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   I sit at my window with my cats and dogs, where I feed my birds daily... Each day my Hubby Mike gives me tid bits from his imagination... before he heads off to work... I try to write for the fun and enjoyment of all... My poems never fit exactly into any contests... Fun story poems have a place here along with children's poetry. I'll be trying to promote them in the future by contests and my poetry. 

Children's Fable Contest

Blog Posted:7/5/2014 11:50:00 AM

I'm Starting a new contest. Write a Children's Fable. A story poem that develops the fable.

Make it old or new. But not so harsh as to give a child nightmares. Any form that can develop a story.

Have fun! And make it fun to read!

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  1. Date: 7/13/2014 8:51:00 AM
    Good one! Your contests are always soo interesting!! Sneha

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  1. Date: 7/13/2014 8:51:00 AM
    Good one! Your contests are always soo interesting!!

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/20/2016 Fireman Competition Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,funny,hilarious,h
5/15/2016 Joey and Dragon Graduate Light Poetrycelebration,fantasy,funny
5/6/2016 A Storm of Butterflies Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,hilario
4/8/2016 Cold of the Century Light Poetrycaregiving,fantasy,fun,fu
4/4/2016 Grandpa Troll Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
2/11/2016 Dragons Side Kick Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
12/24/2015 Christmas Limmerick- For Contest Limerickchristmas,fun,funny,humor
12/20/2015 Choices of Dark and Light Free versebible,character,christian
12/19/2015 Santa and The Rainbow Light Poetrycelebration,christmas,fan
12/13/2015 Super Duper Guy and Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,hero,hu
12/6/2015 Magic is in Dragons Blood Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
11/15/2015 Dragon Meets Washington DC Light Poetrycharacter,fantasy,fun,fun
11/7/2015 Pessimist or Optimist Coupletencouraging,growth,inspir
10/29/2015 An Angels Tear Rhymeblessing,giving,happiness
10/16/2015 Zombies as Heroes Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,hilario
10/11/2015 Happy Halloween Light Poetryfun,funny,halloween,happy
9/21/2015 Meaning of Life Rhymechristian,faith,giving,go
9/20/2015 Renaissance Fair with Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,fun,happiness,hap
9/11/2015 Snoopy, The Red Baron, and Dragon Light Poetryappreciation,courage,dedi
8/27/2015 Finding Cloud Nine Light Poetryfantasy,funny,happy,hero,
8/20/2015 You Are What You Think Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happy,h
8/15/2015 Dragon and Dr Seuss Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,fun
8/10/2015 The Twelve Step Process Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happy,h
8/1/2015 Picking Up Hubby Light Poetryfantasy,fun,hilarious,hum
7/23/2015 Singing In The Rain Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
7/23/2015 Possum of Possibilities Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
7/6/2015 It Was A Great News Day Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,funny,h
6/27/2015 Dragon And the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Light Poetryimagery,inspirational,int
6/25/2015 Then I Opened That Door Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
6/14/2015 Night at Our Museum Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,funny,h
6/8/2015 Smarty-Pants Pigeons Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
5/28/2015 Vision Quest Light Poetryfamily,fantasy,fun,funny,
5/22/2015 Seventeen Hundred Creations Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
4/30/2015 In Trouble Again Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
4/20/2015 A Troll in My Trunk Light Poetryepic,fantasy,fun,funny,hu
4/4/2015 A Hubby and Dragon Easter Light Poetryeaster,fantasy,fun,funny,
3/27/2015 The Cape Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happine
3/27/2015 Bat Phone is Ringing Light Poetryfun,funny,giggle,happines
3/17/2015 Dragon meets Wolf Creek Pass Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,fun
3/17/2015 The Beauty Pageant Light Poetrycelebrity,fantasy,fun,fun
3/12/2015 Return of the Kung Poo Masters Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,giggle,
