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Andrea Dietrich grew up in Iowa and now resides in Utah with a spouse and two cats. She has two grown children and three grandchildren. Having graduated BYU with a Spanish major/ESL minor, she has spent most of her adult life teaching. It wasn't until 2000 that she began writing in earnest and discovering her "niche" as a writer of lyrical poetry. The internet opened up a new world for her, and she has spent nearly a decade now participating in poetry clubs, acting as a judge of poetry contests for various magazines and for the website Shadow Poetry, and also, entering poetry contests herself.

Ms. Dietrich has won numerous awards, as well as the title Poet of the Year 2008, from the Yahoo group, Poetry For Thought. In addition, she has won prizes from the magazines Lucidity, Bell's Letters, Art with Words, Poets at Work and SP Quill, the magazine for which she wrote grammar and poetry articles as well as movie reviews and for which she acted as poetry editor for the head editor Marie Summers for six years. Many of her poems have appeared in Shadows Ink, a yearly published series of chapbooks of award winning poetry as well as in numerous other anthologies. Her short stories appeared in many issues of SP Quill and much of her poetry is published in eight chapbooks (the most recent one soon to be published is called Prosies), which can be purchased at

Wot is Going On Around Here?

Blog Posted:3/9/2014 10:23:00 AM
Haha. just trying to get attention by using Wot.

OK, here is what is going on with my latest contest and my friend and worthy poet Eileen. I want everyone to know what happened. Her poem did not make it into my contest. She is saying that in her contest member area, it is showing a second place on it. I have no idea what that is all about, but clearly her poem is not on my winners list and it's because it never got into my contest. Eileen, if you are telling me the truth, and I am sure you are, then it means Soup has messed up. I want to send you the list of all 35 poems that I received in my contest. I can copy and paste the entire list to you and send it in an email if you would like. Please Soupmail me if you want that list. I don't want anyone to think I am making up a story by blaming something on a glitch, but I believe there actually are glitches happening at Soup!

On this list of entries I am willing to show Eileen there are about six poems disqualified for not using swap quatrain form whatsoever. In other words, a waste of 6 poetry spots. Two others poets included their names which I told people not to do, so they were disqualified. Two others I simply did not like because of the way they phrased things. That left 25 others that I could see had all tried to do a good job for me and so I have ended up with a rather long winners list. I am a people pleaser and when I see people have tried to do a good job for me, I have a hard time narrowing down my winners' list like some judges are able to do. Anyway, that is another topic. . . 

Some of my winners (many of them in fact) used "near rhyme" or did not rhyme sometimes at all. In fact, my number one poet's poem did not always use perfect rhyme, but everything else was so perfect about his poem (his theme, his meter, his use of the swapped lines), I just had to give it first place.  I am happy with my winners' list. I enjoyed all the poems on it, and for sure, Eileen's poem would have been on that list. I would have put it with the other love poems, which for me were good but not unique enough in my opinion for a top spot. I would have likely given it a number six or seven placement because Eileen showed very good form with her poem and it was a really sweet one.

I think all the judges here can agree with me that it is difficult to judge contests. Sometimes I wonder why I even do it. I am sure I have disappointed many of my friends and it kills me when I bring disappointment to people, but that is what judging is all about.
I do not feel that all judges are fair. I am sure of this but again, that is another topic altogether. I try to be fair and I want everyone to know that. Even if you are someone who has never put me on your winners list, I would still put you on mine if I liked your poem enough. That is the whole purpose of my not allowing names on my contest poems. I do not want to be swayed by my personal feelings. Just my thoughts this morning. I welcome your own thoughts on the matter!!

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  1. Date: 3/13/2014 5:11:00 PM
    The new contest Andie - you say 2 contradictory things you say the syllable count in a limericks has some flexibility and then you tell us to make line 1,2,5 match & 3,4 - I agree the syllable counts does not always have to match in a limerick, it's more important to maintain the meter and so far what I have read today - they were not in correct meter - perhaps a blog on limerick meter Andie & clarify if we can be off at the beginning or end of the line to maintain rhythm

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    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/14/2014 12:07:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Debs, matching in meter is more important than matching in syllable count. I just thought if I told them to make syllable count consistent, it would help those who are not good with meter (to at least have something consistent in their poems). I have already read one very good one in which one line has one extra syllable but the meter is very good. it's a talent to do a limerick, so those with the talent will score. And I just found out my contest had closed out anyway
  1. Date: 3/10/2014 10:17:00 PM
    “Can't we all... just... get along?” - Rodney King

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  1. Date: 3/10/2014 3:05:00 PM
    I never realised that a judge had to put up with all of this , I've been entering competitions to have fun and to learn a little . This has shocked me. It simply isn't fair .

