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  1. Date: 4/17/2011 10:00:00 AM
    This is hilarious!! Not the bee dilemma though.:( So your 'Daddy' was on track for you to watch that movie? With the tents hanging down from clothes lines...I take it you weren't the only one watching it? Never saw that movie, but it sounds intriguing. Love your humour and depth! Best to you, Mikki

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  1. Date: 4/14/2011 4:39:00 PM
    We done had plenty of queen bees back then, Brigitte, Jayne, Marilyn, Liz, Maureen, Sophia, Gina and we could sit a way back in the balcony and wrestle with our honey. Just thinking about it gives me hives. Gotta love it. Vince

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  1. Date: 4/14/2011 12:13:00 PM
    River of no return sas it as a kid, yes what did you learn? cute little piece.

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  1. Date: 4/13/2011 9:46:00 PM
    Clever little blog you did! I enjoyed your rationale for bees dying off!

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  1. Date: 4/13/2011 2:37:00 PM
    LOL what arange in that discussion, so colorful! no bees yet here but a tree frog has reappeared!!! HURAH!

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/30/2016 TOO MUCH FEELING FOR YOU Lyriccare,desire,
5/23/2016 I'm A Young America Lyricpatriotic,
5/14/2016 YOUR ALMOST SMILE Iambic Pentameterabsence,art,emotions,
5/14/2016 Candle Lyricangel,beauty,hope,
5/2/2016 The Girl Acrosse the Fence I do not know?loneliness,solitude,
5/1/2016 The Squirrel Love Song Lyricchildren,nature,spring,
4/28/2016 Megan's Hit Sonnetbaseball,child,children,g
4/17/2016 Bits Sonnetabsence,computer,future,t
4/16/2016 Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle Limerickanimal,people,
4/15/2016 Both Love and Hate Sonnetdivorce,hate,heartbreak,l
3/26/2016 Raindrops Sonnetgod,nature,rain,
3/25/2016 SARAJneZoEVO - the Safe Sonnetallah,conflict,fear,god,w
3/23/2016 Sarajevo - Death Comes Sonnetallah,conflict,faith,god,
3/23/2016 SARAJEVO Hate Will Survive Lyricallah,god,war,
3/22/2016 SARAJEVO - the Going Insane Sonnetallah,god,war,
3/22/2016 SARAJEVO - Death of a Believer Iambic Pentameterallah,confusion,death,fai
3/22/2016 Sarajevo Secrets of the Spider's Web Sonnetallah,god,islamic,politic
3/21/2016 It's Really BRAIN DAMAGE Sonnetabuse,art,lyric,music,sad
3/21/2016 SARAJEVO -Whores of Babylon Sonnetallah,god,war,
3/21/2016 SARAJEVO - Beginnings Sonnetallah,god,political,truth
3/20/2016 Sarajevo - Dying Time Sonnetabuse,allah,hate,war,
3/19/2016 Sarajevo - The Sniper Sonnetevil,hate,war,
3/19/2016 Why We Fight Lyricfreedom,
3/19/2016 OUT OF THE ORDINARY -il sort de l'ordinaire Lyricbeauty,black african amer
3/18/2016 Birds of Sarajevo Lyricallah,allusion,conflict,f
3/17/2016 Unfortunate Dove Lyricanxiety,bird,morning,
3/17/2016 The Death of Tutankhamen Sonnetfuture,mystery,
3/17/2016 Harvest Time Sonnetchristian,destiny,
3/16/2016 Your Ways of Love Lyricblessing,
3/14/2016 Bucks County Sunset at Stover Myers Dam Sonnetmiracle,nature,sunset,
3/13/2016 Mews of Mademoiselle L'Vampyre Iambic Pentameterbeauty,death,desire,horro
3/13/2016 The White Man Lyricracism,
3/13/2016 Your Coach Awaits Sonnetadventure,change,freedom,
3/13/2016 Restless Sleep Sonnetconflict,confusion,corrup
3/13/2016 Voyage To The New World Sonnetblessing,conflict,history
3/10/2016 FORGETTING YOU Lyriclost love,
3/9/2016 SUMMER KISS Sonnetsummer,
