes Sonnetyouth,
9/15/2015 Always Always Always Iambic Pentameterautumn,devotion,farm,life
9/11/2015 A Celtic Dream Lyricireland,love,
9/11/2015 Through the Window Lyricanxiety,loneliness,
9/11/2015 Chains of Love Quatraindedication,
9/10/2015 The Feeling Love Does Leave Sonnetabsence,emotions,heartbro
9/9/2015 The Fall of Baghdad Iambic Pentameterallah,arabic,war,
9/9/2015 FETUS Iambic Pentameterabuse,baby,birth,death,de
9/8/2015 Dreaming Your Dreams Lyricanxiety,cinderella,dream,
9/8/2015 Halloween Burning of the Lovers Iambic Pentameterabuse,anger,black african
9/8/2015 Love Under the High School Bleachers Sonnetfootball,high school,teen
9/6/2015 Our Love Sonnetfamily,love,
9/6/2015 Birth of Marseille Lyricart,change,history,
9/5/2015 Evening Sonneteve,nature,time,
9/5/2015 More Than Love Lyricinspiration,life,
9/4/2015 Butterflies Sonnetanxiety,first love,love h
9/3/2015 July In the Porch Swing in Kansas Lyricbrother,family,
8/31/2015 Hard Place and the Stone Quatrainblessing,devotion,
8/30/2015 The True Love Lyricabsence,death,love,
8/29/2015 Dance Of the Social Vampires Iambic Pentameteraddiction,culture,identit
8/28/2015 The Boys Who Would Be King Sonnetengland,
8/28/2015 Autumn Dream Iambic Pentameterabsence,autumn,change,
8/27/2015 Anxiety Sonnetabuse,allegory,depression
8/26/2015 Words Of the Muse Lyricblessing,muse,
8/26/2015 The Forgiven Alliterationabuse,allah,assonance,for
8/26/2015 The Wrong and the Right Quatrainabsence,anxiety,lonelines
8/25/2015 Proverbs 31 Woman Sonnetbeauty,woman,
8/23/2015 Back To Your Summerland Sonnetdeath,destiny,dream,philo
8/7/2015 Fredonia KS 1968 LORD I KNOW Lyricallah,devotion,god,hope,r
8/4/2015 EDGE Blank verseabuse,destiny,earth,eulog
7/30/2015 Ulcerated Colon Sonnetabuse,death,depression,he
7/26/2015 NOW AND THEN Lyricabsence,beauty,death,
7/24/2015 Cross My Heart and Hope To Die Lyricbeauty,best friend,death,
7/21/2015 Both Love and Hate 2 Sonnetabuse,blessing,death,emot
7/15/2015 LITTLE RED CAR 2015 Lyricabsence,allusion,time,
7/7/2015 AKULA VOYAGE 2015 Sonnetadventure,beauty,death,dr
5/29/2015 The Last Dodo Bird Lyricabuse,death,earth,planet,
4/23/2015 Shakespeare's Night of Anne Hathaway Sonnetabuse,lust,
4/21/2015 Search I do not know?angel,beautiful,
4/21/2015 Sleeping WithThe Devil's Wife Lyricanxiety,
4/21/2015 Secret Love of Marie Antoinette Iambic Pentameterabuse,history,paris,
4/21/2015 BETWEEN THE LINES I do not know?poets,
4/7/2015 Great 3X Grandmother Esther Louise Arbuthnot I do not know?grandmother,
4/2/2015 A Lady Visits Maria Clemm I do not know?abuse,anger,horror,
3/31/2015 One Night Of Ligea I do not know?allusion,art,beautiful,de
3/24/2015 SARAJEVO - Home Again Sonnetabsence,conflict,evil,isl
3/23/2015 Looking For Ligeia Sonnetaddiction,anxiety,bereave
3/21/2015 Ferris Wheel Lyricallusion,anxiety,best fri

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