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Deborah Guzzi travels for inspiration: China, Nepal [during the civil war], Japan, Egypt [two weeks before ‘The Arab Spring’], and most recently Peru. First published at the age of sixteen, she writes articles for Massage and Aroma Therapy Magazines. Her poetry has been accepted in the Literary Journals of Western CT. University, Inclement Magazine, Pyrokinections, Jellyfish Whispers, Grey Wolf’s Summer Legends Anthology, The Germ, Wilderness Literary Review, The Anthology Sweet Dreams & Night Terrors, Bitterzoet Magazine, haiku journal, Contemporary Haibun Online, Bella on line, The Autumn Sound, Eskimo Pie, and Ribbons, The Inwood Indiana Review, Five Poetry, Tanka Society of America Journal, and 50 haiku. She has published two illustrated volumes of poetry, The Healing Heart and Heaven and Hell in a Nutshell.

Cummings and Goings On

Blog Posted:10/20/2013 10:26:00 AM
The Modern Sonnet -

Our Cyndi loves these and I was encouraged to study the area more by her joy in it! There are many poets out there who don't like form, who feel constrained by form and I must admit I was one of them for DECADES. But now, after studying form here with all of you for almost a decade, I can honestly say to you that form is nothing more or less than a TOOL, a tool to frame your 'emotion' so it is as BOLD, and as understood as YOU want it to be. Though of course the interpretation of a poem is up to the reader and a good poem allows for the reader to place himself in the verse and see the content as it relates to him [how could one do otherwise?] most poets 'desire' to say what 'they mean'! Forms [the more of them you master the better] provide TOOLS for your tool box and the child's smile might be better communicated in a haiku, while the 'fall of a government' perhaps would work better in an Ode. Does that make sense? 

Twenty first century use of poetic form [due to the fluidity of instance communication] allows for the melding and morphing of 'everything' the excitement of exposure and the joy of interaction is evolving some of the best writing the world has ever seen. Verses, vignettes, flash fiction, haibun on & on DO NOT fear Forms, they are only puzzle pieces and you OWN the tool box!

being to timelessness as it’s to time, by e. e. Cummings

being to timelessness as it’s to time,                  a the mmmmm sound
love did no more begin than love will end;         b the 'd' sound
where nothing is to breathe to stroll to swim       a the mmmmm sound
love is the air the ocean and the land                  b the 'd' sound


(do lovers suffer?all divinities                              c the 'sssssss' sound
proudly descending put on deathful flesh:          d the 'ish/esh sound'
are lovers glad?only their smallest joy’s             c the 'sssssss' sound
 a universe emerging from a wish)                      d the 'ish/esh sound'

love is the voice under all silences,                      c the 'sssssss' sound
the hope which has no opposite in fear;               e the first more straightforward rhyme 'ar'
the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: c the 'sssssss' sound
the truth more first than sun more last than star  e the first more straightforward rhyme 'ar'


-do lovers love?why then to heaven with hell.       g simple rhyme hell
Whatever sages say and fools, all’s well               g simple rhyme well

Above all the lines ARE 10 syllables per line, scattered use of meter, an 11 syllable line 13 only the most loosely perceived end rhyme - no capitalization no periods alluding to a single thought process * note the lack of space between suffer?all - glad?only - love?why. Using the title as line one affectively makes this a 13 line sonnet as well

life is more true than reason will deceive

life is more true than reason will deceive
 (more secret or than madness did reveal)
 deeper is life than lose:higher than have
—but beauty is more each than living’s

allmultiplied by infinity sans if
 the mightiest meditations of mankind
 cancelled are by one merely opening leaf
 (beyond whose nearness there is no beyond)

or does some littler bird than eyes can learn
 look up to silence and completely sing?
 futures are obsolete;pasts are unborn
 (here less than nothing’s more than everything)

death,as men call him,ends what they call men
—but beauty is more now than dying’s when

Again the use of the title as line 1 makes 13 lines, the syllable count is all over the place 10,9,12,8 - he makes up his own words! Do you see what you can do? The only restraint is that you 'should' have a 'reason' for doing it and not just because you're sloppy typist, can't us spell check, don't know how to punctuate, or when to capitalize ..........

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  1. Date: 10/23/2013 4:25:00 AM
    I did try to write a shakespearean sonnet but i got confused with the stressed and unstressed concept of eaxh word.I dnt know if i try it again even if im enamoured everytime I read a sonnet.

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  1. Date: 10/22/2013 11:08:00 AM
    Essay on Criticism, Alexander Pope celebrates the consistency and the regularity of the formal poem: [No single Parts unequally surprize; All comes united to th' admiring Eyes; No monstrous Height, or Breadth, or Length appear; The Whole at once is Bold, and Regular. Whoever thinks a faultless Piece to see, Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall be.] so there! ;)

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  1. Date: 10/22/2013 7:14:00 AM
    Well Giorgio you certainly have a right to your opinion as I have a right to mine. No one is stopping you from writing anyway you like. Poetry is no different than any other concept in life, it IS a 'growing' or it is a death. Either the forms adapt to the times or they don't relate to the times. The less they relate to the reader the less they will be read. You are what is called 'old school' .. nothing wrong with that if its what you enjoy. Their are many poets who are more adventurous 'modern poets'

