Life...a strange battle

Written by: Luminita Stoica

Breath away your nightmares,
Just let hope's wind blow,
Close your site to wrath,
Gain your courage slow.

Life's an adjusting process,
Curiosity in motion,
Beings test their abilities,
Brains gain at least a notion.

Comprehension is as vital
As the water in your blood.
Changing, fighting your way through,
Takes you out the daily mud.

You wished a finger snap
Would rid your existence of wrong...
It doesn't work like that, 
The end comes with no gong.

As every creature battles much,
You have to solve the right equation.
Don't wait for things to fall into place,
Good luck isn't an invasion.

You study all your grounds,
As thorough you can do,
With no one else around...
Your enemy is only you.