A Black Rose Sprouted

Written by: Michael Grugan

"Come, kindest steel
That speaks blood- songs
In cathedrals of the stars-
As nigh unto the Infinite
Swift Honour takes my soul...

Judge not my years too 
Small a vessel
Worlds to full contain-
Love's tender iron long swaddled me
With Pain my suckling nurse...

So poised be now,
Salvific blade,
There 'pon this beating portal-
Enrobed, enthroned, majestic then,
Within my bursting heart!"

With rallied spirit 
The thrust's begun!
But, Lo! Now's stayed the hand-
As shimmers Night into spectral form
Of strange dark ornament...

Then in tongue that's known the grave,
A whispered "Beloved, no..."
As fleeting then is gone the shape
And a single Black Rose sprouted
Where it had stood...
Where it had stood.