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    Guzzi Avatar Debbie Guzzi Date: 10/22/2013 7:17:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I'm am sure you can expand on your opinion in your own blog? Spend your time and energy promoting your own skills where it will be appreciated. Cummings lived 1894-1962 and I'm sure his skill is adequately recorded and unmarred by your opinion of him.
  1. Date: 10/22/2013 4:22:00 AM
    In your post you state: ((( I can honestly say to you that form is nothing more or less than a TOOL, a tool to frame your 'emotion' ))) --------My answer:--------- Meter, flow, count and rhyme constitute melody and rhythm. Melody and rhythm transform the verse to song and music. This is what proper metrical structure results to. I do not think that any of the 9 muses, Hermes and Apollo would agree with mr Cummings' writes or those who imagine they write sonnets, but actually they do not. ----- I respect good writers of free verse. And on Soup, we have quite a few. (( But all of them, respect their work as well as metrical verse. And that because they know how to construct real poetry. ))

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  1. Date: 10/22/2013 3:31:00 AM
    I believe that I disagree. Proper, attractive, measured, correct, flowing and mature metrical verse is insuperable in poetry. Very few poets in the world can be capable of this challenge. I am one of them. I disagree with what the post represents. There are other definitions to describe free verse and prose. Poetry has so many subdivisions and facets, that it is a pleonasm to baptize arrhythmic verses as "sonnets". Free verse writers do not have the right to invade in a space that by definition is not theirs. I am a poet who manages meter very well.

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    A. V. Avatar Giorgio A. V. Date: 10/22/2013 3:33:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Correction: Penultimate line: ((( invade a space...))) I apologize
  1. Date: 10/22/2013 3:30:00 AM
    I can make my poetry dance on the page. There is no way that (respecting what other metrical verse poets have accomplished) I would invade their space and grab what is theirs by definition. I respect what I do, and there is no way to accept mr Cummings as a poet. He is NOT a poet, no matter what some want to impose upon us. Homer was a poet. Goethe was a poet. Byron was a poet. Wilde was a poet. Mr Cummings is a tormentor of my eyes and mind with his unattractive and childish primitive prose experiments.

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 6:05:00 PM
    I have a struggle with some of the forms but I want to improve as a poet so sometimes I try a form new to me.Don't think I could write a sonnet if my life depended on it!But maybe someday I will get up the courage to try...Thanks for your informative blog Debbie...and I will keep on learning as I always seem to end up in rhyme !

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 5:00:00 PM
    Thank you Brian I try to have my blogs be about poetry or at the very least some to stimulate us to write poetry!

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 10:59:00 AM
    Thanks Debbie, still around posting my 'endeavours ' here on PS, which I see as a repository of my poetry, showing hopefully my progress over the years(I recall you were indeed so keen for me to write longer poems) and now I do. So thanks for that input , I was a slow learner !,but have got there. I only comment now on blogs that seem relevant to the purpose of PS (which yours clearly does) Keep them a'coming.Rgds Brian

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 7:49:00 AM
    Thank you so much Brian for your input, we've missed you!

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 2:06:00 AM
    Folks, for more on my take of this topic(which complements Debbie's ideas above in many ways) goto my kindle ebook 'STRUCTURED PROSE-language with a shape ASIN B00DAXOGU) 99c published earlier this year.Rgds Brian

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  1. Date: 10/21/2013 1:59:00 AM
    Yes indeed Debbie, all poetry(sonnet or otherwise) is merely' structured prose' (whatever the label) it 'works only' when read by another , preferable aloud, then one (the reader) communicates to the other(the writer).Then and only then does it become a piece of art via the 'as is moment' then created.Helpful blogRgds Brian

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 7:13:00 PM
    Believe it or not Charlott Free Verse is a pretty big umbrella category now :) and YES using those devices keeps the verse anchored more in poetry than prose THOUGH there are some dern good poetic prose writers

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 7:03:00 PM
    I've always written intuitively, and I go wherever that takes me...I've flirted with other forms apart from free verse, but I'm a great believer in writing what comes naturally to you, because you will invariably find that the form which comes most naturally to you will be your best work...I carry alliteration, imagery, metaphor, simile and internal rhyme in my tool box, and it's heavy enough! :) if you look at my poems list you will see that I went through quite a long phase of experimenting with various forms, but recently I have decided to go back to my free verse roots and be true to myself...

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 6:39:00 PM
    I think you write best under pressure nette!

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 6:38:00 PM
    Aww Eileen do not misunderstand, all I am showing you [and Cyndi tried to show you] is you don't have to use meter, you don't have to maintain a strict syllable count & you still can call your verse a sonnet. I'd strict to the 14 lines & make sure you do have a TURN/volta and now a days you can still call it a sonnet.

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    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 10/20/2013 10:33:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I'd be honored if you did read my last couple of sonnets and gave me a critique. Craig was encouraging. Perhaps I got them right? Hopefully...Ok...Going to try a Ghazal...Hugs
    Celeste Avatar Jade Celeste Date: 10/20/2013 10:32:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    :) I will not misunderstand you, sweet Debbie...No...You are so very sweet and kind and you push me to strive and better myself and learn. Craig too...I'm not sure what you mean by the reference to Cyndi. She has never visited my work, unless you mean a blog of hers? I don't think I read that. You let us know what is currently out there. SO very important. :) I am a fan, Debbie. Never forget that! Hugs
  1. Date: 10/20/2013 2:55:00 PM
    i try to introduce some forms to flex our creative muscles, debbie... yes, it may be difficult at first but after some practice, we get the hang of it... ( i'm being hanged by my studes all the time, so what else is new?)... fine blog!..:) huggs

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 2:45:00 PM
    Craig helped me get the "regular" sonnet right. One thing at a time, Debbie. I've written Claire sonnets and Shakespearean sonnets...I'm not ready for this just yet. Interesting info.....You always challenge us to go further! Hugs!

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  1. Date: 10/20/2013 1:03:00 PM
    Go Becca go, it is the excitement transmitted through the word that makes poetry LIVE and poets like you who continue to grow, enjoy the challenge!

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