Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

.                        This fate is not final and irrevocable.  Hope  was not made
                         to exist. dum spiro, spero I face battles with Id as my sole
                         weapon.  Always defeated,  conquered  by  my  conceited
                         self, I come to God—to Him I surrender, to Him I give my
                                                       vow.  History was
                                                       made to endure—
                                                       to  be our  gover-
                                                       ness, to be victo-
                                                       rious.  dum  vivi-
                                                       mus,     vivamus.
                                                       And now,  as my
                                                       true battle  unra-
                                                       vels,    the   only
                                                       weapon   I   had
                                                       has become  my
                                                       foe.     Defeated
                                                       once    more    I
                                                       come  to You for
                                                       Your refuge, and
                                                       to  You  I pledge
                                                       again  my  vows;
                                                       but    none   had
                                                       lived long. Never
                         had  I  won a  fight  against  Id  and  never  was  I a victor.
                         vae victis. As for this  defeat  not  to  continue, I  would  be
                         more than  willing to sacrifice my sanity, to give it up if this
                         will  also  be  the  grounds   for  me  to  be  far  from  You…