Thoughts of Another Life

Written by: Curt Mongold

   What do you see when you look at me,
this soul at the end of the line?
A friend, a lover, or maybe another,
thread in the fabric of Time?

   Did you know me when you first met me,
the drifter, the prophet, the Fool?
Long ago it was then, but it will be again,
say a prayer as we all kneel on cue.

   What do you dream in your tower on high?
Would you sell them if there was a buyer?
In your fortress secluded, what have you eluded,
did you think you were safe from the fire? 

   What is it you run from alone in the night,
through shadows that darken your spirit?
So many questions and the answer's in sight,
If you listen, you might even hear it.