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    WATSON Avatar DARREN WATSON Date: 3/10/2014 3:26:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Eileen I respect what you say and I love your poems . My comments are aimed at supporting our judges , They are not aimed at you, I am horrified that you should think they are.
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/10/2014 3:17:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Darren....I have yet to judge a contest....Just got to be a MP...I know it's tough work....but...suppose you think you consistently do poorly on someone's contest...wouldn't you want to know why? There are ways to do that ..Don't be upset....Keep joining for the fun. I join at times to learn new forms...I do like to do well. Hope you aren't too disappointed in me....
  1. Date: 3/10/2014 12:36:00 PM
    Y'all know I apologized, right???? ;) I have an APOLOGY BLOG UP!!! Don't think I'm that bad.... ;) I'm not a terror...ONLY sometimes! Hugs all around!

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  1. Date: 3/10/2014 7:48:00 AM

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    Hunter Avatar Painted Hunter Date: 3/10/2014 1:34:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Heidi do, cowgirl?!
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/10/2014 12:38:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Howdy, partner!!! ;)
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 3:00:00 PM
    This kind of thing makes me very tired. I have so many non placements that's it would surely be a record. lol. Andrea, Ive always found you very fair. I really appreciate your taking the time to give a quick critique of our poems, and why you placed them where you did. It helps so much to get feed back ..In a nice way of course. lol. BG

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    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/10/2014 12:39:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Hi, Barbara....Don't think ill of me...I did apologize for shooting my mouth off. I have an APOLOGY BLOG up....Andrea is a sweetie....All is forgiven...Hugs
    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 5:22:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    thanks , Barbara, this is so sweet of you. Everything has gotten ironed out. I have now seen Eileen's poem that she thought had been entered, and it's very nice. go check it out. yeah, those dreaded N/A's are NO fun to see, I hear ya. I highly doubt you have any more than anybody else. I think we all are about the same for getting them 1/4 to 1/3 of the time.
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 2:33:00 PM
    I know it is difficult to be a judge, Andrea......things happen, and it is hard to make everyone happy. Eileen must not feel bad, I can't remember how many times I have spent hours on a poem, and got so absorbed, that I have forgotten to even enter it!! Duh....!! We have all goofed in some way or another, if we are willing to admit. Thanks for my placement....sorry my "near-rhyme" didn't do the trick, but I always know you judge fairly. Thank you very much, and congrats to all you winners!

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    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 5:20:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Carrie, if I ever leave you off a contest, it will mean that you finally wrote a horrible poem. hahaha. You just can do no wrong!!
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 12:25:00 PM
    Yea we've seen a couple contest issues in the past. Definitely causes confusion.

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  1. Date: 3/9/2014 11:54:00 AM
    LOL!! 8-)

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    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 12:13:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    HEE HEE!!! I'm a silly girl!!!
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 11:43:00 AM
    hahahaha. Thanks, Eileen. I just hope people see what you wrote!! Luv ya, now I understand your soupmail I got!! gotta go get ready for church. Dang. I am not done giving personal congrats in my contest. I love doing that!!!

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    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 11:44:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Sorry I took your time!!! SILLY ME!!! Yes...I have something about this in my Blog....and on the actual believe they will see it. If it helps...i will blog about it...
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 11:09:00 AM
    ANDREA......ANDREA.....ANDREA...I AM SO EMBARRASSED!!!! I've made a total fool of myself. What I saw was my 2nd place win in CRAIG'S Constanza contest. Why the mix up??? The title: Andrea's Inspiration, Connie's Form, Constanza! I know....what a title!! I saw the first two lines..cause that whole title came in three lines...I saw Andrea...and checked the number and it was 2. I'm an A**! It wasn't entered in your contest!!! OH DEAR OH DEAR! I just figured it out cause I was sending you a soupmail about it. WILL YOU FORGIVE ME????

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    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 5:25:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    hahaha. David can attest to MY scatter brained ways. I mistook a name he wrote me in one of his last soupmails for another person's name and the name he told me was closer to the actual person he was talking about than to the person I believed he meant!!
    Williams Avatar David Williams Date: 3/9/2014 12:11:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    ha ha ha happens...
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 11:10:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    will you will you will you???????????????? Shall I blog a public apology???? TELL ME!!!
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 11:00:00 AM
    Andrea it says in mine I won your contest but I am placed 8th....only joking.....I am happy with 8th, I have not read all of the entrees yet but I will get around to it later tomorrow ....Everybody knows you are a very fair judge...

