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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
7/26/2016 His Epitaph Light Poetryhumor,
7/25/2016 The Swan and Us Light Poetryhumor,
7/25/2016 In the Heat of the Night Light Poetryhumor,
7/25/2016 Avoid This Grookhumor,
7/24/2016 Lady Jogger Light Poetryhumor,
7/23/2016 The Ornithologist Light Poetryhumor,
7/20/2016 Honest Answer Light Poetryhumor,
7/18/2016 A Better Alternative Light Poetryhumor,
7/18/2016 Weathermen and the old Yankee Light Poetryhumor,
7/18/2016 True or False Grookhumor,
7/15/2016 Famous Men's Faces Light Poetryhumor,
7/14/2016 Smart Boy Light Poetryhumor,
7/13/2016 A Seagull's Nickel Light Poetryhumor,
7/13/2016 Truism Light Poetryhumor,
7/12/2016 Renowned Pianist Light Poetryhumor,
7/11/2016 Saddle Twaddle Light Poetryhumor,
7/11/2016 To her lawyer Limerickhumor,
7/11/2016 The Parenthesis Light Poetryhumor,
7/9/2016 True or False Light Poetryhumor,
7/9/2016 A Word about my Dog Light Poetryhumor,pets,
7/9/2016 To his lawyer Limerickhumor,
7/9/2016 The Food of Czars Light Poetryfood,humor,
7/9/2016 Flackmoth and Nirvana Light Poetryhumor,
7/7/2016 Wifely Treasure Light Poetryhumor,
7/7/2016 Lamp Posts Light Poetryhumor,
7/7/2016 Math and Music Light Poetryhumor,
7/6/2016 Ah the Human Body Light Poetryhumor,
7/6/2016 The Long and Short of it Light Poetryhumor,
7/5/2016 Morton's Relief Light Poetryhumor,
7/5/2016 Nameless Lady Limerickhumor,
7/5/2016 The Voting Game Light Poetrypolitical,
7/5/2016 Defunct Species Light Poetryhumorous,
7/4/2016 The Root History of Asparagus Light Poetryfood,history,
7/4/2016 Night Diving Dramatic Versechildhood,
6/28/2016 Flackmoth Looking at an art book of Nudes Light Poetryart,humor,
6/26/2016 I Will Make a Tree Light Poetryart,poetry,
6/25/2016 The Grand Old Ladies on the Bluff Light Poetrysummer,
6/20/2016 Yukky Stuff Light Poetryhumor,
6/20/2016 Grandma's Wake Light Poetryhumor,
6/18/2016 The Cynic Light Poetrydark,humor,
6/16/2016 The Beggar Light Poetryhumor,
6/16/2016 Who's Walking Whom Light Poetryhumorous,
6/14/2016 Field Violets Light Poetrylife,light,
6/14/2016 Hermit Crabs Free verselife,
6/14/2016 Bluefish Dramatic Versefish,
6/12/2016 Sensitivity Light Poetryhumor,
6/9/2016 Muhammad Ali Light Poetryobituary,
6/7/2016 Flackmoth and Transgender Light Poetryhumor,
6/6/2016 The Dangling Modifier Light Poetryhumor,
6/6/2016 On the Perambulations of a Morning Carp Light Poetryimagination,
6/5/2016 Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes Dramatic Versemythology,
6/4/2016 A Few Clerihews Clerihewhumor,
6/3/2016 Poet Take Heed Light Poetrywriting,
6/3/2016 To All Flesh Eaters Light Poetryfood,humor,
6/2/2016 Purgatory Light Poetryhumor,
6/2/2016 Prognosis Light Poetryhumor,
6/2/2016 Sunset Light Poetrysymbolism,
6/2/2016 Angelica My Cat Light Poetrycat,humor,
5/31/2016 Think Your Life is Bad Light Poetryhumor,
5/31/2016 Spring and the Red-tail Hawk Dramatic Versebird,nature,
5/31/2016 Winter Crows Light Poetryanimal,nature,
5/30/2016 What Hands Say Light Poetryart,
5/29/2016 The Carousel A Translation Light Poetrychildhood,
5/27/2016 The Spider's Web Light Poetrynature,
5/27/2016 Cancel it Light Poetryhumor,
5/26/2016 Wild Blackberries Light Poetrycreation,fruit,imaginatio
5/25/2016 Lets Face It Light Poetryhumor,
5/25/2016 The Egg Light Poetryhumor,
5/25/2016 Mother's Advice Light Poetryhumor,
5/24/2016 In Memoriam Light Poetryhumor,
5/23/2016 Approaching Storm Light Poetryweather,
5/22/2016 Beach Walks Light Poetrybeach,
5/21/2016 A Still-life: Water Lilies Light Poetryimagery,
5/20/2016 Calories Grookhumor,
5/20/2016 Hmmm Light Poetryhumor,
5/19/2016 Expendable Light Poetrylife,
5/19/2016 Two Worlds: Reflecting on a Reflection Quatrainlife,
5/18/2016 Aristotle to his Son Part 2 Dramatic monologuehistory,
5/18/2016 Aristotle to his Son Part 1 Dramatic Versehistory,
5/18/2016 What Hands Say Light Poetryart,
5/17/2016 Down East Birches Free verseimagination,
5/17/2016 True or False Grookhumor,
5/17/2016 True or False Grookhumor,
5/16/2016 True or False Grookhumor,
5/16/2016 The Bicycle Lentofunny,
5/15/2016 The Naming of Things Didacticlanguage,name,
5/13/2016 Friday the Thirteenth Light Poetryhumor,
5/12/2016 Zeitgeist Light Poetrydark,humor,
5/11/2016 So Much for That Light Poetryhumor,
5/11/2016 The Future of American English Light Poetryhumor,language,
5/10/2016 Ageing Artfully Light Poetryhumor,
5/10/2016 Determined Wife Grookhumor,
5/9/2016 How to be a first prize writer Limerickhumor,
5/9/2016 A Disheartened Clergyman Light Poetrydark,humor,
5/9/2016 What's Your Reputation Grookhumor,
5/9/2016 Figure this out Light Poetryhumor,
5/9/2016 Immortality Light Poetrywords,
5/9/2016 I Love a Good Poem Light Poetryhumor,
5/9/2016 On the Period Light Poetryhumor,
5/8/2016 Grateful Priest Light Poetryhumor,

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