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...her own world of RuneScape

Blog Posted:8/8/2006 7:31:00 PM
After a reasonably easy day at work, here I sit at my CPU, momentarily (Don’t want to take too much time since my kids need my attention – I think we are playing cards tonight) writing what will be the concluding thoughts for my evening (Wait, that doesn't sound right, I will be thinking later). Happily, my daughter is by my side, although, immersed in her own world of RuneScape (I wish I could explain that game to you). School is about to start - Monday - so, she won’t see much of her favorite pastime; you know, with honors classes, etc. I keep telling her about the difficulty of honor’s chemistry – but as usual, she is oblivious. I guess that is what makes her so special, happy-go-lucky and smart - it's a gift I did not give. Hmmmmm, tacos for dinner. Oh, well poets (I would say “fellow poets” but I don’t want to dilute your talent) see you another PoetrySoup day….
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  1. Date: 8/11/2006 4:08:00 AM
    Hey Mark, I really like your blog site too.... and your poetry I might add. I must read more of it. Lainie

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  1. Date: 8/8/2006 7:50:00 PM
    Perhaps a more lovely scene could not be set... - Hope you had a wonderful dinner, and an outstanding game of cards - Canasta's my favorite - could play for hours. And isn't it the truth about children - A close friend of mine's daughter just went back to school today and I had the pains in my stomach for her - I can't imagine how it will be when Ava goes next year. Yikes - Hope everything goes smoothly for your daughter! Have a great evening ~T

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11/23/2009 When im with you I do not know?lovelove,
11/23/2009 I will love you forever I do not know?lovelove,
11/23/2009 Love is.... I do not know?lovelove,
11/23/2009 What i love about you I do not know?lovelove,
11/23/2009 If i hade a wish. I do not know?love
11/23/2009 A special world I do not know?love
11/23/2009 Why!? I do not know?lost lovecry,
11/23/2009 Lies.... I do not know?lost loveme,love,me,
11/23/2009 When you leave.... I do not know?lost lovesmile,
11/23/2009 Is this a broken heart? I do not know?lost love
11/23/2009 Do you love me? I do not know?lovelove,i love you,
11/23/2009 Im broken hearted I do not know?lost loveheart,heart,
11/23/2009 Did you forget? I do not know?lost loveheart,heart,me,
11/23/2009 Bbay,i miss you I do not know?lost lovelove,
11/1/2009 my lost love I do not know?lost love
11/1/2009 harder than you know-escape that fate I do not know?musicgirl,me,miss you,los
11/1/2009 the moment i saw you I do not know?lost loveme,
11/1/2009 long lost love I do not know?lost lovelife,heart,heart
11/1/2009 i was left alone I do not know?lost lovesad,lost,lost,sa
11/1/2009 lost love I do not know?lost lovegod,god,
11/1/2009 i hope your happy now. I do not know?lifeme,hope,me,
11/1/2009 your lies I do not know?lost loveme,life,me,
1/2/2009 This Can't Be Life I do not know?loveme,life,me,
1/2/2009 Her Story I do not know?lost love
1/2/2009 Death Soul I do not know?loss
1/2/2009 Don't Go! I do not know?lost love
1/2/2009 You Said... I do not know?lost love
1/2/2009 Seek Not My Heart I do not know?lost love
12/16/2008 The Drunk Driver I do not know?boyfriend,boyfriend,
12/16/2008 Now That Your Gone I do not know?lost loveday,me,
12/16/2008 The Secret Crush I do not know?lossheart,heart,smile,
12/16/2008 He Died From A Broken Heart I do not know?lost loveday,day,life,lov
12/16/2008 Ending His Crys I do not know?lost lovelost,lost,me,
12/16/2008 I Close My Eyes I do not know?sad
12/16/2008 I Will Love You Forever I do not know?lovelove,
12/16/2008 Never Have I Fallen I do not know?loveheart,heart,
12/16/2008 What I Love About You I do not know?love,
12/16/2008 Were In Love I do not know?loveheart,heart,
12/12/2008 Six Things About Me I do not know?depression
12/8/2008 A Weird Feeling I do not know?life
12/8/2008 I Cant Take It I do not know?depressionpain,me,
12/8/2008 We Are Who we Are I do not know?life
12/4/2008 As You... Someone... I do not know?lifeworld,
12/4/2008 From A Death Bed I do not know?death
12/4/2008 Is This What Love Is Like I do not know?lovelove,
12/4/2008 Remember You Can Always Come Back To Me I do not know?lost love
12/3/2008 I 'll never Leave you I do not know?loveme,me,
12/3/2008 How Could You? I do not know?lost love
12/3/2008 Pulling The Trigger I do not know?depressionme,
12/2/2008 Your Sweet Kiss I do not know?lovesweet,sweet,
12/2/2008 Being Used For... I do not know?life
12/2/2008 If You Really Love So One You Would Try Too Protect Them I do not know?lost lovelove,me,
12/1/2008 I Don't Care I do not know?depression
12/1/2008 This Is Halloween I do not know?song-lyric
11/25/2008 I Try To Imgagine I do not know?love
11/25/2008 My Sad Attempt I do not know?depressionday,me,
11/25/2008 I Hate Him I do not know?depression,lost love
11/25/2008 Dying Right Now Seems So Easy I do not know?depression
11/25/2008 Love Crave I do not know?love
11/25/2008 Time To Leave, Even Though... I do not know?lost love
11/21/2008 Whats Wrong Feels So Right I do not know?depression
11/19/2008 Girl From The Shadows I do not know?depressionlife,
11/19/2008 Every One I do not know?lifehate,
11/19/2008 girl looking through glass I do not know?depressiongirl,
11/19/2008 Mothers Love I do not know?depressionme,love,me,
11/19/2008 Him? I do not know?depressionlove,
11/13/2008 The Feeling I do not know?depression
11/13/2008 My Painful Secret I do not know?depressionwater,water,
11/13/2008 All The Tears I do not know?depressionrain,cry,rain,
11/10/2008 If I ever Learn I do not know?depressionme,me,
11/10/2008 Never Again I do not know?depressionday,
11/10/2008 Your Time To Die I do not know?depression
11/10/2008 Autumn Time's I do not know?depressionautumn,sad,
11/10/2008 Now Gone I do not know?lossme,me,
11/10/2008 All Of Your Lies I do not know?lost loveme,love,me,
11/10/2008 Falling Away I do not know?depression
11/7/2008 Love Hurts I do not know?lost lovenight,night,
11/7/2008 He Left Me I do not know?lost loveme,girl,me,
11/7/2008 Why do you treat me like this? I do not know?depressionme,love,me,
11/7/2008 Hours Of Crying I do not know?depressionme,life,me,
11/6/2008 Can't Speak I do not know?depression
11/6/2008 Brake-Up I do not know?depressionheart,heart,lov
11/5/2008 Prisoner I do not know?depression
11/5/2008 Your Never Alone I do not know?depressionme,me,
11/5/2008 seperated I do not know?depressionlove,
11/5/2008 Dieing I do not know?death
11/5/2008 Darkness I do not know?depressionme,
11/5/2008 All Over Again I do not know?lost loveme,me,

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