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Favorite Poem of the Month.


I hear their laughter and see their bright smiles,


Going round and round with joy together,


Their rhapsody reaches far beyond miles

I hear their laughter. 


I believe their dreams make this world brighter, 

Rich childhood experiences in wee while 

Will teach the love to make them grow better,  

A hold of their hands, a care that's tactile. 


Carousel, a cradle of young dreamer, 

Children galloping up and down in style 

I hear their laughter.

Written by: Leonora Galinta

..Here's the link to LEO'S poem..

Tell  Leonora Galinta I send you

(Chosen by:P.D.)



Now go read one of my poems, and tell me the monkey, send you....:) (:....


Most Recent Blog Post

....The Death Star Blues....
Blog Posted:9/5/2013 5:54:00 PM




Rick Zablocki


give me back my Vader suit

Contest Winner Medal1distant starJoseph May
Contest Winner Medal1The Death Star BluesRick Zablocki
Contest Winner Medal2Star GazerMark Taylor
Contest Winner Medal2Stardate 24-13 point 6lori hopkins
Contest Winner Medal2Jabba Dabba Doooo -- Star Wars--Carrie Richards
Contest Winner Medal3Star Wars RevisitedJennifer Marie Oliver
Contest Winner Medal3Advice of the Starscraig cornish
Contest Winner Medal3STAR knight of Ashen lightDanesh Morgan
Contest Winner Medal3Jedi KnightsJames Loggins
Contest Winner Medal3There is Another SkywalkerEileen Ghali
4I wished upon a starBrady Perkins
4Star WarsFreddie Brown
4Rebel Alliance or 'Princess Leia's Speech'Melani Udaeta
10Smell Of An AngelLitan Dey
10I CAN'T BE PERFECTDipankar Chakraborty
10DISTURBED CREATURE- Am Imadhavi suyog pagare
10Do not let me die in VainChristopher Boskovski






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  1. Date: 10/6/2013 4:15:00 PM
    Hello PD,am always delighted to meet you in words but I hope someday it will be a reality. Indeed Leonora is more than a doll to me,she is a gift from heaven to earth. I pray to see her ONE sunny DAY. Nice to cross your paths! Love and hugs, Bob.

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  1. Date: 9/8/2013 9:42:00 AM
    Thanks Linda for appreciating my poem. I enjoyed Star wars win contest.It will be my pleasure to participate in your contest again because you are the inspirer. You encourages us a lot..Being the new comer I am enjoying poetry soup allot That's the spirit you..

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  1. Date: 9/7/2013 4:48:00 AM
    The Force was strong in this much fun, thank you linda for running it. Talent, much I see (as Yoda would say) Rick

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    suyog pagare Avatar madhavi suyog pagare Date: 9/8/2013 9:46:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Congrats buddy for your win..@@madhavi..
  1. Date: 9/6/2013 12:07:00 PM
    Thank you for the placement. I had a pile of fun and hope to enter some of your future contest as well... keep the hope alive!

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  1. Date: 9/6/2013 10:09:00 AM
    Linda....Thanks ever so much for my placement in the contest. It was a fun challenge. :) Sorry I didn't change the avatar...I thought it was just for fun! HUGS!!!

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    suyog pagare Avatar madhavi suyog pagare Date: 9/8/2013 9:48:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Congrats buddy for your win..@madhavi
  1. Date: 9/6/2013 9:20:00 AM
    Thanks so much PD!! My silliness got the best of me! One cannot be a member of my nerdy family if he doesn't embrace the "force" !!!! A fun contest......thanks for the placement!! Congrats to all!

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    A  Avatar Poet Destroyer A Date: 9/6/2013 9:38:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    you had me smiling throughout the poem :-)
  1. Date: 9/6/2013 7:44:00 AM
    Biggest hearty congratulations to all the winners and to you my dearest sis for hosting this very wonderful contest. This was so much fun and enjoyable . I've started writing mine with the inspiration of complete episodes on my hand from Phantom Menace up to the last but due to time constraint (time flew so fast) & health problem I wasn't able to finish it together with the Star Trek. Anyway, Thank you so much & I'll be reading the winners' entries soon. Again, Many CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! Hugs and cheers! love much, Leonora

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    suyog pagare Avatar madhavi suyog pagare Date: 9/8/2013 9:55:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thanks Leonora for congratulating all of us.. PD is a lovely person who always encourages us throughout..hats off to her creative work she is doing for us.
  1. Date: 9/6/2013 4:43:00 AM
    Danesh, I would not sell you short like that. if I went and changed your placing then I'd have to change all the out come except 1st place. 10 place are for the few poems, that had nothing to do with my contest, however I honored and like their poems. 2nd place followed all rules but one, 3rd place stuck with the contest theme. if you'd follow the rules your poem would had been a #1 but. you decided to take from yourself. your poem rocked..... tatata

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  1. Date: 9/6/2013 12:41:00 AM
    Dearest Linda, at first i was overjoyed that i got a 3rd placing. . . thou I am not even close to the theme nor did i do the extra like an avatar so i say i don't deserve it. . . . a humble 10th placing is fine with me and honestly i was getting low morale that i am not winning any contest lately but my heart says this is not right if you want to revoke my place and give it to someone below me. . . please do and set my conscious free. . yours sincerely Morgan.

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    suyog pagare Avatar madhavi suyog pagare Date: 9/8/2013 9:44:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Congrats buddy for your win..
  1. Date: 9/5/2013 11:52:00 PM
    congrast to all winners and paticipants, PD.. i missed this one, maybe beacuse i'm such a star wars fan, i got a temporary ' anakin' memory moment!... :) huggs, carry on!

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  1. Date: 9/5/2013 7:34:00 PM
    HELLO EVERYONE! thank you for the win! what a nice surprise! ~lori

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    suyog pagare Avatar madhavi suyog pagare Date: 9/8/2013 9:59:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    thanks dear..for congratulating all of us..@madhavi
  1. Date: 9/5/2013 6:42:00 PM
    Oh I see! Thank you very Much! I love it thank you! I am very honoured with the tenth place win! I'll make sure my poem is apart of the theme next time! THank you Poet Destroyer A I love you very much! love and hugs all around :) xoxo

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  1. Date: 9/5/2013 6:40:00 PM
    Congratulations to all your winners. I bet they rock!!

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  1. Date: 9/5/2013 5:57:00 PM
    congrats to all.... PD

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