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Cyndi MacMillan is a well-rounded writer who embraces many genres and forms. Her poetry has been published in The Fieldstone Review, Issue 2015 and in Grain Magazine, issue 42.4, Summer 2015, Passed Signs/New Fields

Her fiction has appeared in local newspapers and has won contests. She enjoys reading literary journals, and she is actively pursuing further publication within their glossy covers.

Verse is both magnetic and kinetic. She attempts - madly- to give equal attention to her poetry, short stories, and a novel-in-progress, the Trim of Wicks.  Regardless of genre, she focuses on language. One word has the power to repel or pull. She never forgets the reader and does her best to make their ride interesting.

Poetry soup is a friendly forum which enables people from around the world to share their writing. It has some great resources and provides a nice space for people to connect.

Cyndi lives in a small town in Ontario with her husband, young daughter and far too many books.


PERFECT FOR A SUNDAY--listen and/or read---a song by Tanglefoot

Blog Posted:2/24/2013 1:04:00 PM

Joseph Mallord William Turner: Cottage Interior by Firelight,1790

For the Day
written by Steve Ritchie

If I listen I can hear
Through the joy and through the tears
All the children of this earth both blessed and cursed
So will I this perfect day
- should I spare a thought to pray -
Ask for only what's sufficient for the day

A little sun a little rain
A little money now and then
And the knowledge of enough to eat tomorrow
Keep the locust from our fields
Take a portion of the yield
For the folk less blessed by fortune than are we

Decent health to work my life
Wine and candles with my wife
Sufficient store laid in to get us to next harvest
A little bounty from above
And a husband I can love
A little wisdom in such portion as I earn

Time to stare into the fire
And indulge in small desires
And a moment now and then that I can savour
A little time to eat and drink
Time to pause and time to think
Just enough to curb despair and keep me whole

If the recruiter comes around
He will find me underground
The empires of ambitious men do not concern me
Calm the hearts that angry beat
Still the earth beneath my feet
Keep me from suspicion and from jealousy

Not for me the pride of place
Or entitlement to grace
Why should I be spared my share of dread and sorrow?
Keep our children from the grave
From the plague may we be saved
Make our suffering no more than we can bear

If I listen I can hear
Through the joy and through the tears
All the children of this earth both blessed and cursed
So will I this perfect day
- should I spare a thought to pray -
Ask for only what's sufficient for the day

When I first heard this at a local, annual folk music festival which my family LOVES to attend, I just let the tears fall... so beautiful, real. UNIVERSAL.

Tanglefoot, sadly, dispanded just few years ago. Their music was often historical, had more than a trace of bard like qualities, some ribald, some heartbreaking. I feel so lucky to have seen them together, OUTDOORS, in a mill ruin as the stars danced overhead.

If interested in hearing this, trust me its worth it, go to this link, but the first 3 mins are a funny intro. If you want to miss the intro, just zoom ahead to the 3 min mark. But as poets, you may enjoy the intro, about trying to find time to write and balancing it with family life :D

Happy Sunday Chums.

Sigh, and now back to the kitchen for me, ugh. LOL.

Love sent-
PS -- I hope to judge my contest by Tuesday! Oh wow! The entries are STUNNING!

Mural of Canadian Soldiers lost in Afganistan

Over 80,000 poppies painted.

One for each Canadian soldier who gave his life in war.

(for my chum-dad, Craig. <3)

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 6:17:00 PM
    really cool sis! I'm a sucker for folk music ;) Light & Love

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 5:27:00 PM
    A great song! Thanks Cyndi for brightening up my Sunday.

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 4:06:00 PM
    Finally, Thank you Cyndi for such a beautiful mind as yours--and I've prayed to come back in my next life as your child, because you seem like the perfect loving Mom-----God help you if he answers my prayer! LOL

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 3:51:00 PM
    Thank you John ? for the below

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 3:43:00 PM
    For whatever course of action one considers, it is finally diluted to the point where nothing is done.

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 3:42:00 PM
    and the advantage that those in power take from the powerless, when one could release oneself with a naked blade? Why would anyone bear the burdens of life if it were not for the fear of death and the uncertainty of what lies beyond, from which no one returns? That’s the thing that confounds the mind, causing it to tolerate evils that are known rather than to hurry off to that which is unknown. Pondering about and not knowing what lies beyond human death, makes cowards of us all. And it follows that the initial impulse to sacrifice one’s life for a just cause, or to end one’s life and escape this world, is obscured by reflecting on it.

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 3:38:00 PM
    To be, or not to be: that is the question. Is it more noble to suffer the pain and agony of misfortune, or to declare war on that ocean of trouble, and, by opposing it, strive for some measure of justice, even at the cost of one’s life? To die for a just cause, and then to be no more, to find eternal rest from the heartache of the thousands of wounds that flesh is heir to, is this not an outcome to be devoutly wished for? And what if one has no stomach for such a war? Why would that person tolerate the whips and scorns of time; the oppressor’s wrong; the contempt of arrogant men; the pain of rejected love; the law’s contentious delay;

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 2:52:00 PM
    Cyndi, Luv Ya, and ALWAYS hear you---I would kneel at your alter of logic before just about any!!!!

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  1. Date: 2/24/2013 2:19:00 PM
    Forgot to add, Cyndi----may you and your loves have a wonderful day as well!!

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    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:38:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Craig, I gotta go. Still cleaning... just taking a break... hope you like the mural up there. It's traveling Canada right now. The artist looks at the soldiers portrait of over three hours, studies their eyes, before he picks up a brush. He's dedicated to preserving their image. xox
    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 2/24/2013 2:29:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Overall Cyndi, these thoughts are wonderful----and I pray they will reign---your words here!
    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:21:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    You too! Let me find that painting. I think you'll like it!
  1. Date: 2/24/2013 1:50:00 PM
    I contend that those of the ilk that discord can be settled by understanding and kind words are unfortunately living in a universe not like their own----how unfortunate that might be.

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    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:21:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    One last thing, and then I'll hush <3, I think that all those who fight, who fought, wish for peace. I just saw a haunting and beautiful painting with all the faces of the Canadian soldiers killed in the line of duty in Afganistan. It moved me. Hmm... will try to find it for you. BRB.
  1. Date: 2/24/2013 1:21:00 PM
    I hear you and them and so much of what they say, but their freedom to voice this has been for centuries a point of contention between those that fight for their rights and those that think they can hum on a mountaintop and believe it will happen. William Shakespeare - To be, or not to be (from Hamlet 3/1) To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?

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    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:35:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I am "smitten" by the Mennonites in our area, so like the Aimish, a people more in your neck of the woods, I think. They, because of their religious convictions, a dedication to peace and forgiveness, will never kill another. I know I can not be like that. If someone aimed at my daughter, I'd take them down in a heartbeat. Savagely. Not a good thing, but honest...
    cornish Avatar craig cornish Date: 2/24/2013 2:26:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Okay, that being said, when they say "when the recruiter comes around" means they are not willing to fight for their freedom. No? They are not solely talking about job recruiters and if they are we must be cautious of this as well.
    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:18:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    The Hamlet quote is about suicide, what is the braver thing, to suffer through life or defy life and kill yourself?
    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:16:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I have a great deal of respect for all those who have and do still serve their country... I have often written about this as it is something I feel quite deeply.
    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 2/24/2013 2:14:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    :) Craig, my grandfathers (both)served in the armed forces and I do understand, respect and am grateful for their many sacrifices that resulted in the bounty that I have. To me, this song is more about...stop being greedy, know what is enough, ask for only what we need. This is why I love it.

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