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I'm often - not always - busy and fascinated observing the world surrounding me. Earlier, quite a long time ago, as a little girl, I went with my parents every year on vacation to Austria.. In the train - 'the hill express "I was glued to the window while 'the big beautiful world" tied the score. I needed to see absolutely everything ..
In a different way.. I'm still glued to the window today! While watching, noticing, listening, thinking, dreaming and - or fantasizing I might find the inspiration resulting in Poetical Visuals.

For me, the moment when someone reads my poetry is a beautiful moment, because my words 'land' on the eye and the hinterland of the reader. While reading the reader adopts "a poem", and is having his or her own personal experience. My background or inspiration is playing a subordinate role.
When I write about a blue sky, you'll see your blue - not mine. However, you're watching your blue sky while reading about mine... that's a gift... a writer's gift and a reader's gift. I believe this is something poetry should be about, also! (*)

A little bit about my background: I also r e a l l y enjoy spending quality-time as a wife( since almost 40 years, together with my husband who is urban development draftsman) , mother ( of two sons - both (very soon to be) bachelors @ multi media design), housewife, friend, dog owner & lover, pond&garden-lover, nature-lover, and photographer. Before, I worked a saleswoman, in the music department of a warehouse, selling the, now antique but still beautiful, black vinyl disks. Subsequently, I started as a cashier, @ a gas station, becoming later on manager of three gas stations (and often helping out the car mechanics).

Until last year, I was available as a computer- and software 'helpdesk'-person, for friends and acquaintances (of friends) On request, I also, built (desktop)computers. However, technology is evolving so quickly, staying up to date, absolutely a necessity, simply takes too much time. Furthermore, the writing cannot be a secondary activity also.

Making a choice became a need.
I have chosen to write. I want to improve my writing skills further! It is something I really enjoy.(When I was (much) younger my dream was a little garden house, with a desk and a type-writer, and me inside writing.........) Nowadays - I display on this website what 'flows' out of my fountain pens when I am in my flow............
Well - I guess I've found my home with a (kind of) garden house and garden............. It's here - on the web. You're my highly appreciated visitor and very welcome for a stroll while browsing through the pages. Earlier on I was the writing half of Poetic Pictures duo Ellie Daphne (van Stralen). I published my poems, until, December 2013, using that 'nom de plume'.

I am also putting my poetry on display on my own website - as well as my Poetical Visuals.

About selling books...

Blog Posted:2/16/2014 1:06:00 AM
I would like to share some fact with you:

Statistics... maybe boring but with a message:

Owners of e-readers download a lot of books............
Writers should be happy.. it means that chances are  pretty high a lot of people are reading there work.................
Logical thought?

In the Netherlands 90 % of all book- downloads have been proven illegal.
Imagine: only 10 % of those books have been paid for...

Is it because the Dutch aren't honest people.
No! Governmental decisions and laws have made it, over here,  least not easy(which is an understatement) to get access to those sites..........

Successfull Dutch author Saskia Noort was not pleased finding out her latest (!)book had reached illegal downloadnumbers .............. almost 16.000

A second large book-retailer with also a huge network of shops for selling cheaper -lesser recent published books - has gone broke. 

The possibilities on the internet are huge... but  - quoting a guy working as a 'internet-consultant'  - "what's  for sale on the internet you'll be probable able to find for free too.

We all probably are familiar with the way it goes in the music-industry. An industry adapting and adjusting to the new 'standards' and realities. 

What can we writers do? 

Any ideas?


@ Debbi Guzzi

stop giving it away... an option..
what's the answer to the build-in question "what's next?"

there are a lot of "self-publishing facilities" on the web( only a few of them advertise here on the Soup)It is something one can initiate apart from addressing the regular publishers...) the books you can publish your self - and costumers order there are - depending on which one a writer chooses - value for money (for the costumer and for the author) but shipping costs make those hard-cover books expensive and in a market where book-sales are decreasing hugely it is difficult.. but it works.
That is my experience and it covers the costs a writer makes but does not equalize all the hours, spent behind a desk, in money...

The other option - e-books: creating them isn't that difficult - finding a platform to facilitate downloading isn't that hard.

And there we are. We land in the same surrounding the music industry, the writing industry. And basically we all land there.. that digital world that offers so many opportunities but also so many challenges 'inviting' to find an answer.
That's why I posted this blog...
Have a blessed day


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  1. Date: 3/5/2014 7:48:00 AM
    Thanks for sharing this blog Elly. It is a really informative message to all established and would-be book authors. I have a book, "Painting of Life in Poetry", which is a hard cover book published in I hope that the shipping costs won't hurt me as much as the e-book piracy cost!!! lol.

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  1. Date: 2/16/2014 4:07:00 PM
    Stop giving it away, which is what we are doing here, realize our own worth.

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    Wouterse Avatar Elly D. A. Wouterse Date: 2/17/2014 1:35:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    but on the issue of realizing our own worth: I DO realize the worth of your poems Debbie (and others) But with my or your appreciation we can't pay a bread @ the bakery unfortunately.. I know!
    Wouterse Avatar Elly D. A. Wouterse Date: 2/17/2014 1:30:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    answer added to the blog... 400 characters :-(

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