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Scottish born

 The Linton Lassie is retired, but often short of time.

Mum of four. Grandma of five, Great Grandma of four.

Owns two dogs, a German Shepherd, and a Border Collie.

Resident in Australia for more years than she cares to remember.

Writes poetry for fun.

A little bit of Twain

Blog Posted:12/3/2011 5:38:00 PM

I found this in a book I enjoyed reading. 'Crow Stone' by Jenni Mills.

Thought it worth posting here.

To quote Mark Twain

"Getting the Right Word in the Right Place
To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. To condense the diffused light of a page of thought into the luminous flash of a single sentence, is worthy to rank as a prize composition just by itself. . . . Anybody can have ideas--the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph."

(Letter to Emeline Beach, February 1868)

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  1. Date: 12/4/2011 2:56:00 PM
    Nice blog and pic of you , Marg! Hmmm, I wonder if Twain wrote many haiku!

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  1. Date: 12/4/2011 10:48:00 AM
    Hi Margaret! So cool to see your lovely photo here :D -- and thanks for sharing this tidbit from Mark Twain-- ah, how true he is! Putting the right word for me (and without being superfluous), is art. I need help with it though, I am sometimes just too wordy for my own good.... I suppose that's why I am so challenged with haiku? Since it pushes me to say so much with so few words....

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  1. Date: 12/4/2011 8:40:00 AM
    Sage advice! I think many of us could pare down (myself included)...a good lesson this is!

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  1. Date: 12/4/2011 8:33:00 AM
    This is why politicians don't read Twain. It takes them 12 pages to get a thought across.

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  1. Date: 12/3/2011 7:52:00 PM
    Yeah, I agree with Mark Twain's quote wholeheartedly, Margaret. I am an amateur who rambles too much. Thank goodness I enjoy writing some sort forms, or else I might be a lost cause!

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  1. Date: 12/3/2011 7:21:00 PM
    yes them jolly ol poets, were bound to show it, if it took a quarter mile, Mark Twain put on a glow a bit, left his mark by word of guile, style hey .....Don

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