3/8/2015 Spring Limerick Time Limerickfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
3/4/2015 Dragon of Oz Light Poetrycelebrity,fantasy,fun,fun
3/1/2015 The Early 1960s Free versecaregiving,change,childho
2/28/2015 Dragon And The Country Western Star Light Poetrycelebrity,fantasy,fun,fun
2/25/2015 Texas or Bust Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,fun
2/18/2015 Ice Fairy Princess Light Poetryfantasy,fun,happy,humor,i
2/14/2015 Love and The Chinese New Year Light Poetryadventure,epic,fantasy,fu
2/11/2015 Death of the Dinosaurs Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happy,h
2/8/2015 A Dragon Squirrel Brigade Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
2/2/2015 Dragon An Army of One Light Poetrycharacter,fantasy,fun,fun
1/29/2015 Dragon Finds A Patron Saint Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,giggle,
1/22/2015 Zombie The Musical Light Poetryfantasy,funny,humor,humor
1/19/2015 Proverbial Mountain Top Light Poetryencouraging,family,fantas
1/2/2015 Fable: The Ant and the Boy Light Poetryanalogy,fantasy,imaginati
1/2/2015 Reaching Out Free versefaith,hope,inspirational,
12/28/2014 Fresh Water Goldfish Whales Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,happy,h
12/21/2014 Holiday Trolls and Dragon Light Poetrychristmas,fantasy,fun,fun
12/19/2014 Santas Christmas Wish Light Poetrychristmas,fantasy,fun,fun
12/15/2014 Santa and The Rainbow Light Poetrycelebration,christmas,fan
12/8/2014 Dragon Santa Light Poetrychristmas,fantasy,fun,fun
12/7/2014 Dragon and Santa Clerihewadventure,christmas,fun,f
11/11/2014 Dragon The Soap Opera Light Poetryfantasy,fun,hilarious,hum
11/11/2014 Flaming Son Free verseamerica,appreciation,dedi
10/29/2014 Dragons Wish Light Poetrycaregiving,childhood,fant
10/18/2014 Dragon News Flash Light Poetryfun,funny,happiness,humor
10/17/2014 Plentitude of Pies Light Poetrychange,conflict,family,fa
10/17/2014 Sharknado, Thor, and Dragon Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,fun
10/13/2014 Around the Corner Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
10/10/2014 Poof of Smoke Light Poetryfamily,fantasy,funny,hila
10/5/2014 The Flying Saucer Abduction Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,funny,h
9/30/2014 Computer Techs Light Poetrycomputer,fantasy,fun,funn
9/27/2014 KatSkills Light Poetryfantasy,funny,happiness,h
9/20/2014 Fred Junior Light Poetryfantasy,fun,growing up,id
9/18/2014 On A Dark, Dark Halloween Night Light Poetryabsence,angst,anniversary
9/14/2014 Painting The House Light Poetryfantasy,fun,happy,humor,h
8/30/2014 On Halloween Night: The Mail Must Get Thru Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,hal
8/21/2014 The Cuddling Cricket Light Poetrybaby,fantasy,funny,growin
8/16/2014 Dancing with Fools Free verseanti bullying,community,c
8/15/2014 When Doing Wrong Feels so Right Free verseangst,community,emotions,
8/11/2014 Out of the Mist Light Poetrycharacter,crazy,fantasy,f
8/9/2014 Finding God Rhymeblessing,celebration,deat
7/30/2014 About the Owl Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,hilario
7/18/2014 Town Called RotGut Light Poetryadventure,character,cowbo
7/13/2014 A Storm is a Brewing Light Poetryfantasy,funny,humor,humor
7/10/2014 Chia Pet Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,funny,happiness,h
7/1/2014 Communing With Nature Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
6/20/2014 Piddle Eee Dee Light Poetryfantasy,funny,funny love,
6/5/2014 Quoted The Raven Nevermore Clerihewangst,blessing,fantasy,ha
6/2/2014 Mermaid Song Light Poetryadventure,celebration,fun
5/29/2014 The Father Day Gift From Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,fathers day,fun,f
5/26/2014 A Dream With Dragon Light Poetryadventure,dream,fun,funny
5/19/2014 Self Discovery with Dragon Light Poetryfantasy,fun,funny,humor,h
5/1/2014 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Light Poetryadventure,fantasy,fun,fun
4/30/2014 Armadilly Billy and the Buzzard Rustlers Light Poetryadventure,cowboy,fantasy,
4/27/2014 Waterlogged Rhymefeelings,good morning,how
4/26/2014 Dragon Out of the Mist Light Poetryadventure,character,fanta
4/20/2014 What Would Jesus Do Light Poetryeaster,fantasy,fun,holida
4/17/2014 Embers of Time Rhymefaith,forgiveness,god,ins
4/14/2014 Dragons Banana Bread Light Poetrycrazy,fantasy,fun,funny,h