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    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 11:45:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    thanks David. I think I remember what happened with yours. You are one of those that maybe likes to use lots of near rhyme? I have to get going to my church "library duty" but will go see yours later. I am sure your poem had great content in it. Wanted to go see again why I did not score it a bit higher. Luv, Andrea
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 11:13:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Yea...and I'm an idiot! Oh David...How WILL I live this down??? Was it the tears? My stupid emotional state? Or the glasses I did NOT wear that caused the problem! OH DEAR!
  1. Date: 3/9/2014 10:57:00 AM
    OMG, I just went to see the first entry in my limerick contest. It's more than one limerick and parts of it are not limerick. Already it is disqualified so right now, I have no entries.

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  1. Date: 3/9/2014 10:35:00 AM
    Andrea...kindly send me your address. I can send you my contest entry page so you will see the 2nd ranking. I would have been happy with that. However, you state here that you would have give it a sixth or seventh with the other LOVE poems that weren't "unique" enough in your opinion. Perhaps mush isn't really what you like. It is your contest, and no one can fault you on what you like or don't. So, at least now I know...where my standing would be on your contests. I write romance best...and I can't write about...the birds and the bees...Yes, that was tongue in cheek! ;)

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    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 10:59:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    my writing is NOT flawless. (well once in a while. hahaha)and I have seen love poems of YOURS that would have ranked in top three with me. Thanks for being understanding through all this. I have the list in my email now and I'm going to your soupmail right now to get your address.
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 10:54:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Oh Andrea...Don't mind me! I'm just having me a temper tantrum and being rather childish as well! Sorry!!! I just want so much to do well for you because I do love your I said on many of my posts to you...Your writing, to flawless! I'll be grown up about it. I'll try!!! Maybe I need to get you to switch to coffee!!! ;) I'll add a big slice of apple pie! Humble pie! Will you forgive me? AGAIN? ;) I'll email you my hotmail address here in a soupie! I do want to send you that page! Hugs!
    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 10:50:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Also I have to say, I have placed some at 6, 7 and 8 that I REALLY love but I did not like something technical that was going on. when I say generous, I mean that I place almost all the poems; whereas other judges only place a mere ten. well, soupmail me your address and I'll give you mine so I can see what Soup has done . good grief. Taking numbers out of the air!! better go copy/paste that list for you
    Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich Date: 3/9/2014 10:46:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    6, 7 and 8 are not bad placements in my contests. It means I liked the poems and found them well crafted. They are the poems that I am sure other poets are gong to love but they are simply not my cup of tea. I do enjoy a really good love poem but it has to be impeccable usually and loaded with imagery. Sorry if you are less than thrilled about the placement I would give you. I like your poem, sweetie. Hope you'll see my winners list to get a sense of what I like.
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 10:40:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    LAST ONE...PROMISE! I have not placed on other contests and just had a good cry. You can ask some of the friends I've shared this burden with. I only wrote on YOUR blog because I feel comfortable enough and care for you enough to share my disappointment. I love your work...and look up to you as a poetess...that's why this particularly is rather.....painful! Don't worry!!! I'll get over it!
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 3/9/2014 10:38:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    YES...that WAS my attempt at humor. I did enter a limerick in your contest before...Sonnet Sorrows and Tanka Blankas....Didn't place. So, I guess this limerick one won't be....up my lane. You did mention in your blog that you were "very generous" and that my poem would have the wording there. I do INSIST, Andrea, PLEASE do send me your email address. You DO need to be SURE that I have entered my poem and it IS in 2nd place. Thanks for the blog of explanation. It is good to know where you stand.

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Time Out Free versedepression,devotion,fanta
Winter Promise Free versenature
The Man on Brunswick Drive Free verseintrospection,people
I Am..(Tagged by raul, now i'm tagging Elaine george). Free verseintrospectionbeautiful,be
Brown Sands Lyricintrospection,lifemystery
Dancing at a Temple Rhymedevotion,
DAYBREAK UP HIGH Free verseinspirational
Tea For Two Free verseintrospectionme,me,
Peak District United Kingdom Prose Poetryinspirational
PAPER I do not know?allegoryme,
Inspiration Dramatic Versededication,inspiration,in
NINE O'CLOCK Limerickfunny
Frozen Memories Tankaart
Summer's Voice Free verseseasons
Lazy Day Free verselife,nature
I Was Me Biolife,

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