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Blog Posted:2/14/2010 3:14:00 PM
I've been alive since a thousands of years ago. Still I got no inkling what Valentine is all about? I know it is about Love and stuff... Where did it start from? and from which country? anyone mind to share their experience with me please? Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINE!!! for 2day... enjoy the love soupers
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  1. Date: 2/16/2010 10:37:00 AM
    According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may have been his jailor's daughter — who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France.

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  1. Date: 2/15/2010 3:48:00 PM
    Just guessing, but I would say that some florist probably started it like they started grandparents day, secretary day, any day to sell flowers. LOL I checked the web for you. It started in the early 3or4 hundreds AD to honor a martyr named Saint Valentine...lots more info at the following link. Smiles and Happy Valentines belated, the link:

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  1. Date: 2/15/2010 1:09:00 AM
    It actually all began with Hallmark who wanted to up their sales figures . Then the florists association backed the idea and they were supported by Nestle/ Cadbury . As Tina Turner once sang " What's Love Gotta Do With It " ??? St. Val's bones are interned in The Franciscan Church in Aungier St. in Dublin . Hope your day was special , because that IS what it is really about ...

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  1. Date: 2/14/2010 8:14:00 PM
    Jame's answer on the bottom here was clever! EONS ago, before Christians, this holiday was a pagan one for a spring festival. And Pan was involved too. Many ST. VAlentines existed, nobody knows for sure the "real" one that started the holiday we know today. I like to think it was the one beheaded and before he met his fate, he healed the daughter of his jailor and wrote her a note ending, "from your Valentine" That is what it says in the book I use to teach my ESL students. Andrea

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  1. Date: 2/14/2010 7:25:00 PM
    great comments by everyone, i had no idea the origins of this most depressing of days.

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  1. Date: 2/14/2010 6:27:00 PM
    It started as Saint Valentine's Day in the Christian Church and was shortened to Valentine's Day as many Christians named Valentine were martyred and Pope Gelasius made it a holiday to venerate their martyrdom.. as time progressed Geoffrey Chaucer made it more poplar in High English Society in AD 496 and it became a day for love, flowers and candy.. so it is still celebrated today.. luv.. Linda-Marie..

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  1. Date: 2/14/2010 4:27:00 PM
    It is a common opinion that the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine's feast day in the middle of February in an effort to Christianize a Greco-Roman February holidays called Lupercalia. Alleged to be devoted to fertility and love.

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  1. Date: 2/14/2010 4:04:00 PM
    Saint Valentine was a Christian Martyr who died in mid Februay, around AD 307. In 1382, Richard II of England wrote a verse for Anne of Bohemia "For this is Saint Valentine Day; When every bird cometh to choose his mate" They were later married and by the way, they were only 15. But it became known as a day when lover's proclaim their love... anyways, if not fact, I think it is a lovely story...actually great idea for a contest...

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