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The True Wolf Man Story

Blog Posted:1/29/2013 11:32:00 AM


On a make shift lounge in the wilderness he lay.

He knew he was dying and sensed this was his final day.

Atop of this mountain is where he wanted to be

so he could have one last look at God's wondrous scenery.

The wolf pack emerged out of the brush and surrounded him.

He smiled as they all gazed. He found their prescence comforting.

The alpha male approached him with a pheasant locked in it's jaw

and dropped it on his lap but he could eat no more.

He pushed the dead bird off on to the ground.

The alpha male began to make a whimpering sound.

With what little strength he had left, he pet the wolf's head and said good bye.

When his lifeless hand fell,

the alpha male howled as the pack joined him in his cry.

The wolf pack was in mourning. Their Wolf Man had died.


The above is a totally fictionalized story,
authored by the one and only yours truly.
I was inspired to write it during an experience of mine
that occurred long ago back when I was still in my prime.
I guess you can say that I'm a wilderness survivor junkie,
which is surprising for many because surviving isn't easy.
Anyone who tells you that wilderness surviving is fun
isn't truly surviving. They are just simply camping,
but venturing off into the wilderness with little more than none
other than the clothes on my back, I consider a vacation.
I once spent an entire spring and summer season
deep in a very remote wilderness region.
As I venture deeper into the forest my very first priority
was to search for the local wolf pack's locality,
which I inevitably did find successfully.
Wolves have specific howls for specific occasions,
but there was only one specific howl that I was interested in.
It was the unmistakable howl of a celebration
after the pack had successfully taken down a prey victim.
Every time that the pack had a successful kill
I would chase them off of it and claim my share of their hard work and skill,
but before leaving I would butcher the entire carcass to pieces
so that every pack member could grab a share, run off and eat in peace
without the risk of having the remaining carcass being taken by a grizzly.
It was my way of thanking them for providing me
with this most bountiful source of animal protein.
I was met with resistance initially,
but inevitably the wolves came to accept me
and would allow me to take my share from their kill everytime freely
as they all surrounded and watched me so intensely.
They'd get excited and begin to howl every time they'd see me
begin the routine of butchering for them their share of the meat
and as I'd leave I would once again look behind me.
Some were eating their meal relaxed contently,
while others tossed theirs in the air playing with glee.
I truly bonded with that pack most sincerely
and often think of returning to that life permanently,
but I have too many ties here, too much responsibility
for such a life to ever possibly again ever be.
Once during one of my many butchering episodes
I was approached behind by a grizzly bear and the wolves let me know.
The bear was slowly approaching me with its head held high,
which I immediately recognized as a positive sign.
It is only when a bear sinks its head down low, more than likely
that the bear is about to behave aggressive and threateningly.
Never making eye contact with the bear I backed away slowly
but always keeping that bear in my sight peripherally.
I displayed my back to the bear, continuing my departure slowly,
with my head slightly turned to watch behind me peripherally.
This is animal language for "I'm exposing to you my vulnerability.
I have no desire to hurt you, so please don't hurt me."
The wolves began to harass the bear relentlessly.
I almost had the impression that they were trying to protect me,
but they were trying to protect their kill more than likely.
In any event, they kept the bear distracted long enough for me
to get the hell out of there and make a hasty retreat.
I once had another surprise encounter with a grizzly bear
but at the time none of the wolves in my pack were there.
It was a situation for me that could have ended fatal and gory.
Maybe one day I'll share with you the tale of that story.



ME, Before venturing out on my little excursion


ME, shortly After I had returned back to my home


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  1. Date: 1/30/2013 1:17:00 PM
    Loved the story... You write well and have lead a very interesting life.

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  1. Date: 1/29/2013 11:08:00 PM
    What an experience, loved reading it,thank you.....Seren

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  1. Date: 1/29/2013 5:40:00 PM
    Thank you so much 'Billy'...big hug ... Live deb

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  1. Date: 1/29/2013 1:19:00 PM
    Good story! and I absolutely love wolves!

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  1. Date: 1/29/2013 1:05:00 PM
    I do a lot of camping, but have never been in a situation such as you have. I have sat and watched bears, but not wolves. Mostly I see deer and smaller animals. Wonderful stories.

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