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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/20/2015 Rachie155 Rhymefriend,friendship,
2/11/2015 Patriotism Blank verseabuse,patriotic,peace,peo
3/20/2011 Oil spoils Rhymepeace,political,religion,
4/11/2010 Late Love Early Haikupassion
4/11/2010 Echoing abuse Sonnetchildhood,father,history,
4/11/2010 All English men by God are straight and right Sonnetpeople,satiremen,
4/10/2010 The Maker of Art (part 2) Narrativeartart,art,
4/9/2010 The Maker of Art (part 1) Narrativeart
4/9/2010 Onomatopoeia day I do not know?animals
4/9/2010 Flickering Iris Haikulife
4/9/2010 The Barbarian National Anthem Lyricpolitical,satire,war
4/7/2010 Then Merchant and the Man who shared I do not know?faithme,
4/7/2010 Small Beer in Death Valley Free versehopeautumn,
4/7/2010 Dusk Angels - song lyrics Lyriclove,song-lyricme,me,
4/7/2010 Dusk Angels - song - lyrics with tabs Lyriclove,song-lyric,me,me,
4/5/2010 Lipstick Magic Haikulove
4/5/2010 Le boeuf and the frogs Haikulove
4/5/2010 Hazy Love Haikulove
4/5/2010 Look before you leap Haikulost love
4/5/2010 The Death of Macbeth Haikuwar
4/5/2010 The Silly Prince Haikudepression
4/5/2010 Music of the Deaf Haikusad
4/5/2010 Other routes Haikudeath
4/5/2010 Lovely Rain Drops Haikuimagination
4/5/2010 Ephemera Coupletlost love
4/5/2010 Two roses with names Coupletlost love
4/5/2010 The Rag Market and the Church Sonnetlove
4/5/2010 The love Riddle I do not know?love
4/5/2010 The Hate Sonnet Sonnetlost loveme,
4/5/2010 The Greek Sin (part 2) I do not know?lovefear,cousin,
4/5/2010 The Greek Sin (part 1) I do not know?loveearth,moon,sky,sun,co
4/5/2010 For a Google Times Coupletlife
4/5/2010 The Choir of Poets Coupleton writing and words
4/5/2010 The beginning of the circle I do not know?life,philosophy,
4/5/2010 The Ascension Coupletwar
4/5/2010 Tearful trinity Coupletlossme,me,
4/5/2010 Sweet love voodoo I do not know?loveme,love,me,
4/5/2010 Supermarket Glimmer Sonnetlost loveprayer,me,
4/5/2010 Stood up Sonnetlost love
4/5/2010 Stench domain Coupletfaith
4/5/2010 Spoon Dream I do not know?love
4/5/2010 Sarah Mantra Rhymepeople
4/5/2010 Then power sword inserted within I do not know?faithwords,dark,dark,
4/5/2010 Understand thee Dieu? Sin seven I do not know?faithtime,time,together,
4/5/2010 Rare Penny I do not know?lossheart,heart,love,
4/5/2010 Rag market at lunch Sonnetloveme,me,
4/5/2010 Pope John Paul Coupletdevotion
4/5/2010 Plea for nought Coupletlovelove,
4/5/2010 Perfidy Sonnetlost lovelove,me,
4/5/2010 Path to Purgatory I do not know?life
4/5/2010 Of me for thee Rhymelife
4/5/2010 Newcomer's Echo Coupletlife
4/5/2010 My Guinevere Sonnetloveheart,heart,
4/5/2010 Marries me Louise Rhymepeople
4/5/2010 Light in the dark I do not know?life
4/5/2010 Irma I do not know?peopleme,me,
4/5/2010 Let Us Give Thanks Coupletfaithlife,
4/5/2010 Hot lips dear Sonnetloveme,me,men,
4/5/2010 Having home less love I do not know?people
4/5/2010 Hand picked roses and supermarket chocolates Coupletlost lovegirl,
4/5/2010 God on the boG I do not know?faith
4/5/2010 for You I do not know?love
4/5/2010 Find Love Now Achieve Redemption I do not know?love
4/5/2010 Few words fore the light Coupletsad
4/5/2010 Claire with the fair hair Rhymepeople
4/5/2010 Champagne Jane Rhymepeople
4/5/2010 An inside poem I do not know?love
4/5/2010 About being cheated Coupletlost love
4/5/2010 A Tolerate Britain Coupletpeople
4/5/2010 A sonnet to Learn Sonnetpeoplelight,light,
4/4/2010 The vengeful kissed frog Haikuon writing and words
4/4/2010 The WMD Oracles Haikuwar
4/4/2010 The waiting I do not know?loss
4/4/2010 Topple I do not know?lost love
4/4/2010 Unhomeliness Coupletpeopleme,
4/4/2010 Untitled Coupletlove
4/4/2010 Veiled in suspicion Sonnetpeople,urbanme,me,
4/4/2010 View from the shadow Coupleton writing and wordsme,
4/4/2010 Walking into a door Sonnetpeoplelove,
4/4/2010 We Ate In Peace Together Haikulove
4/4/2010 With my best friend's scope Haikuloss
4/4/2010 Words in eternity Couplethopeme,
4/4/2010 You think you can change me Sonnetpeopleme,me,
4/4/2010 Young Death Stud Coupletwar
4/4/2010 Your love for me Coupletfaith
4/4/2010 Wordsmith Requiem I do not know?faith
4/4/2010 The worshiper and congregation I do not know?faith,forgiveness,people,
4/4/2010 The shadowed valley Coupletlost love
4/4/2010 The Shadow of the Mare Coupletfantasyautumn,
4/4/2010 Sonnet of a Serial Killer Sonnetpeople
4/4/2010 Piss on the Cistern, hide Ash in the Urn Coupletpeople
4/4/2010 Pi Love Coupletscience
4/4/2010 On the wings of a dove I do not know?lovetime,
4/4/2010 Night Shift Worker Sonneton work and workingsweet,
4/4/2010 Night Rainbow Sonnetfantasydark,dark,moon,
4/4/2010 Mortal bred Coupletlife
4/4/2010 Me llamo Diablo Coupletfaith
4/4/2010 FAST Marriage SLOW Divorce STOP Haikulost love
4/4/2010 Expulsion I do not know? 
4/4/2010 Eternal promises I do not know?love

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