For My Son

Written by: Curt Mongold

   I know that all the things I've done,
have hurt you very badly, son,
I know you're lonely and you're sad,
I know how much you miss your dad.

   'Cause daddy misses his boy too,
and at night, your daddy cries for you,
daddy aches to hold you in his arms,
and keep his little boy safe from harm.

   I know that you can't understand,
why you can't touch your daddy's hand,
or ever see him anymore,
this hasn't happened to us before.

   I wish with all my heart dear son,
that I could take away what's done,
but some things daddy can't change now,
but if I could, I'd show you how.

   If only I'd known this before,
I wouldn't be behind locked doors,
I'd be with you and we'd have fun,
laughing and playing while under the sun.

   How I pray I could be there for you,
until that day comes I'll dream of us two,
then we'll look back on all that has been,
and I'll never leave my son again.