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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/29/2016 A Life Of Crime Couplethumorous,
4/24/2016 Goodwill Bargains Couplethumorous,
4/21/2016 The Fate Of The Schooner Orion Rhymeboat,sea,storm,
4/11/2016 The Man O'War HMS Arcturus Rhymecourage,sea,
4/6/2016 Writing Poetry Coupletwriting,
4/4/2016 A Novel Use For A Plumber's Snake Limerickhumor,
3/30/2016 Thirteen Syllables Or Less Haikumountains,
3/22/2016 Cowboy Heaven Rhymecowboy,humorous,
3/19/2016 Reminisces Of An Old Cowpoke Rhymecowboy,
3/15/2016 Having My Weigh With Homophones Rhymehumorous,
3/11/2016 My Two Cents Regarding This Election Year Rhymehumorous,political,
3/8/2016 Flying Tourist Class in Seat 34B Rhymeflying,humorous,
3/5/2016 The Vicissitudes Of Modern Air Travel Rhymehumorous,travel,
3/4/2016 Military Life Footlehumorous,military,
2/27/2016 A Poet Named Bob Limerickhumorous,name,
2/21/2016 Solace Behind A Tree Limerickhumorous,
2/17/2016 Two Lenses Rhymecar,humorous,
2/5/2016 Random Thoughts Of A Disgruntled Snowman Rhymehumorous,winter,
2/3/2016 The Unsinkable Titanic Limerickboat,
1/27/2016 Birthday Party Coupletbirthday,
1/25/2016 Donald Vis A Vis Hillary Clerihewhumorous,political,
1/25/2016 Manning Vs Brady Limerickfootball,
1/22/2016 When I Was A Mere Lad Of Ten Rhymechildhood,
1/18/2016 Secrets Of The Sea Rhymesea,
1/16/2016 Jenny, I'll Be Home To Tend The Crops This Fall Rhymelove,war,
12/26/2015 Jefferson The Wonder Cat Rhymecat,humorous,
12/9/2015 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Unless---- Rhymechristmas,
12/5/2015 A Christmas Letter Rhymechristmas,humorous,
12/4/2015 True Or False Monokuhumor,
11/27/2015 A Futuristic Christmas 2020 And Beyond Rhymechristmas,humorous,
11/25/2015 Norman Rockwell Nonetart,
11/15/2015 Sure Cure For Making Up For Lost Sleep Couplethumorous,sleep,
11/11/2015 If I Were Really Rich Rhymeparadise,
11/5/2015 Meat And Taters Versefood,
10/17/2015 Most Embarrassing Moment Rhymehumorous,
10/17/2015 Petrified Forest Questionkuconfusion,humorous,
10/15/2015 Falling Leaves Rhymehumorous,tree,
10/10/2015 Pete's Enigma Limerickhumorous,irony,
10/9/2015 Music, Music, Music Rhymehumorous,music,
10/3/2015 Mortimer Snerd Limerickhumorous,political,
9/18/2015 Donald Trump Clerihewhumorous,political,
9/12/2015 Ghost Town Rhymehumorous,nostalgia,
9/7/2015 I'm A-hangin' Up My Spurs Rhymecowboy,humorous,
9/2/2015 Prejudices Will Not Be Tolerated Limerickhumorous,
8/8/2015 Country Veterinarian Rhymeanimal,
7/27/2015 Poetic Gus Limerickhumorous,poets,
7/19/2015 The Bully Limerickanti bullying,humorous,
7/18/2015 The Best Things In Life Are Free Rhymeimagery,life,
7/6/2015 Jail House Blues Footlehumorous,
6/28/2015 Fourth Of July Acrosticpatriotic,
6/23/2015 Duke - A Soldier's Tale Rhymeanimal,humorous,
6/19/2015 Absent-minded Hank Limerickcowboy,humorous,
6/13/2015 I Remember When Rhymehumorous,nostalgia,
6/7/2015 Flowing Streams Free versehappiness,water,
6/7/2015 Five Fun Footles Footlehumorous,romance,
6/1/2015 If I Could Create Just One Perfect Day Rhymeearth,introspection,
6/1/2015 Clyde's Fine Country Diner Rhymefood,humorous,
5/30/2015 Humpty Dumpty Limerickhumorous,
5/28/2015 Daniel Boone Clerihewhumorous,
5/20/2015 LUCIFER and HOOCH Limerickdrink,humorous,
5/17/2015 Batter Up Limerickbaseball,humorous,
5/15/2015 My Major Award Rhymewriting,
5/14/2015 Sweet Dreams, Princess Rhymechild,dream,
5/3/2015 Nancy Pelosi Limericknonsense,political,
5/2/2015 Son, I Want To See That Memorial Before I Die Rhymefather,soldier,son,
4/29/2015 Mind Yer Manners Rhymegrowing up,humorous,
4/28/2015 Wabbits Limerickanimal,humorous,
4/26/2015 George Washington's False Teeth - For Contest Limerickhumorous,
4/21/2015 Ghosts Of The Titanic Rhymeboat,ocean,sad,
4/18/2015 I Like Things Regular And Complete Rhymehumorous,
4/17/2015 President Abraham Lincoln Rhymehumorous,
4/15/2015 Infernal Income Taxes Limerickconfusion,humorous,
4/12/2015 The Yodelin' Cowboy Rhymecowboy,humorous,
4/8/2015 The Challenge Of Eating French Onion Soup Rhymefood,humorous,
4/3/2015 Doctors Footlenonsense,
4/2/2015 Cowpunchers Footlecowboy,
3/29/2015 Bermudian Shoreline Rhymebeach,romance,
3/26/2015 Tribute To Mother On Mothers' Day 2015 Acrosticmother,
3/25/2015 More Epitaphs Observed At Evergreen Cemetery Couplethumorous,
3/21/2015 Strolling Through Evergreen Cemetery Rhymedeath,humorous,
3/19/2015 Steamboat Is A-Comin' Rhymeboat,humorous,
3/14/2015 My Cantankerous Computer Limerickcomputer,
3/13/2015 Rip Van Winkle Limerickhumorous,
3/6/2015 His Day Was Shattered Clerihewcelebrity,humorous,
2/26/2015 The Ideal Air Force Wife Odemilitary,thank you,
2/21/2015 My Wife's Purse Rhymehumorous,
2/12/2015 Drivin' Along A Country Road Rhymenostalgia,
2/8/2015 The Day The Prez Was Stiffed Couplethumorous,political,
2/3/2015 Hank's Last Roundup Rhymecowboy,humorous,
2/2/2015 A Condensed Version Of Aesop's Hare And Turtle Fable Coupletanimal,humorous,
1/29/2015 The Day The Granny Smith Apple Fell Limerickhistory,humorous,
1/21/2015 Keep It Simple Couplethumorous,poetry,
1/15/2015 Suggested Valentine Card Greetings Rhymehumorous,valentines day,
1/10/2015 Geese Rhymebird,nature,
1/8/2015 Stagecoach Is A-comin' To Old Santa Fe Rhymehumorous,
1/6/2015 Punxsutawney Phil's Weather Forecast Limerickhumorous,weather,
1/1/2015 My New Years Resolution Rhymehumorous,new year,
12/30/2014 Ode To Our Christmas Tree Odechristmas,
12/23/2014 Christmas Eve Under The Uintah Street Bridge Rhymechristmas,
12/20/2014 The First King Size Bed Coupletchristmas,

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