My Photos

Fav Poems

The Sowing Free versedevotion,
"Sank that Annie Laurie" Rhymesea
Taming Of A Screwball Epicepic
The Concealed Anguish Rhymeallegory,devotion,lost lo
River of tear's Free verselost love,relationship,ro
Three Messengers Free verseallegory,old,me,old,
Sanctity by the Sea Rhymefaith,inspirational,me,
Straying Juvenile Narrativefamily,dad,me,lost,memory
Fantasy World Coupletfantasy,imagination,cat,e
Tullys Automobile Light Poetryfunny,car,
O' possum Rhymefunny,imagination,nature,
They Dry On Their Own Rhymelife,
Silver Strands Rhymefamily,war,
The Human Race called Mankind Free verseangst,people,lost,lost,
Silver Strands Narrativeimagination,inspirational
His Little Boy Inside Rhymehusband,
the simple life Rhyme royalhope,
Verse from Isaiah Free versefaith,inspirational,
The Attack on Trenton Rhymeadventure,history,holiday
Magic carpet Rhymelife,lost love,
Oubliette Rhymedepression,
What shall we do Rhymeadventure,time,
Death of a Love One Elegydeath,depression,funeral,
convo with my inner freak Rhymefear,friendship,imaginati
QUANTUM WAVE Extended Rhymeallegory,love,
Just So Near Rhymeadventure,
Black History Free verseblack african american,ed
Half To Share Tail-rhymelife,love,
Christmas Again Rhymeholiday,religion,christma
Your Call Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
Within The Twilight Free versehappiness,
The Pain and the Agony Rhymefaith,inspirational,pain,
River of Time Rhymefantasy,
Devotion Rhymedevotion,love,romance,hea
Abandoned House Rhymenostalgia,house,family,ol
The Magic River Rhymefantasy,baby,baby,drink,m
God, Where May I Find You Free versefaith,introspection,relig
DO ANGELS REALLY COME TO EARTH Quatrainfamily,me,child,me,
Passing Trains in Winter Rain Rhymedepression,
So It Shall Be Rhymeadventure,time,time,
Spirit and Soul and Body Oh My Coupletfaith,hope,inspirational,
The Catterfairy contest Personificationanimals,fantasy,for child
A Bag of Popcorn Coupletfood,happiness,introspect
Grandpa Coupletchildhood,loss,sadold,chi
Asparagus Full Grown Dramatic monologueadventure,dance,me,summer
Bill Free versecourage,death,dedication,
Wearied Wanderlust Rondeaulove,
Heaven and Hell 1 Quintain (English)devotion,god,life,uplifti
- My Dreams - Versedream,faith,hope,love,
workers lament Carpe Diemangst,me,smile,
I drift into the night Narrativeimagination,inspirational
Kisses Through the Distance Tankafriendship,
Highwayman Rhymeimagination,
My Hero Versedevotion,heart,sweet,hear
Nymph Versefantasy,
Something Special Free verseloss,
Fear Not The Wind Sonnetfear,nature,uplifting,
Lollipop, Lollipop, Lollipop Quatrainlife,
My Pencil Runs Rhymeimagination,house,house,
Freedom Free versephilosophy,life,
Bee's Knees Quatrainchildhood,fantasy,for chi
Emergency Rooms Just KILL Me - Light Poetryangst,funny,health,
A lost child Free versefaith,child,child,
Will You Tie My Shoes When I Grow Old Narrativecaregiving,childhood,daug
My Heart is Set Quatraingirl,romantic,valentines
The Angel Inside Rhymeallegory,angel,art,beauti
Our House Rhymerecovery from...,house,ol
Steadfast Grit Versebeach,courage,passion,vis
Winters Love Free verselove,romance,romantic,lov
Stagecoach Rhymecowboy-western,old,horse,
With Sword and Lance and Bill Quatrainwar,
Midnight Brings The Dawn Rhymeintrospection,life,lost,l
Touch Free versecaregiving,friendship,ins
STREAMS IN THE DESERT Quatraincreation,hope,uplifting,
The Philosopher Rhymemetaphor,
Glass and Wine Coupletdrink,emotions,
A Visit From a Friend Coupletadventure,
Kisses On A String Rhymefor her,kiss,love,
A Crystalline Moment Rhymehow i feel,
Star Trek and Captain Kirk's Final Frontier Narrativeparody,science fiction,
The Woodcarvers Reward Iambic Pentameterfantasy,
Discribe the World Quatrainallegory,
A Frozen Moment Rhymemarriage,
The Flight of Bebo Balladbird,children,flying,fun,
A Little Snowflake Balladbeautiful,children,snow,w
Redneck Santa Rhymechristmas,parody,
sea of love Epicconflict,grave,love,
Beneath a Cherry Tree I do not know?first love,
Warriors' Hymn Rhymepatriotic,
A Letter To Dear George Quatrainappreciation,childhood,co
De Profundis Coupletangst,conflict,introspect
The Game, Playing the Game Narrativeloss,son,
There Is No Other Light Poetrylife,
The Wise Old Owl Quatrainanimal,
Knock Knock I'm Not Dead Quatrainhumorous,
Unsung Hero - The Soldier Free verseappreciation,hero,lonelin
Halloween Helpless Rhymefear,halloween,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lyricadventure,
Companion Verseage,death,dog,sad,

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