You Told Me So

Written by: Curt Mongold

   I find peace when I'm confused,
I find hope when I'm let down,
I find comfort being used,
and I'm happy when I frown .

   I feel loved when I hurt inside,
and I feel high when I'm down low,
I feel joy from the tears I have cried,
and I stay when  it's time for me to go.
   It's true, because you told me so.

   I'm awake when I know I'm dreaming,
and I'm in love when I feel your hate,
in the silence you can hear my soul screaming,
I know it's the right time because it's too late.

   I am created becuase you destryed me,
and I will be dull so it looks like you glow,
all of it's true, so I know that it can't be,
still I stay when I'm told it's time to go,
and it's true, because you told me so.