Mental Illness

Written by: Jodie Steward

Life has no real meaning
Dark shadows remain above,
No friends and true happiness
Don't know how to even love.

Need to feel secure and save
The world becomes a scary place,
Nobody cares or understands you
Slowley all but yourself time will erase.

People tell you its in your head
Often saying its just a game,
You get more confused and distant
Always feeling nothing but shame.

You reach out for help
Know something is wrong,
Nobody is there or listening
Its hard to remain strong.

Losing everything each day
Friendships bean to go,
Your sorry for your actions
If only remorse you can show.

Deep inside your screaming
This isnt a life you chose,
Its called life with depression
With many people they lose.

Its hard to admit you have it
Treatable for some but no cure,
We dont mean to cause problems
Please, we dont mean to for sure.

To be normal like others
Would be our dream come true,
We just want to be accepted
Have a friend who will understand to.