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  1. Date: 4/17/2011 10:00:00 AM
    This is hilarious!! Not the bee dilemma though.:( So your 'Daddy' was on track for you to watch that movie? With the tents hanging down from clothes lines...I take it you weren't the only one watching it? Never saw that movie, but it sounds intriguing. Love your humour and depth! Best to you, Mikki

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  1. Date: 4/14/2011 4:39:00 PM
    We done had plenty of queen bees back then, Brigitte, Jayne, Marilyn, Liz, Maureen, Sophia, Gina and we could sit a way back in the balcony and wrestle with our honey. Just thinking about it gives me hives. Gotta love it. Vince

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  1. Date: 4/14/2011 12:13:00 PM
    River of no return sas it as a kid, yes what did you learn? cute little piece.

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  1. Date: 4/13/2011 9:46:00 PM
    Clever little blog you did! I enjoyed your rationale for bees dying off!

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  1. Date: 4/13/2011 2:37:00 PM
    LOL what arange in that discussion, so colorful! no bees yet here but a tree frog has reappeared!!! HURAH!

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
11/29/2015 Christmas Mass Iambic Pentameterchristian,christmas,love,
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11/27/2015 The Caves of Jupiter Part 1 Free verseadventure,fantasy,
11/27/2015 SAY GOODNIGHT, GEORGE Sonnetabsence,age,beauty,death,
11/27/2015 Death In A Paris Pissoire Lyricage,lost love,old,self,
11/26/2015 Monsieur L'Vampyre and the Black Lady of Paris Iambic Pentameterbeautiful,
11/25/2015 GIRL IN PARISIENNE FOG Iambic Pentameterabsence,french,loneliness
11/24/2015 FLY Burlesqueart,
11/24/2015 Peein' In The Mississippi Blues Lyricblue,lyric,
11/23/2015 Sunday Dinner On the Farm Sonnetart,farm,grandparents,
11/23/2015 CENTRAL PARK VAMPYRE Lyrichorror,new york,valentine
11/23/2015 CRY Lyriccry,
11/22/2015 Parisienne Night Rhymeabsence,lost love,
11/21/2015 LA RIVE GAUCHE ARTIST Lyricart,french,imagery,imagin
11/20/2015 BORN AGAIN Sonnetdeath,dream,faith,
11/20/2015 Whores of La Rive Gauche Sonnetart,beauty,desire,french,
11/20/2015 EVERYTHING Lyricblack african american,ha
11/18/2015 My Parisienne Girl Lyricabsence,french,wisdom,
11/17/2015 FOR LOVE OF MARIE ANTOINETTE Mssr L'Vampyre Iambic Pentameterallusion,beauty,lost love
11/17/2015 How To Write A Love Song Lyricabsence,music,
11/16/2015 Girl of Paris at Champ de Mars Lyriclife,true love,youth,
11/15/2015 Girl of Saigon Free versechildren,mother,parents,w
11/15/2015 Young Love In Paris Sonnetlost love,paris,
11/15/2015 The Last Friend Lyricadventure,anxiety,change,
11/13/2015 You Call Me Love Sonnetbeauty,hope,identity,love
11/5/2015 Black Candle Sonnetabuse,addiction,evil,hate
11/5/2015 Betrayal Iambic Pentameterabsence,betrayal,soulmate
11/2/2015 Megan's Hit Sonnetbaseball,girl,sports,
10/23/2015 Looking For Ligeia Sonnetabsence,death of a friend
10/20/2015 The Coming of Black Jesus Lyricabuse,allah,black african
10/8/2015 Raks al-Asaya Sonnetarabic,beautiful,dance,
10/6/2015 Mutiny On The Spanish Main Sonnetadventure,ocean,sea,
10/5/2015 CUSPIDOR Elegygrandparents,
10/5/2015 String of Pearls Lyricpassion,
9/29/2015 Death of Socrates Sonnetwisdom,
9/29/2015 Jealousy Kyrielleabuse,jealousy,
9/28/2015 Where the Flowers Die Epitaphabuse,hope,jewish,