3/9/2016 Messina Whore Sonnetfantasy,growing up,sea,yo
3/8/2016 The Far Away Sonnetfuture,hope,
3/8/2016 Bestest Friend 2016 Lyricbest friend,friend,
3/7/2016 The Bite of Madamoiselle L'Vampyre Lyricaddiction,art,horror,
3/6/2016 The Coyotee Song Lyriccowboy,lyric,
3/1/2016 Be Not Wrong Light Poetryanti bullying,
3/1/2016 God is Right Light Poetryallah,god,
2/29/2016 YOUR ALMOST SMILE Lyricabsence,beauty,lost love,
2/29/2016 Unfortunate Love Lyricabuse,heartbroken,sad lov
2/28/2016 On A Summer Afternoon Sonnetage,emotions,truth,
2/25/2016 Cyberlove Sonnetangel,art,beautiful,beaut
2/25/2016 Burning of the Witch Lyricabortion,anger,magic,wife
2/25/2016 The Best Cigarette Lyricaddiction,beauty,lust,
2/25/2016 Parisienne Dream Sonnetfrench,paris,
2/25/2016 The Dream Lyricabsence,dream,lost love,s
2/24/2016 Cold Nights In Paris Sonnetbeauty,french,paris,snow,
2/23/2016 Devo Andara - I Have To Leave Sonnetanxiety,heartbroken,lost
2/21/2016 Smokerings Lyricart,confusion,girl,youth,
2/21/2016 THE SECRET LOVE Lyricallusion,
2/20/2016 ANXIETY Sonnetangst,conflict,confusion,
2/20/2016 Blue Eyes Blue Lyricanxiety,art,beauty,magic,
2/11/2016 Girl Across the Fence Lyricbeautiful,fantasy,girl,
2/10/2016 Cat 5 Hurricane - Ivan the Terrible Lyricweather,
2/6/2016 Yours and Mine Lyricabsence,
2/5/2016 Arterial Bite Sonnetangel,valentines day,
2/1/2016 The Death of Love Sonnetdeath,divorce,heartbreak,
1/31/2016 Sunrise at Aushchwitz Sonnethate,
1/31/2016 Young Love In Auschwitz Sonnetage,hate,war,
1/31/2016 The Horesemen Sonnetabuse,arabic,hate,war,
1/30/2016 Cupid's Aim Iambic Pentametercute love,muse,true love,
1/30/2016 The Pajamagram Light Poetryvalentines day,
1/27/2016 My Venus Rising Chant Royalbeauty,ocean,
1/25/2016 Celtic Moon Iambic Pentameterdeath,
1/24/2016 I 70 West Free versefarewell,growing up,love
1/24/2016 SWASTIKA Iambic Pentameterevil,history,humanity,
1/23/2016 Witch of Sligo Lyricmagic,women,
1/20/2016 Irish Widow Lyricireland,
1/19/2016 We'll Not To Marry Sonnetdaughter,father daughter,
1/18/2016 Showtime Iambic Pentameterart,confusion,new york,st
1/17/2016 Everything Lyricbeautiful,love,marriage,s
1/15/2016 It Takes A Village Idiot Sonnetpolitical,
1/15/2016 Dublin Gallows Lyricabuse,ireland,
1/14/2016 WITH APOLOGIES TO ROBERT FROST Iambic Pentameterhorror,muse,
1/14/2016 Forgetting You Free verseheartbreak,
1/14/2016 The Dance Free versedance,french,paris,
1/14/2016 SHE Lyricbeautiful,beauty,girl,wom
1/13/2016 Las Naves De Madera Free versehistory,visionary,voyage,
1/8/2016 HOMECOMING Lyricdeath,life,
1/6/2016 The Battle of South Chicago Iambic Pentameterabuse,addiction,chicago,g
1/4/2016 Venus Rising Lyricbeauty,creation,fantasy,s
1/2/2016 Kilmalkedar Sonnetfamily,grave,history,visi
1/2/2016 Visit to Auschwitz Sonnetabuse,christian,evil,fait
12/27/2015 Ulysses - Awake Dramatic Verseadventure,mythology,sea,
12/26/2015 Cross My Heart and Hope To Die Lyricracism,
12/21/2015 Turning It Loose Iambic Pentametermoving on,
12/19/2015 LONGHARED GIRL Lyricbeauty,girl,lust,
12/19/2015 CRY Lyricabsence,happy,sad,sorrow,
12/18/2015 Hooter's Girls Sonnetanxiety,beautiful,beauty,
12/17/2015 The Bombing of Dresden Sonnethate,history,world war ii
12/15/2015 Heaven For Me Sonnetchristian,heaven,paradise
12/15/2015 Second Coming Sonnetjesus,religion,religious,
12/15/2015 Madamoiselle L'Vampyre - THE SHADE Iambic Pentameterbeauty,horror,women,
12/14/2015 Harvest Time Sonnetearth,food,fruit,space,wi

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