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9/11/2012 7:52:50 PM
Northwest Witch (Harsh critique appreciated!) I am the witch of the Northwest,
I am ugly and crippled inside,
I have a crooked nose and cockroach eyes,
a bitter heart and a head full of lies,
I can cast a spell or you can hear me cry:
I am a liar, a cheat, a peddler, a whore,
A ghost, an illusion, hidden in the cracks
of my psyche is pain, hatred of self,
I define myself through my self-loathing,

My body, moonlit and thin
Is an alter, an expression of my hate
My wild hair hiding crazy eyes,
A tired face and a sullen smile
I have been used, I have been abused
Constantly reminded of my failures and past shame
I run, and run, and run but can't escape
I am cursed, a wretched being
And I have only myself to blame
edited by SwedishFish on 9/11/2012
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