9/28/2015 Ulysses Wake Iambic Pentameterart,bereavement,strength,
9/28/2015 Kansas City I-70 West Iambic Pentameterage,fantasy,innocence,
9/27/2015 Search Lyricabsence,lost,
9/27/2015 No Silver Tip Sonnetdark,death,
9/26/2015 Homecoming Rhymeabsence,
9/25/2015 Death in the Catacombs Lyricparis,
9/25/2015 Call of the Werewolf Iambic Pentameterdeath,horror,innocence,
9/24/2015 FAIR WEATHER FRIEND Sonnetabsence,abuse,anxiety,bul
9/24/2015 The Birth Of God 1 Sonnetanxiety,blessing,emotions
9/23/2015 Sheltered In Alone Sonnetbeauty,imagery,
9/23/2015 Pleasus Lyricjesus,
9/23/2015 Yogi Berra Song Lyricabsence,anxiety,baseball,
9/23/2015 Buried In Woods On A Snowy Evening Lyricabsence,death,depression,
9/20/2015 The Witche's Breath and Brew Sonnetabuse,addiction,anger,vio
9/19/2015 So It Goes Sonnetyouth,
9/15/2015 Always Always Always Iambic Pentameterautumn,devotion,farm,life
9/11/2015 A Celtic Dream Lyricireland,love,
9/11/2015 Through the Window Lyricanxiety,loneliness,
9/11/2015 Chains of Love Quatraindedication,
9/10/2015 The Feeling Love Does Leave Sonnetabsence,emotions,heartbro
9/9/2015 The Fall of Baghdad Iambic Pentameterallah,arabic,war,
9/9/2015 FETUS Iambic Pentameterabuse,baby,birth,death,de
9/8/2015 Dreaming Your Dreams Lyricanxiety,cinderella,dream,
9/8/2015 Halloween Burning of the Lovers Iambic Pentameterabuse,anger,black african
9/8/2015 Love Under the High School Bleachers Sonnetfootball,high school,teen
9/6/2015 Our Love Sonnetfamily,love,
9/6/2015 Birth of Marseille Lyricart,change,history,
9/5/2015 Evening Sonneteve,nature,time,
9/5/2015 More Than Love Lyricinspiration,life,
9/4/2015 Butterflies Sonnetanxiety,first love,love h
9/3/2015 July In the Porch Swing in Kansas Lyricbrother,family,
8/31/2015 Hard Place and the Stone Quatrainblessing,devotion,
8/30/2015 The True Love Lyricabsence,death,love,
8/29/2015 Dance Of the Social Vampires Iambic Pentameteraddiction,culture,identit
8/28/2015 The Boys Who Would Be King Sonnetengland,
8/28/2015 Autumn Dream Iambic Pentameterabsence,autumn,change,
8/27/2015 Anxiety Sonnetabuse,allegory,depression
8/26/2015 Words Of the Muse Lyricblessing,muse,
8/26/2015 The Forgiven Alliterationabuse,allah,assonance,for
8/26/2015 The Wrong and the Right Quatrainabsence,anxiety,lonelines
8/25/2015 Proverbs 31 Woman Sonnetbeauty,woman,
8/23/2015 Back To Your Summerland Sonnetdeath,destiny,dream,philo
8/7/2015 Fredonia KS 1968 LORD I KNOW Lyricallah,devotion,god,hope,r
8/4/2015 EDGE Blank verseabuse,destiny,earth,eulog
7/30/2015 Ulcerated Colon Sonnetabuse,death,depression,he
7/26/2015 NOW AND THEN Lyricabsence,beauty,death,
7/24/2015 Cross My Heart and Hope To Die Lyricbeauty,best friend,death,
7/21/2015 Both Love and Hate 2 Sonnetabuse,blessing,death,emot
7/15/2015 LITTLE RED CAR 2015 Lyricabsence,allusion,time,
7/7/2015 AKULA VOYAGE 2015 Sonnetadventure,beauty,death,dr
5/29/2015 The Last Dodo Bird Lyricabuse,death,earth,planet,
4/23/2015 Shakespeare's Night of Anne Hathaway Sonnetabuse,lust,
4/21/2015 Search I do not know?angel,beautiful,
4/21/2015 Sleeping WithThe Devil's Wife Lyricanxiety,
4/21/2015 Secret Love of Marie Antoinette Iambic Pentameterabuse,history,paris,
4/21/2015 BETWEEN THE LINES I do not know?poets,
4/7/2015 Great 3X Grandmother Esther Louise Arbuthnot I do not know?grandmother,
4/2/2015 A Lady Visits Maria Clemm I do not know?abuse,anger,horror,
3/31/2015 One Night Of Ligea I do not know?allusion,art,beautiful,de

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