My Swain


With the heaven as my witness, I’m filled with grace and blessed.
I lie on clouds that soar; I hold in my heart what I dream for.
Crowned with the great honors he have given me
Caped with the love meant for eternity
Robed with the gown of sweet roses
In my heart I feel the pain that vanishes.

When the storm comes, he shelters me from the pouring rains,
When I chill and coldness remains,
His arms give me the warmth of his love.
That offers sanctuary to a soul that had sobbed.

He wipes the tears of fright from my soul’s window
He uproots the thorns of vengeance that the enemies sow
He opens my blinded eyes to see the flowers blooming at night
To bridge the drifting sea, he helps me make the crook right

He fills my heart for the love my being craves,
He lights the life that fades
He throws away that oppressive cage—
Cage that imprisons a being because of rage

He’s all my life, he’s my swain
My being to whom I offer no pain
No one can measure my heart’s passion
For the love I have seeks no limitations